Task 1 different applications of photography


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Task 1 different applications of photography

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications ofPhotographyJames Fox
  2. 2. Advertising IndustryAdvertising Photography is the single mostimportant element of most advertisingcampaigns. While copywriters may spendhours producing an eye-catching headlineand copy that explains the benefits of aproduct, it’s the image that first attracts theviewer. It’s also the last thing the viewerusually remembers after turning the page.Product photographs forwebsites, brochures, catalogues, packaging,marketing and advertising. Clients includewell known companies, small businessesand advertising & design agencies far andwide. With access to large, well-equippedstudios, highly creativephotographers, stylists &assistants, efficient project managementsystems and a dedicated client servicesteam, we provide a service second to none
  3. 3. Fashion IndustryAdvertising images may be used on billboardsand in magazines, on posters and on flyers. Theymay be straightforward depictions of a productor a model or they could incorporate complexgraphics and use the very latest post-productiontechniques to show that the company is on theleading edgePatrick Demarchelier is a fashion photographerand his work is advertised widely on billboards,websites and other media conglomerates.Patrick Demarchelier was born outside Paris in1943 and has lived in the US since 1975. Hisphotos regularly appear in Vogue, Vanity Fair,Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Newsweek andElle. Beginning in 1989, he was the officialphotographer of Princess Diana of Wales,becoming the first non-Briton to become anofficial photographer for the Royal Family. In2007, he became an Officer dans l’ordre des Artset Lettres, and his work was the subject of theretrospective Patrick Demarchelier: Images etMode at the Petit Palais in Paris.
  4. 4. Music IndustryOur photographers start with a strategymeeting with the client to develop a briefthat is as tight as possible, reducing the riskof surprises when the final photographs aredelivered. The photographer has to beabsolutely clear about the line the companywants to take with the product, the kind ofimage they want it to possess, and themessages they want it to convey.Kevin Cummins is a British photographerknown for photographs of rock bands andmusicians including Mick Jagger, IanCurtis, Morrissey, Courtney Love, PattiSmith, and David Bowie
  5. 5. Sports IndustryThat’s particularly important when workingwith smaller ad agencies and clients. Whilelarger agencies may choose to send an artdirector to oversee and direct thephotographer’s work, that’s often not thecase for clients on limited budgets. Many relyon the photographer’s skills and creativity tocapture the right picture within theparameters laid out in the strategy meeting.Bill Frakes is an American photographer whohas been on the masthead of SportsIllustrated since 1993. In 2008, he cofoundedStraw Hat Visuals, a Southern MediaCompany. Bill was born and raised in theranch country of western Nebraska
  6. 6. Photo journalismPhoto journalism is a particular form ofjournalism (the collecting, editing, andpresenting of news material for publicationor broadcast) that creates images in order totell a news story. It is now usually understoodto refer only to still images, but in some casesthe term also refers to video used inbroadcast journalism. Photojournalism isdistinguished from other close branches ofphotography (e.g., documentaryphotography, social documentaryphotography, street photography or celebrityphotography) by complying with a rigidethical framework which demands that thework is both honest and impartial whilsttelling the story in strictly journalistic terms.Photojournalists create pictures thatcontribute to the news media
  7. 7. Fine Art PhotographyFine art photography is photography createdin accordance with the vision of the artist asphotographer. Fine art photography stands incontrast to representationalphotography, such as photojournalism, whichprovides a documentary visual account ofspecific subjects and events, literally re-presenting objective reality rather than thesubjective intent of the photographer; andcommercial photography, the primary focusof which is to advertise products or services.Scott Mead is a photographer, financier andphilanthropist. He is co-founder of RichmondPark Partners, a private merchant bank inLondon. He was formerly a partner andmanaging director of Goldman Sachs (NewYork 1986–1988; London 1988–2003).