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Paid Search Marketing - PPC 101


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Learn more about Paid Search Marketing & Pay Per Click / PPC Advertising.
Also known as Adwords, Display Network Marketing, and CPC.
What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? How much does it cost? Should I do it myself or work with an agency?

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Paid Search Marketing - PPC 101

  1. 1. eden Effective. Across all Media Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Marketing 101
  2. 2. eden What  is  Pay  Per  Click  Adver3sing?           •  PPC,  CPC,  Paid  Search,  Adwords   •  Online  adver5sing  pla8orm  used  to   direct  targeted  traffic  to  websites   through  a  Search  or  Display  Network.   •  Google  AdWords,  Bing  AdCentre  (MSN,   Yahoo).         •  You  only  pay  when  someone  clicks  on   your  ad.     •  Your  budget  determines  amount  of   targeted  clicks  to  your  site.
  3. 3. eden Organic  vs  Paid:  What’s  the  difference?           •  Paid  Search  Results:      Ads  posi5oned  at  the   top,  boLom  and  right   side  of  search  pages.   Their  descrip5ons  are   short  and  oNen  include   a  call  to  ac5on.        We  control  content.   •  Organic  Results:        Lis5ngs  on  search   engine  results  pages  due   to  complex  algorithms   that  your  site  must   follow.     Also  known  as  “natural”   lis5ngs.   Paid  Search   Organic  Results  
  4. 4. eden What’s  the  best  way  to  get  in  front  of  your   audience?   Paid  Search    Fast  &  Measurable  Results     •  See  results  instantly.  Learn  which  ads  are  conver5ng  and  driving  leads,  and   which  ones  aren’t.   Further  Incite     •  With  Google  Analy5cs,  learn  more  about  your  consumers’  behavior.     •  Organic  traffic  data  is  limited.    Signed  in  Google  traffic  is  “not  provided”.     More  Control  Compared  to  SEO     •  You  can  easily  monitor,  analyze  and  make  changes  to  your  campaign.   Accurate  Customer  Targe3ng     •  You’re  able  to  ensure  that  your  ads  are  primarily  seen  by  the  most   appropriate  audience  –  choose  exact  key  words,  geo-­‐target,  5me  of  day.
  5. 5. eden Paid  Search       •  Short,  text  ads.   •  Be  found  by  people  who  are   ac5vely  searching  using  keywords   related  to  your  product/service.       The  Search  Network                                              The  Display  Network       •  Text,  image,  interac5ve  and  video   ads.   •   Appear  on  websites  that  are  relevant   to  what  you’re  selling,  and  shown  to   people  that  are  likely  interested  in   your  product  or  service.
  6. 6. eden How  does  Adwords  work?   The  Steps:     1.  Create  your  new  campaign.   2.  Research  and  enter  relevant  keywords   related  to  your  products  or  services.   3.  Place  a  bid  on  each  keyword.   4.  Write  short  ads  that  Google  will  display   based  on  key  word  groups  and  geo-­‐targets.   5.  A  customer  comes  across  your  ad  by   searching  for  one  of  your  keywords.   6.  They  click  on  your  ad,  and  depending  on   your  bid,  you  will    pay  a  certain  amount  for   that  click.
  7. 7. eden How  does  the  bidding  work?       Choose  your  budget     •  Set  a  monthly  budget  that  we  will  spread  evenly  throughout  the  month.       Enter  the  auc3on   •  Place  maximum  bids  on  selected  keywords.   •  Your  compe5tors,  your  site’s  quality  score,  and  how  high  you  want  to  rank  will   all  factor  into  your  bidding  price.   Monitor,  analyze  and  change     •  Analyzing  your  AdWords  campaign  and  Analy5cs  data  will  help  determine   what  key  words  and  which  ads  are  performing  best  with  what  geo-­‐target.   •  We  are  also  be  able  to  analyze  how  your  site  is  conver5ng  that  traffic  into   form  inquiries  and  even  phone  calls  (if  you  have  call  tracking)         •  Adjust  your  campaign  and  web  page  to  improve  results  based  on  your   findings.
  8. 8. eden How  does  Google  Rank  ads?       Once  you  enter  the  Google  auc5on,  Google  determines  your  ranking  by   looking  at  two  factors:  your  maximum  bid  and  your  quality  score.         Source:    hLp://­‐is-­‐google-­‐adwords  
  9. 9. eden How  is  your  quality  score  determined?        Your  quality  score  is  determined  by  a  number  of  different  factors.         Quality Score Click- through rate Landing page Historical performance Various relevancy factors Ad relevancy Keyword relevancy
  10. 10. eden How  does  Google  determine  what  you  pay?        You  pay  the  minimum  amount  you  can  pay  for  the  posi5on  you  win  if  your  ad  is  clicked  on.   No5ce  how  Adver5ser  1  pays  less  for  his  higher  ranking,  due  to  his  high  quality  score.             Source:  hLp://­‐is-­‐google-­‐adwords  
  11. 11. eden How  am  I  able  to  control  who  sees  my  ads?       1.  Geo-­‐Targe3ng     Ability  to  narrow  down  your  audience  to  specific  area:   -­‐  Country   -­‐  Province   -­‐    Ci5es      -­‐  Specific  neighborhoods        
  12. 12. eden How  am  I  able  to  control  who  sees  my  ads?       2.  Keywords   -­‐  Choose  the  most  relevant  keywords  for  your  campaign.     3.  Nega3ve  Keywords    -­‐  Remove  irrelevant  search  terms  that  could  waste  clicks.     4.  Time    Placement    -­‐  Choose  what  5me  and  days  your  ads  are  shown.          Or  allocate  your  budgets  accordingly  on  busier  days      or  day  parts.   5.  Device    -­‐  Choose  whether  or  not  you  would  like  your  ads  to  be   shown  on  mobile  devices.
  13. 13. eden Why  use  an  agency?  Why  not  just  do  it  yourself?       It  takes  3me     •  Secng  up  and  managing  PPC  campaigns  is  5me  consuming.     •  If  you  don’t  set  it  up  properly  and  constantly  manage  it,  you  will  get   wasted  clicks,  lower  conversions  and  waste  budget.     Google  cer3fied     •  Cer5fica5on  involves  hours  of  training,  knowledge  and  experience.   Anyone  can  set  up  an  Adwords  account,  but  understanding  the   proper  techniques  and  func5ons  to  get  the  best  ROI  requires  an   experience  Search  Engine  Analyst  who  is  Adwords  Cer5fied.   We’re  in  the  loop     •  Google  is  constantly  upda5ng  Adwords  and  Analy5cs.  Part  of  the   job  of  an  Search  Engine  Marke5ng  Analyst  is  staying  up-­‐  to-­‐date   with  the  latest  changes,  methods,  techniques  related  to  PPC  and   overall  online  search  behavior.  
  14. 14. eden What  does  it  cost?       •  One  Time  Set  Up  Fee   •  Monthly  Media  Spend   •  Monthly  Management  Fee        
  15. 15. eden Optimize Your Advertising Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. Presented by: Esther Willinger