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Sound print platform increases customer interaction with tv(yang sun)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Sound print platform increases customer interaction with tv(yang sun)

  1. 1. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHISSoundPrint Platform Increase Customer Interaction With TV A THESIS SUBMITTED FOR PROFESSOR.BREY MKTG-7546 Marketing in a Digital Environment BY YANG SUN March 2012 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS SoundPrint Platform Increases Customer Interaction With TV1. Introduction1.1 The Development Of Customer Interaction With TV The concept of customer interaction with TV is really not new, however, the soundprint platform really lead such interaction to a new grade. When we review the development of customer interaction with TV, the first questionwould be why the customer wants to interaction with TV? A simple idea is one of thenatural characters of our human being is sharing information with our family, friends,classmates and colleague etc. In early 2000s, the concept of socializing around TV content is introduced trying toencourage audiences share their experience with others, such as Social TV, whichcreating the cyber-living-room and cyber-bar to enable increased interactivity aroundshared programming both live and time-shifted. At that time, the interaction is more bytext or phone call. However, due to the inconvenience using and the communication lag,previous trial gained very limited success, until the social networking emerges. The social networking starts to popularize after Facebook and Twitter comes out in2004 and 2006, and the quick growing market of smartphone and IPAD pave the way forthe social networking takes off. TV viewing is increasingly becoming a multi-screenexperience, and customer starts to interact with TV via a more convenient way. In 2010, social TV app comes. Miso and GetGlue started to use the idea of check-in toencourage customer interaction with TV. They all have mobile and web applicationsexplicitly designed to support and enhance that very natural entertainment-driven socialbehavior. App users can check-in to content, and share what they are watching, listeningto and reading with friends, get fresh recommendations, exclusive stickers, discounts andother rewards from the show or program. But still, there are some inconveniences. Forexample, the user may not be familiar with the TV program, and the user can not remarka specific episode, which prohibits them to check-in and discuss that with his friends. Butthis problem is solved since into IntoNow launched their SoundPrint platform in 2011. As SoundPrint is what’s known as a “fingerprinting” technology. Now the SoundPrintplatform is IntoNow’s patented indexing technology. With SoundPrint platform, IntoNowcan identify what’s being watched, down to the individual episode, within seconds.Through that, IntoNow can recognize a show even if its airing live for the first time.IntoNow also have an index that covers more than 140 million minutes of previouslyaired shows. That’s the equivalent of 266 years of video! And what’s more, after thesound identify, the IntoNow combine “what you are looking” “what the relative newsare” and “what your friends are discussion” together, which definitely improve thecustomer interaction with TV. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS1.2 Why contomer’s interaction with TV means a lot If there’s one thing we love here in USA, it’s television — the last super bowelattracted 114 million spectators! However, Television viewers are often multitasking — they watch their favorite showswhile interacting on social media platforms via their tablets, smartphones and laptops. ADeloitte survey found that 42% of Americans surf the web while watching television,29% talk on their phones while the TV is on and 26% of consumers are texting or sendingIMs. And according to the data released in Q2, 2011, from Nielsen, 40% of whom usetheir smart or tablet while watching TV on a daily basis, and in fact, only 12% of tabletowners and 13% of smartphone owners say they have never used those devices whilewatching TV.And amazing data was announced via Twitter, by the end of super bowelgame, 12,333 TPS (tweets per second) are generated. Just as TV Guide‘s ChristyTanner said people are inclined to share their opinions on their favorite TV shows.2. SoundPrint Analysis2.1 How can SoundPrint Platform integrated in marketing campaign "Television has always been a source of social engagement, and yet theres never beenan easy way for people to create connections with their friends around the shows they areinto."-- Adam Cahan (founder and CEO of IntoNow). After SoundPrint platform wasdeveloped, it is integrated with IntoNow’s app and makes the way of customer interactionwith TV more convenient, which also changes the marketing campaign. Change 1: Advertising is more implicit. As SoundPrint can identify the TV program automatically, now even you do not knowwhat you are looking at, the relative information regarding the program will pop out onyour mobile facility, which give you a deeper impression of the program and enhance theprogram awareness. At the same time, by combing the check-in with your socialnetworking (FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc.), your friends will receive the message saysyou are watching the program, and it will show your opinion of this program. Obviously,people will not think it is an advertising of promoting this program, but in fact, it is! Nowalmost all TV programs viewed by IntoNow make the advertising more implicit. Change 2: Advertising effect is more measurable. Recently, IntoNow has partnered with PepsiCo in a promotion that will reward appusers with a free soda for tagging the drink-maker’s new Pepsi MAX spot. “The basic Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHISconcept is to find the Pepsi MAX commercial, tag it and select a store,” IntoNow founderand CEO Adam Cahan explains. IntoNow will generate a unique digital coupon for thefirst 50,000 IntoNow users who tag the spot. The coupon can be scanned and redeemed,just like a gift card, at Target or CVS stores. The Pepsi MAX commercial in question will begin airing Wednesday and features pastand present Major League Baseball legends. The spot and the IntoNow promotion are allcentered around Pepsi MAX’s MLB sponsorship. IntoNow will not be featured in the ad,but it will make a print appearance on the promo cards that Pepsi is distributing at MLBstadiums. “This is the first time where