Star and reception theory


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Star and reception theory

  1. 1. Star and Reception TheoryFandom (Scarlett Johansson)To be honest what features does Scarlett Johansson not have seriously she’s smart,beautiful, witty, and personally think she’s A* quality. But, my dreams aside the way sheworks is inspirational to so many people as well as actresses. I loved her in the ‘Iron man’movies and truly couldn’t resist watching her in ‘The Avengers’.Fandom (Henry Cavill)Henry Cavill is an upcoming actor whose limelight is just started as the new ‘Man of Steel’(Superman) I have always liked the superman odyssey but I wasn’t really surprised like I
  2. 2. usually am when I watched the film. I don’t think he has the ability to fore come such a bigrole as he’s only been involved in TV shows.The ThingA research site set in Antarctica, an alien is discovered.Although there is celebration from the new discovery, te alienmanages to escape and causes conflict between graduatestudent and a scientist.The film is marketed using trailers and posters, with the filmbeing a remake of the 1997 version of the film, Empiremagazine has given the a final verdict saying ‘ Back in 1997Carpenter told Empire that’ “You’ll never see anything likeThe Thing again” Like Macready and Childs were still waiting.We might be for long time yet.The ThingGenre – Horror/Mystery/Sci-FiTarget Audience – 12AYear of production – 2011Director - Matthijis Van Hejningen Jr.Producer – Marc Abraham, Eric NewmanDistributor – Universal PicturesBudget - $38 millionBox office takings - $18,956,344UK Release Date – Friday 2ndDecember 2011
  3. 3. Comparing 50/50 and The Thing50/50 was released in the UK on the 25thNovember 2011 and The Thing was released in theUK on the 2ndDecember 2011. The Thing earned more on the opening weekend earning£49,461 whereas 50/50 only made £30,479 this could be down of the marketing andsynergies of the film as The Thing was marketed with lots of posters and trailers where50/50 didn’t have as many [posters or trailers/advertisements or they were not shown asmuch.Although 50/50 has made more total gross to date earning £1,288,725 whereas The Thinghas £1,130,842, (as said by UK Film Council) this is due to star theory, this is where peoplewill look at Seth Rogan in 50/50 and believe that what he is like in real life, this can also bedue to the fact that many of his roles in other movies are similar, such as Pineapple Expressand Superbad, his on screen performance is always a good guy who breaks the law inhumorous ways ad is charismatic, he is never the disliked character and always [plays aloveable role.This could also be due to Seth Rogans cultural background; it may to relate to that of theaudience as he may have grown up with cruel parents or as an ordinary child/teenager andpeople may feel like they have been through the same or similar experiences which makesthem more drawn to that particular actor, this is also called reception theory.The Things trailer has an intense build up, it gives away what the problem is which a firs is acelebration, It then uses mise en scene to draw in the audience, with the setting in themiddle of nowhere in Antarctica, all abandoned in the research site, by then turning them
  4. 4. against each other, it then shows scene before the a possible attack, giving a blank screenand screaming, this is drawn to fans of the horror genre.Whereas 50/50 is based around a guy who has cancer which is a serious subject but insteadof making it dark and depressing they involved Seth Rogan as the best friend of themisfortunate person, this lightens the mood of the film ad makes it a comedy, the traileruses 4 stages, these being:ShockDenialResistanceAcceptanceStar and reception theory may have contributed to the success of 50/50 as it involved SethRogan. In the star theory perspective e is very humorous person who is young which relatesto the younger audience as they may see being like his character’s in person. This could bebecause of so many of his similar roles. In the reception theory’s view, he may relate to a lotof his fans as he seems to be a young ‘pothead’ or used to be one and anybody with a similalife style may see this as good and feel as he relates and understands them, so they begin tolike him and even become a fan of his.