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Film posters

  1. 1. ACROSS THE HALL Across the Hall is a short film with a running time of 25 minutes, released as a download in two parts. ItShort film Feature length film poster was written and directed by Alex Merkin, and wasposter released in 2006. Alex Merkin went on to direct a full length feature film also called ‘Across the Hall’ based on the same story. The short film poster is typical in the way it has the actors name at the top of the page, the feature length film also does this. The short film poster uses a still from the film as their image on the poster, a feature film poster wouldn’t do this. The feature film poster does include a still from the film however, but not in the same way as the short film. Stills are used in a way to tease the audience and to invite them into watching the film. The still in the feature film, is of the man who is finding out the truth about his unfaithful other half, with a gun in his hand. This gives the audience an idea instantly as to what the film is about, and what to expect. The short film poster has not enhanced Adrian Grenier’s face, so we see that he is sweating, making us know he is un-nerved by something. This is different from the feature film poster as they have put an enhancement on the whole poster itself, and the actors’ faces look touched up.
  2. 2. GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVEGeorge Lucas in Love is an independent, liveaction short film released in June 1999. Itwas directed by Joe Nussbaum. GeorgeLucas in Love is based on Star Wars, withthe characters in the short film being basedon the characters in the actual Star Warsfilms. All the heads of the actors in the filmare on the poster, which differs from Acrossthe Hall, as it doesn’t use a still from the film.With a running time of 8 minutes the filmgets straight to the point with a plot twistconcluded it. The poster has an overpowering colour of brown, with lightreflections off each of the actors’ faces.Using the tone of brown over everythingleaves the story to the imagination, as it alsodoesn’t involve a still from thefilm, everything is left to the audience. Theposter isn’t very exciting in my opinion, but Idid enjoy the film. Which supports what Isaid about the film poster leaving the story tothe imagination with the basis of it being
  3. 3. I’M HERE ‘I’m Here’ is a 2010 science fiction romance, writte and directed by Spike Jonze. The film is a love story about two robots living in Los Angeles, where humans and robots coexist. The film was funded by and is a promotion for Absolut Vodka, which links to the line on the poster, ‘a love story in an absolut world,’ referencing to Absolut Vodka. The line at the top of the poster written, ‘ordinary is no place to be,’ gives the audience an idea of the type of film. The image used on the poster is of the two characters in the film, depicting them in the way described above. The actors’ names are written at the bottom, with other information about the film. The image used on the poster makes you think it’s a romance straight away, with the use of the sun shining on the floor and around them, makes it seem rather tranquil. I like the way this poster has been done, and it could actually be used for a feature film, as it’s not a typical short film poster. The image is of the characters outside, depicting them as free.
  4. 4. FILM POSTERS AND THEIRGENRES This is the film poster for ‘Transporter 3.’ The genre of this film is action. The film poster makes the genre obvious as the main character, Jason Statham, is shown mid-air holding two guns. His facial expression looks angry, showing that he trying to kill or get killed. There is a female character shown in the poster, which is typical of an action film, as there is usually a romantic involvement. The female is also holding a gun, tells us she is involved in the action and isn’t necessarily playing the damsel in distress role. There is also a car on the poster, which could mean the film involves a car chase, referencing to the action of the film.
  5. 5. This is the film poster for James Cameron’s‘Titanic.’ The two genres of this film, are mainlydisaster and romance, with romance being myfocus. The poster shows the two main characters inthe film, with the Titanic underneath them. With thecharacters being at the top, over the Titanic, itdepicts their love as being so strong that not eventhe disaster that happens in the film can stop thembeing in love. The audience are shown that thecharacters are romantically involved immediatelywith the posture of them. The sentence written overthem, ‘Nothing on earth could come between them,’this, again, tells the audience of their love for oneanother, and how strong it was. The poster istypical in the way it shows the main characters’names, with the name of the film being the biggestfont. Some more actors’ names, and moreinformation about the film is listed at the bottom ofthe poster.
  6. 6. This is the film poster for ‘The Blair Witch Project.’The genre of the film is horror. The poster is typicalof a horror poster because of the dark coloursused, and not seeing the whole of a person’s face.This is common of horror film posters, as they oftendon’t show the whole of someone’s face, they usuallydistort them, or show a part of them, leaving it moremysterious for the audience. This poster is purelyluring the audience to watch the film with the writingat the top of the poster. The sentences they usedmakes the story seem real, by saying ‘three studentsdisappeared in the woods in October of 1994,’ makingit more chilling as it creates this sense of it being‘based on a real story’ which a lot of horror moviesnow use as their teaser line. With the way thefemale’s face looks, it tells the audience how it isfilmed, presented in the style of ‘found footage.’Meaning that the footage was found after the disasteror occurrence happened, which is how many horrorfilms create a more heightened sense of horror.
  7. 7. This is the film poster for ‘Skyline.’ The genre of thisfilm is science fiction. Many science fiction filmsinvolve aliens or something based around aliens intheir story. With this film poster, it is immediatelyobvious what the genre is. It is typical with its teaserline, and the title of the film being the biggest font andmain piece of writing on the poster. There are twocharacters shown on the poster, but we don’t seetheir faces, leaving a mysterious feel about it. Theteaser line used, ‘don’t look up,’ tells the audiencewhere the threat in the film is coming from. It showswhat we know as a UFO, linking to the idea of aliensagain. They show lots of things coming out of theUFO, leaving that the imagination as to what it is.Leaving you to believe aliens, or something linked tothem. This film poster is good because it doesactually make you want to watch the film as you wantto know what happens after seeing the poster. This isexactly what they’re intending to do when makingthese posters, so if they are effective enough, theywill do it well.
  8. 8. This is the film poster for ‘Unknown,’ starring LiamNeeson. The genre of this film is a thriller. The filmposter shows the main character, Liam Neeson, withhalf his face shaded, leaving a mysterious side to theplot, and as to what’s going to happen. He isdepicted as the main character by being the wholesize of the poster, meaning he is the most importantcharacter as well as the main one. He is shownholding a gun, which accounts for the genre being athriller, and possibly an action also. The teaser linethey use, ‘take back your life,’ tells us that he hasperhaps lost something important to him, and he’sprepared to get it back whatever the consequence.There are two female characters shown on theposter across the middle, which are obviously thepeople important to him in the film. The poster leavesa lot the imagination, as it’s not obvious as to whatthe film is about. Film posters like this are good, asthey lure the audience in, leaving them wanting towatch the film.