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  1. 1. A highly motivated and committed Engineering Professional with a proven ability to effectively evaluate, organize and prioritize work within a overall project schedule reporting to Project delivery Manager, a quick learner and passionate about Communication Technologies. With specialist level of hands on experience on Telecom equipments and be able to perform post processing, analysis, define optimization actions, trigger the action implementation. Validate the action implementation and generate report after testing. Router Series 18xx ,28xx. Switch Series 29xx,35xx. Huawei I Manger U-2000,Ericcson Mini Link Craft. Huawei WDT Tool& ISDN Tool. Huawei BTS 39xx,RTN 9xx In depth knowledge in MW Transmission Networks and equipments. Technology- Wireless TXN Network, 2G , 3G,LTE,RAN network Remote troubleshooting solutions. Configuration Of Routing Protocols: – STATIC, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF & BGP. Extensive Knowledge of Standard & Extended ACL.Extensive Knowledge of NAT & PAT. Hands On Experience Of Cisco Routers Backup, Recovery & Password Breaking. Implementing LAN and WAN Connections Using SWITCHES and ROUTERS.Setup Of Layer 2 Switching & STP.Configuring and Troubleshooting PPP, Frame Relay, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, VLAN, VPN, TRUNKING, AndHSRP & IP Addressing Issues CCNA-Cisco Certificated network Associate,May2016(CISCO ID-CSCO12994648) Qualification Board/University YEAR PERCENTAGE BE(EEE) Christian college of Eng & Tech 2013 76 DECE Christian polytechnic college 2010 81.24 GOPALAKRISHNAN.R Contact No- 09087390044,08973867786 E-mail:- Skype ID:saigopalakrishnan.r SUMMARY DevicesHandled Technical Skills Certification Course ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS
  2. 2. Huawei:  Responsible for Handling the Huawei transmission equipments.  Work experience in Huawei NMS .  NE Visibility (Static method).  Transmission activities like Software upgradation, Hop upgradation, Ring activities.  Support the CORE Engineers. Perform the different RNC activities.  Implementation of Microwave Links.  Work experience of Huawei RTN 905,910,950,950A,980  Work Experience of Huawei Transmission equipments.  Work Experience in OSN (Optical Switch Network).  Provisioning bandwidth for the 3G sites in ETHERNET & LTE sites in ETHERNET.  Planning and Implementation of Transmission activities like POP Optimization, Media Up gradation for upcoming 3G & LTE Ericsson:  Configuring and Maintenance of ERICSSON Service On ElementManager R8 and R10.4 & MINI-LINK Manager Server Application for NMS.  Adding network elements in the NMS and analyzing Real time alarms,AGC report of the same,  Responsible to made NMS Connectivity of the network elements with OSPF or STATIC routing, and analyzing AGC, G826 report for the same.  Coordinating for Implementation and troubleshooting of Traffic Node in both Ring and linear Topology up to STM1 Level.  Commissioning and troubleshooting of Ericsson Macro and Micro BTS, Expansion of the sites up to 10+10+10, and cabinet swapping.  Commissioning and troubleshooting of Point to point High Capacity STM-1 Level Hops in both Ring and Linear Topology and Maintenance of STM-1 Level MUX for the same, Planning and Execution of hop up gradation up to STM 1 Level, 75Ω to 120Ω conversion, Electrical to Optical conversion to increase the quality of the network.  Software up gradation of Transmission Nodes and Inventory data collection via NMS, GIS data maintenance of the sites.  Analyzing the performance alarms of network elements and resolve the same to improve the network quality and KPI,  Maintaining site Quality and Quality checking in newly integrated sites and expansion sites.  Handling customer complaints like coverage issues, call drop, call quality related issues and troubleshooting the same by identifying the bad cell with D&P Team.  Planning regular O & M Activities like Re engineering of Microwave Hops, cascading of sites, TMA and TMB additions, TRX outage clearance, Fault code clearance and Regular preventive maintenance of sites. WORK EXPERIENCES: CURRENT JOB PROFILE TXN SUPPORT ENGINEER Ericsson India Pvt Ltd June2016 to still Now