consumers can close the funnel between a brandexperience on a TV commercial right down to a real-world drink you can consume,”Cahan (founder and CEO of IntoNow) says. The campaign, IntoNow’s first branded ad initiative, helps bridge the gap betweendigital and physical worlds via mobile phone. “The idea that these devices are with us atall times really does change the game,” says Cahan (founder and CEO of IntoNow). Andwhat more, PepsiCo will get 50,000 user information and their geographic buyingpreference, in a certain time. These information gathered make the advertising effect bemore measurable. Through above examples, we can clearly see the SoundPrint Platform has stronglyinfluenced customers, TV, website and corporation who need to promote their brands.2.2 How can SoundPrint Platform be used in other business As SoundPrint can identify the video sound automatically, and search relativeinformation for you, another further potential usage is combing the Siri technology andWifi technology together. It can be used for enhancing the car entertainment. For example, if you are driving acar and listening to the music or latest news, the radio could tell you a list of relativenews and you can order them to switch to the information you are interested in and letthem read for you without moving your hands out of the steering wheel. Another potential business that can be used could be for people who are blind. Viacombing the three technologies together, the life for blind people will be better. Inscenario, if the blind person is listening to some program or music via TV, he can askSoundPrint to search relative information for him and order the TV or smart facility toannounce information they like via Siri.3. Influence To Business Landscape3.1 Business Model Based on a formalized ontology for ebusiness models specified by Osterwalder and Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHISPigneur (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2002), business models consist four main elements: 1)the product innovation, that consist of the value proposition the firm delivers to itscustomers; 2) the customer relationship, defining the target customers, the channels andrelationship strategy; 3) the infrastructure, containing the resources required by theinternal activities and the partnership network that are required to produce the valueproposition; 4) the financial aspects, which ultimately determine the profitability of theorganization. In the IntoNow case, we could find the four main elements as. 1) SoundPrint Platform is the patented innovation technology, which improve the videoidentification and improves customer engagement. 2) Target customers are those who have a smartphone or laptop, or tablet, or othermobile facilities, and have the willing to communicate and share their opinions of theprogram or specific brand advertising. 3) In order to improve and courage the customer interaction, big storage of the TVprogram and mass cooperation with TV, products marketers and networking is necessary. 4) Finally, the character of IntoNow can be an advertising agency who help the TV andproducts marketers find their advocator and improve their marketing campaign.3.2 The virtue and flaw of the SoundPrint Platform The virtue of the SoundPrint Platform is obvious, it improves the customer interaction.Viewers can interact with the TV easier. They can find out what their friends are watchingand engage in discussion, discover what shows they have in common with others andwhich of them are on air right now, get relevant and more personal recommendations,learn more about what’s on through show info and other info. But after a deeper expert observation, we find there are still three flaws. The first is theinteraction should be based on the popularization of smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. Thesecond one is the IntoNow based on SoundPrint Platform can fail when the program isunscheduled. (“For instance, when we turned on CNN for news of Kim Jong II’s death.The app thought I was watching the regularly scheduled program, a show called “Blackin America”) The third flaw is although this helps in live sports game, it make you feeluncomfortable if you are watching a recorded sports game, because it will pop up all finalscores and other comments.3.3 Future Trend Currently, SoundPrint monitors 130 broadcast channels in real time and IntoNow has600,000 users and reported 1 million tags in 4 weeks, the number is still growing veryfast. However, and the same time, GetGlue also have 800,000 users and similar as Miso.This means the market competition is very strong and thus below two trends emerge. Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS 1) Expanding: expanding in horizontal and vertical direction. Horizontal expandingcan be via entering into a new TV market in other country, with similar strategy, whilevertical expanding means enter into other industry besides TV, such as game, automobileand health care. 2) Merge and Integration: merge means similar company combined together and usethe same platform, while integration means the company can combine their technologywith other relative platform and share the information. Current social is in an informationbooming environment, too many platforms sometime make the user feel uncomfortableas he need to switch from one platform to another platform if he is trying to domulti-tasks. If there is no need for switching, the barrier will disappear, and users aremore like to use that platform.4. Conclusion Customer interaction is one of the best ways to enhance customer brand awareness andgain customer loyalty. With the Soundprint Platform, customer becomes easier and morelike to interact with TV, and we could foresee such growing interaction will change theways of how we watch TV, and how we design the marketing campaign, also how otherentrainment activities can be changed.REFERENCEOsterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y. 2002, "An E-Business Model Ontology for ModellingE-Business", 15th Bled Electronic Commerce Conference, BledJenny Van Grove Y. 2010, "Why Entertainment Will Drive the Next Check-in Craze"Mike Melanson Y. 2011, "SoundPrint Wants to Be the GPS of Internet TV"Ryan Lawler Y. 2011, "Miso Goes Beyond the Check-in With Competitive RealityVoting"Zach Epstein Y. 2011, "Former Google, MTV engineers cook up IntoNow—Foursquaremeets Shazam for TV fans"Brian Whalley Y. 2012, "Your Marketing Can Keep Pace with Facebook and Google"www.intonow-blog.comInterviewer Bio:Zhonghan Zhu, Founder of SYZ Advertising Corporation. Page 6 of 6