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Me and my movies


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Me and my movies

  1. 1. Me and my movies(Fantasy)By James Fox
  2. 2. Lord of the rings: Two Towers 2002Directed by Peter JacksonSynopsis – Frodo Baggins is continuing hisquest to destroy the one ring which willdestroy Sauron forever, however, he is leadthere by a Gollum who wants nothing morethan the one ring. Aragon, Legolas andGimli are trying to rescue the hobbits thatwere taken from them by Saruman’s Uruk-Hai but what they find change all of middleearth forever. The hobbits tat were taken byUruk-Hai finally escape their grasp but theyare in even more danger by treading intothe old forest of Fangorn where from thenon they meet the white wizard and proceedto war.The main reason I like the LOTR trilogy isbecause it is the first film to have everrecord thousands and thousands oractors/actresses at the same time duringthe war seen in the film.
  3. 3. Star Wars: A New Hope 1977Directed by George LucasSynopsis – The galaxy in a state of civilwar and a rebel ship as stolen the plansfor a deadly weapon which belongs to theEmpire who have an imperial star cruiseron their tail. The rebel ship is taken on-board and all the troopers are killedexcept for the supposed ‘Rebel Leader’Princess Leia who has sent two droidswith the empires weapon plans to theplanet Tatooine, Princess Leia is tenkidnapped by the Dark Sith Darth Vader.The droids are then found by LukeSkywalker who then gets found Old BenKenobio. With the plans they go on anadventure to save the galaxy from theEmpires secret weapon,’ The Death Star’.
  4. 4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of theBlack Pearl 2003Directed by Gore VebinskiSynopsis – Blacksmith WillTurner teams up witheccentric pirate CaptainJack Sparrow to save hislove, the governorsdaughter, from Jack’sformer pirate allies, who arenow undead thanks to acursed cest of 882 pieces ofAztec Gold that theystole, their ultimate goal intheir undead life is tobecome mortal again
  5. 5. What attracts me to the genre ?The factors that attract me to the Fantasy genre are actors, story and special effects.Ian Mckellen who was Gandalf the White in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers helpedinfluence my decision to watch it because he is a well known actor and because IanMckellen is an old actor who has been in films such as Gods and Monsters and Richardthe 3rd, he would be perfect for an old, wise character. Also, the story of Star Wars: ANew Hope keeps you asking questions from the start of the film, such as, why is aspaceship flying away from the empire?, What planet is Princess Leia princess of? andwhat’s under Darth Vader’s mask? The main star of Pirates of the Caribbean: TheCurse of the Black Pearl was Johnny Depp who has been in a few successful films inthe past such as, Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Edward Scissor hands(1990), having him ina film about pirates wouldn’t be a problem for Johnny Depp as most of the roles hehas played were very different and they varied. The Special effects of Pirates of theCaribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl keeps me watching because of the specialeffects used on the zombie pirates as they look realistic when they are in themoonlight. The story of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl keepsyou interested as it makes you want to know how pirates became zombies and whythey are after golden coin.
  6. 6. IntextualityIntertextuality is used in the fantasy genre in a few ways itis where films make references to other films of thatgenre, for example, in the film series of Indiana Jones thecharacter “Indiana Jones” is based on the old adventurefilms from the 1930’s, all of the characters in these filmswere the exact same hat as Indiana Jones and got intobad situations with old artefacts. Another example ofIntertextuality would be the character “Han Solo” in theStar Wars franchise, the character Han Solo was based onthe gunslingers in the old western films in the 1930’s, Hanwore a belt with his blaster holder on it, wore a sleevelessblazer and big boots, paying homage to the cowboys inthe 1930’s films.
  7. 7. Star TheoryStar theory has been used in fantasy films a lot oftimes, star theory is where you get certaincelebrities to play certain roles because of theirpast performances or to make their film look moreappealing to the audience. An example of thiswould be using is using Johnny Depp was the maincharacter in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films ashe has been in a lot of very popular films, suchas, Edward Scissor hands(1990), Finding Neverland(2004)and Ed Wood (1994).
  8. 8. Reception TheoryReception theory is were an audience watchessomething and then they relate to it in their everyday life. It is used in fantasy so the audience candecide what’s right and what’s wrong. An exampleof reception theory would be in “Star Wars” theemperor wants to kill everyone and rule theuniverse, the audience would then be able to easilydecide with their own values what’s wrong withwhat the emperor is planning and that aprotagonistwould have to step up in the film and in real lifewith smaller situations.