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Valentine's day app - Digital Marketing Company


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We should run a media plan to have max reach and to also make this app a viral success.

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Valentine's day app - Digital Marketing Company

  1. 1. Valentine’s Day Viral Campaign
  2. 2. Objective • Generate a viral, interactive campaign on FB. • Target : Get more fans on FB, drive sales through Ecommerce • Campaign should generate Direct Sales, Traction on ground, Cross Promotions • Get extra traction on brand’s Social Media
  3. 3. User Insight
  4. 4. • Pre plan for the day to make it special. • Select a special dress/look for the day • Subtly prompt her partner to get her a gift. • Get a gift/plan a date for the partner • Wish all good friends/family on V Day. What Else Does Girls Want
  5. 5. • Not to pre plan • If the partner tells what she wants he is more than happy to just go and buy it. • Small tricks to make the day special. • Prompt his partner to get him a gift. What Else Does Guys Want
  7. 7. Girl App 1) This app needs to be released ASAP. More the time we give, more the viral effect. 2) Girls will get a selection from different gifts from ELLE which she wants this Valentine Month 3) Special Discounts: can be given to the girl if she does some social actions like share the app with 10 girls/tweet on our handle etc. 4) Rewards: Compete with other girls to win an all paid V-Day from ELLE. Also get other stuff like coffee vouchers etc.
  8. 8. Guy App • The guy gets intimation from the girl to go check out and guess what I want on this V day. • When he comes to the app he gets options on what he wants to gift her on this V Day. • He has options of flowers, chocolates and ELLE. If he clicks on flowers and chocolates a display message from the girl comes out saying something like “Don’t be cheap”
  9. 9. • When the guy clicks on ELLE a multiple choice quiz based on the girl’s selection comes out. The guy has to tick what he thinks is right. At the end of the quiz the gift the girl selected is displays with style code etc so that the guy can go and get the gift. • Similarly the guy can also select his gift and send it back to her like “ peace of mind, jack n jones “etc. Quick Tips on making the VDay special is also provided to the guy.
  10. 10. Media • We should run a media plan to have max reach and to also make this app a viral success. • Viral Routes like “ Ur guy never gifts you anything substantial on Vday. Get him to buy you whatever you like– share the perfect VDay gift app to all those flirting with you and see the magic unfold. • Ads should run on mostly facebook to get users on the app..pre like page to access the app will be present.
  11. 11. Support • We will need active support from the PR Team(if any) to generate lots of stories in various youth centric magazines and newspapers. Route should be like Gillette anti subtle campaign. • Support from Wooplr and other blogging community.
  12. 12. Costing Idea, Design, Development cost 1,50,000 Running Campaign for 3 weeks 50,000 * Server support from Geek The app is ready to go live by 7th . Giving us 3 weeks in Feb to market it. Also later on this can be used as a permanent gifting solution with minor tweaks