  3. 3.  Configuring and Provisioning bandwidth for the 3G sites in ATM and ETHERNET & LTE sites in ETHERNET. Experience in iManager U2000 Sever as well as client IP Planning for the network & Route IP adding in NMS server Experience in IP Addressing and sub-netting, Routing concept Extend the client connectivity as per customer requirement Configure the IP in Server as well as NEs Maintain NMS Sever & NEs Collecting alarm report Remove the IP & NEs conflicts in the Live Network Configure new GNE and Branch NE in iManager U2000 Server SDH & ETH trails planning for GNE to NEs Ping the node IP from Servers Co–ordinate with Vendor to bring the Nodes Into NMS Server Alarm clearance in iManager U2000 server as well as all NEs Creating NEs backup to FTP iManager U2000 server Managing native SDH & ETH service all NEs via NMS server Periodically health checking NEs, NMS server as well as NMS client Creating new service templates as per customer needs 2G Sites migration from one BSC to other BSC with help of Fiber node shifting 3G sites migration from one RNC to other RNC with help of OSS server Periodically making performance report NMS sever as well as all NEs Bandwidth increase for Bharti Airtel 3G & 4G FDD MW (RTN) traffic shifting in LIVE network as per customer needs Making Clock Synch for NEs Software Up gradation in iManager U2000 server as well as all NEs  Troubleshooting and O&M for the Huawei BSS products including BTS (3900 GSM, 3900A  GSM) DBS (3900 GSM, 3900A GSM) and M2000 Server)  Supervision of the site installation, integration, commissioning and quality check of Huawei BTS  & BSC.  Expansion activities at BTS 3900 GSM, 3900A GSM.  Testing, Commissioning. Integration & Troubleshooting of PDH and SDH links in Chain as well  Analyzing and troubleshooting of BTS alarms reported at network operation centre (NOC), which  includes identifying and replacing of faulty magazine  Performs call testing in all time slots, fault isolation and alarm troubleshooting on newly integratedand existing Cell Site BTS  Co-Ordination with NOC while breakdown maintenance. NMS Engineer Impact InfoTechPvtLtd NOV2015 To JUNE2016 Engineer Huawei TelecommunicationPvtLtd Jan 2015 to Nov2015
  4. 4.  Quality Checking & Acceptance test for newly commissioned sites in co ordination with Vendor  Implemented Cascading E1’s in Huawei Hub  Commission of NEC SDH & PDH Microwave radios & MUX.  NMS monitoring attend fault management.  Worked in NOC in 2G & 3G wireless competence.  carryout Active Alarm Tracker,health checkup of BSC/RNC regularly.  BSC/RNC Backup on Weekly & Monthly Basis  Troubleshooting System Alarms related to BSC and BTS –Ultra, Flexi, and Metro BTS.  UP gradation of NodeB’s to increase network traffic load capacity  Commissioning of Huawei make microwave SDH equipments  Breakdown maintenance and Material handling  Traffic routing and re-routing our network  BSC Migration, Ring re structuring & new ring formation.  24 hours a day work environment.  Handling project in Airtel 4G network. Installer of BTS 3900, Node B,RTN 9xx Series. Globe Alterra Hardware installation. Conduct standards on antenna system installation Conduct site survey and site on air and rectification. Conduct panning antenna and On air site testing. Conduct tower maintenance and path signal troubleshooting. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Huawei BTS Conduct Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT), Bringing Into Service (BIS) and Site Clearing. Installed bracket and monopole for microwave antenna. Installed of RRU Equipment. Installation of panel and microwave antenna. COMPUTER SKILLS: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, C++ , Internet ,Autocad,Cisco Packet Tracer SOFT SKILLS: Leadership, Communication, Team-Building, Organizational, Management. Ability to rapidly build relationship and set up trust. Confident and Determined Ability to cope up with different situations. Good communication skills I&C rigger Evolve TelecommunicationsPvtLtd JUN2013 to Jan2015 SUMMARY SKILLS INTERPERSONAL SKILL
  5. 5. Father’ s Name :M.Ramachandran Permanent Address : 6/10 b,r.v.nagar first Street Dindigul-624002 Date of Birth :04-June-1992 Language known : Tamil ,English and Telgu Marital Status :- Single Nationality/Religion :- Indian / Hindu PassPort No :K0582443 Skype id :saigopalakrishnan.r I do hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Place: Date: (Signature) (GOPALA KRISHNAN.R) PERSONAL DETAILS DECLARATION