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Producer and audience captain america


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Producer and audience captain america

  1. 1. Producer and AudienceDifferent audiences are targeted by film producers so that the film can make more moneythis is done by promoting the film. (For example if a film company were to make a comedy,instead of using random people as actors, but use known comedians to promote the film. Itmay also be a specific actor for the role to play, for example Matt Damon played welladjustment bureau but may not have done as well in a similar style movie like Source Codejust because the look and style of his character may not have fit all aspects of that specificrole.Captain AmericaCaptain America is about man who is judged of being unfit for being in the military butallows himself to be experimented on for a top secret research which makes him becomeCaptain America, after gaining new strengths he also uses superhero abilities to depend theUSA’s morals.Empire Magazine described the film as ‘Charming, handsome and full of pep,’ all 70 year oldcap lacks is a knockout blow. Still, Johnston should be saluted to old fashioned heart in acynical age, while Marvel should be continued to barracks for cynical marketing.
  2. 2. Captain AmericaGenre – Action/Adventure/ Sci-FiTarget Audience – 15Year of Production – 2011Director – Joe JohnstonProducer – Kevin FeigeDistributor – Paramount PicturesBudget - $140 millionBox offices Takings - $368,404,656UK Release Date – Friday 29thJuly 2011Captain America: First Avenger was marketed using, TV for trailers/adverts. Webs for adsusing Facebook for groups to tell fans any information about Captain America events. Likeall other movies YouTube was used to promote the trailer for the film. Also, when the publicmade visits to the cinema Captain America was one of the trailers shown and billboards ofthe film were also put up in some places.Something I mainly saw were billboards and posters at bus stops ad on the side of buildings.I also did a bit of research and found out that The Sun newspaper secured a review andinterview with actors/actresses so this also means that newspapers were promoting thefilm.Over the years technology has enhanced and from this social networking has raisedpopularity around the world. From social networking a big part of marketing and advertisingis used. Some could say social networking is another way of saying word of mouth which isanother way film can be promoted. If fans or just the public in general have seen the filmand explain how much they enjoyed it or haven’t even seen it and say they have seen thetrailers or heard it from someone then people are more likely to watch it, as they will takethe advice of someone they trust more than watching interview and trailers.Synergies is a big part of marketing for Captain America, especially to those fan boys andgirls who college all the action figures, posters, games, comics, etc. Fans of superheroessuch as Spiderman and Iron man are the ones who are most likely to by the synergies,Captain America uses all of these and brought out a gam based on the movies but namedCaptain America: Super Solider, this is on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, DS and3DS.The target audience for character is mainly 25+ year old males, the old fans who grew upwith Captain America comics and action figures but t top sellers 16-24 years old. Theproducer has tried to capture the attention of more females by using a muscular and‘Attractive’ actor.
  3. 3. The producer has targeted the film at the audience he wants by attracting more females tothe film, but also has romance in the film, but for the male audience they use the marketingto get them to watch it and video games for this generation of audience. But also start theactor as a guy who is unfit for the military and gets experimented on to become asuperhero; the unfit guy is the male audience and the muscular superhero that getsromance is who the male audience wants to be.Moving on the produce would use primary research. For example (making questionnaires,first questions to make sure they are asking the right audience and ten asking questionsabout what they would like or need to know, also a focus group can be used to ask peopleface to face, tis gives a better chance of truthful answers .Another form of research the producer can use is secondary research which is not as reliableas primary research but is cheaper and faster to collect, this is looking a previous researchand past results, looking at old movie sales from movies of the same genre/style, this kind ofresearch isn’t as reliable as primary research but it more time efficient.