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Amanavana Spa Resort - Digital Marketing Services Agency


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Encourage people to admire the beauty of Coorg and Amanvana and to urge them to capture a beautiful moment with photographs.

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Amanavana Spa Resort - Digital Marketing Services Agency

  1. 1. Group 6: Online Integrated Campaign Amanvana Spa Resort
  2. 2. The brief • To create a digital campaign consisting of : • Social Media • Banners • Website
  3. 3. The objective • To increase the number of visitors at Amanavana Spa Resort, Coorg through use of digital platforms.
  4. 4. Geek’s strategy Geek Creative came up with a new campaign called #SpellboundAtAmanvana to bring out the beauty of Amanvana and Coorg.
  5. 5. The idea: To encourage people to admire the beauty of Coorg and Amanvana and to urge them to capture a beautiful moment with photographs.
  6. 6. The #SpellboundAtAmanvana campaign: A #SpellboundAtAmanvana campaign for Facebook was created, which spoke about an Enchanted Forest and the Midas touch. These were created to bring out mysticism and magic of Amanvana. Let’s look at some of the creatives we made.
  7. 7. The #SpellboundAtAmanvana Creatives: A #SpellboundAtAmanvana hashtag was started and creatives of photographs of Amanvana and Coorg were put up as Facebook creatives to encourage tourists to book at Amanvana. This way, we encouraged visitors to send us pictures and we put them up in a Polaroid-template design with Instagram-like effects for creative consistency. Let’s look at some creatives.
  8. 8. Creatives: A series of web banners were created to support Social Media, get more hits on the website, and thereby facilitate more bookings at Amanvana. Banners:
  9. 9. • A website which depicted the beauty of Amanavana and Coorg was created which is responsive in nature. • The idea was to keep the design simple and minimal in terms of navigation, but at the same time, the website’s primary aim was to get the website visitor awestruck with the beauty of the place. Amanvana Website
  10. 10. • The website opened with a loading page which about entering the rabbit hole- a continuation from Amanvana’s mainline campaign thought as well as their sub line. • This was done to bring out the mysticalness and mysteriousness of the resort. Amanvana Website
  11. 11. The home page opens with a beautiful picture of the rains. The four highlights of Amanvana form the main navigation, using a vertical scroll. All the pages have a book now button to make a booking at any instant. Amanvana Website
  12. 12. Upon clicking on ‘More’ in any section, the inside page opens up. Let’s look at the creatives for the inside pages. Amanvana Website
  13. 13. Thanks!