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Fashion magazine front cover


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Fashion magazine front cover

  1. 1. Magazine Front Cover AnalysisJames Fox
  2. 2. MastheadMain ImageModel CreditCover lineCover lineCover linesSelling line/ Maincover line
  3. 3. DETAILSDETAILS magazine is mainlyfocusing upon men’s Health andwealth. Keeping males up todate with every aspect offashion and dieting. Helping youlook your best wherever you go.Celebrities are used to promotethe magazine and gainpopularity as to the right isRobert Pattinson.
  4. 4. DETAILSDETAILS magazine is in large font toshow off how big of a magazine brand itis. Showing the readers that it’s the‘10thAnniversary Issue’ tells us they’llbe additional information given withinthe magazine. DETAILS magazine hereshows small cover lines and is smartlyset out cover lines. Advertising themain focus which in this case is RobertPattinson. Also, ‘THE REMASCULATIONOF THE AMERICAN MAN’ is anothermain focus within the magazine.
  5. 5. VOGUEMen’s VOGUE focusesmostly on advertising brandsand male celebrities to showtheyre wealth and desires.Tells the reader about thelatest fashion trends that arecurrent worldwide. Also,‘James FrancoTHE NEW JAMES DEAN’ iscorrespondingly advertisingas people will wonder aboutwhy ‘James Franco’ is somuch like ‘James Dean’.
  6. 6. VOGUE cover lines and main sellsOn VOGUE magazine there is 5subjects advertised:-Fashion, Neo-Factory, Exclusive,Features and Plus.Fashion – Keeping you updatedon the latest fashion trends.Neo Factory – Telling the readerwho most of the cover lines andmain sells are produced by.Exclusive – Special guests.Features – Extra’s within themagazine that arent usuallythere.Plus – Extra information.
  7. 7. IdeasMy main channel of design for my magazine is eitherthe layout of DETAILS magazine or Men’s VOGUEmagazine. VOGUES magazine design is giving moreinformation as DETAILS is more show and tell.