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Background on Ionic PRM, showing how marketers can significantly improve their customer acquisition ROI

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  1. 1. INTRODUCING IONIC PRM: A Performance-Based Approach to Acquiring More Profitable Customers
  2. 2. The Challenge Do you want to convert more of your ideal prospects into customers — and pay less to acquire them? Ionic PRM is the only performance-based marketing platform to boost marketers’ ROI on customer acquisition. How do we do it? Simple — we focus resources on prospects with the highest expected future value (That’s P rospect R elationship M anagement) We find them, we build relationships through engagement, and we work with you to close them. Here’s how it works...
  3. 3. Introducing Ionic PRM The only performance-based marketing platform that converts prospects into profitable customers. Use precisely targeted media to obtain prospects Sort to find the most valuable prospects Allocate more marketing resources to the best prospects Use a highly customized Sales program to convert prospects to customers Learn from Results to improve next sales cycle
  4. 4. We work with digital and traditional media to reach prospects that match your desired customers’ profile. We partner with you to develop marketing objectives, goals and metrics. We create and optimize a custom media mix. You benefit from nearly two decades of our experience in old and new media.
  5. 5. Segment prospects using your criteria of what makes a valuable customer. We collaborate with you to develop customer value criteria. We assign unique identifier to track across all touch points. We append additional information as appropriate to each prospect file. You get better qualified prospects.
  6. 6. Invest appropriate resources on each segment and give the most valuable prospects the most attention. We guide you in deciding what percentage of resources to spend for each prospect segment. We work with you to create contract strategies for each segment. We create engaging content for each segment. You allocate your budget more efficiently.
  7. 7. Nurture prospects with relationship-building communications based upon their profile. We create unique nurturing efforts for each segment. (content, offers and rules) We develop communication content to inform, educate and engage. You benefit from a prospect marketing database.
  8. 8. On going analysis to modify campaigns for continuous improvement. We close the sale. We optimize and improve your ROI based on the cumulative tracking data of media, segments and nurturing efforts. You convert more customers at a lower acquisition cost.
  9. 9. Four ROI reasons to get started today. Turnkey Ready to use now. You can be up and running in a matter of weeks . Cost Effective The system is built, tested and proven. No development costs in creating your own system. Manage Resources Less work for your staff. Eliminate high cost of adding new personnel. Accountable Every detail is recorded, analyzed and reported on. Precisely know your return on investment.
  10. 10. For more information visit us at New York Office Gary Kreissman Managing Director 37 West 28th St., 10th Floor New York, NY 10001 212-485-8829 [email_address] Los Angeles Office Jeff Bender Managing Director 16501 Ventura Blvd, Suite 500 Encino, CA 91302 818-849-3737 [email_address]