Driving Traffic to Your Mobile Apps & Sites


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Many Brands, Businesses and Mobile Developers make the mistake of developing and launching their apps without planning how to reach their target audience.

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Driving Traffic to Your Mobile Apps & Sites

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TOO MANY BRANDS, BUSINESSES AND MOBILE DEVELOPERS MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DEVELOPING AND LAUNCHING THEIR APPS WITHOUT PLANNING HOW TO REACH THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE. Sometimes you won’t need to market your app. But usually it’s a must. The channels you use to promote your app are typically a combination of what is referred to as POEM, which is short for Paid, Owned, and Earned Media. The mix differs from case to case but all of the communication must be executed with quality and control in order to achieve the outcome you want. To see if you’ve hit your goals (yes, set goals!) you’ve got to measure campaign results. In this white paper, we will take you through the different media types and key success factors behind engaging with your users and driving traffic to your mobile services. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 1
  2. 2. STEP ONE: PL ANNING YOUR MOBILE CAMPAIGN PAID MEDIA OWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA YOU CAN MARKET MOBILE SERVICES THROUGH AN ALMOST ENDLESS COMBINATION OF PAID, OWNED, AND EARNED MEDIA. There are thousands of marketing tools, services and channels that can help you promote apps and mobile websites. All the choices make it difficult to pick and choose, but if you get it right, marketing can deliver an amazing return on investment. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 2
  3. 3. PAID MEDIA Paid media includes all the display media seen on websites, apps, posters, and e-mail messages as well as TV commercials, radio and print ads, and more. When it comes to paid digital media you usually have the option to payper-view/display (CPM) or pay-perperformance (CPC). The choice for each case depends on how attractive your content is. If your ads and channels have high click-through rates, per-pay- view will be more efficient; otherwise pay-per-performance is a safer bet as you will know exactly how money is being spent for engagement. If you have time and resources, the best way is to experiment. Ad networks usually distinguish between blind and premium networks. Blind means that advertisers can target a specific audience or content category but have no control over where the ads are displayed. Premium networks on the other hand, can give advertisers the choice of targeting specific sites, The key differentiator of Facebook is Sponsored App promotion. Not only is it great for targeting a specific audience, but the ads embedded into newsfeeds can also display which friends already use the app, providing users with social proof that the app has value. Facebook app promotion is a premium mobile ad service in terms of cost, but you get what you pay for­ which are high — quality users that actually perform actions in the app. Checkout 51 A Canadian e-commerce discount app called Checkout 51 obtained 10,000 installs in just two days with Facebook’s app install ads. Gun Bros Tapjoy is another premium app promotion network offering several great targeting methods including Pay-per-install and Payper-engagement. With the Payper-engagement option you only pay once a user has performed a specific action, e.g. opted in for push notifications. However, skeptics believe that the user incentive model for accepting advertisement in exchange for virtual rewards will result in less loyal users than other ad networks. There are hundreds of app and mobile ad services available but based on our experience the most reliable and resource efficient ones today are Facebook, Tapjoy and Google Admob, outlined below. All three offer pay-per-app install, which means that you can easily plan and forecast the budget for a certain number of app downloads. Other great ad networks include Adfonic, Millennial Media, Apple iAds, InMobi, Buzzcity, Greystripe, Jumptap, and more. For a good overview of the mobile ad networks, visit MobiThinking.com. In 2011, a game called Gun Bros saw its downloads increase from 2.8 million to 6.8 million. The company attributed the success to Tapjoy, which allowed them to quickly acquire users and engage them without requiring cash payment. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 3
  4. 4. Google is the indisputable No. 1 player in mobile. With Google Admob campaigns, you create ads and choose which apps and mobile websites you want the ad to appear in, as well as choose your target audience. by Zynga, experienced a 250% increase in new users after making use of Google’s cross promotion and house ads. According to Econsultancy, the text-ad campaign accumulated 11.9 million impressions and a 500% increase in downloads. We recommend Google Admob as part of the mix for most campaigns. You can also run house ads, which are ads that appear in your own app encouraging users to share their activity. Spooky House Studios, a development studio recently acquired Billboards and posters are great for awareness, but, if used alone, have a low conversion rate for downloads. Poster advertising has generated good OUTDOOR DISPLAY ROI for many brands and is popular in ADVERTISING public transportation when it is contextsmart. This type of display advertising usually includes QR codes, SMS shortcodes and links to the mobile website to drive engagement. Qualcomm Mobile created a campaign called the Best Bus Stop Ever, which included a poster that displayed a completely relatable bus shelter question, i.e. “Bored?” or “Seen it all?” and a mobile web URL. When people visited the site and pressed a button, they would get a surprise ride in a horse carriage, or even a bus full of puppies! The Youtube video quickly garnered 2 million views in just a couple of days, and organic visits to Qualcomm’s website grew by 28%, proving the campaign effective for awareness, engagement, and increasing traffic. Another good example of outdoor advertising that drove engagement is the IBM & Ogilvy France Smarter Cities ‘Smart’ billboards that might double as, say, a rain shelter. A rainy day would provide perfect context for interaction. The display ads drove 50,000 unique page views to the URL provided in just a couple of days, but over months have made the campaign go viral and spread massive awareness to IBM’s Smarter Cities project. Rando + Rando Billboard Ustwo’s bright red “you have no friends and nobody likes you” billboards have drawn much attention to their new app Rando, but the company didn’t expect the display to drive downloads; the purpose was to get people talking about the brand engagement. Marks and Spencer Billboard Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 4
  5. 5. Another type of paid media is abovethe-line promotion. This is media that steps out of the computer and breaks into the outside world through ads on PRINT the television, radio, and other forms ADVERTISING of traditional media. It gets your brand message out, but should be combined with below-the-line personalized advertising so that users can relate to the brand message. In March, chat-app Line’s CEO, Jeanie Han, told TechCrunch she was putting more focus on above-the-line advertising with commercials, radio, print, and more. This includes ads in magazines, newspapers, and more. By May, Line had 150 million users, a third of which had been obtained in the past 3 months. ColorSnap Colorsnap is a color matching app by paint company Sherman-Williams. In 2009, after a $15,000 ad buy, the app landed on the top 25 most popular list in the app store. These kinds of display ads generally work better with some sort of interaction for engagement. ColorSnap, mentioned above, now has a print ad in a well-targeted magazine (Food Network) that encourages users to color match items in the image with a QR code linking to a mobile site that features not only a download link but also a product search and store locator. By adding an SMS call-to-action to a simple newspaper ad, Ford saw a 15.4% lead conversion. Leading mobile marketing company Hipcricket’s CMO said it was the most exciting thing he’s seen in mobile. In 2012, Marks and Spencer installed a special interactive billboard in London’s Waterloo station for Valentines’ Day to increase multichannel sales. When an app was downloaded and opened, the user could view the model in the ad come to life in the app. The campaign seems to have been effective, as M&S reported an 18% increase in multichannel sales that year. This is probably the most expensive way of purely driving downloads but is very efficient in driving large scale brand awareness. Generally TV adverts cannot be justified to promote a mobile TELEVISION app on its own but they can be a very efficient media when used for crosspromotions, for example when an airline promotes the new app in addition to new destinations or a loyalty program. There are several ways to go about TV commercials: Brands such as Geico and Hotels.com have also had their own TV commercials for apps. After Line put a commercial on air in Singapore, its iTunes rating in the country soared to #3 in overall apps, staying in the top 10 for nearly a month! • You can work out a co-marketing arrangement with a mobile manufacturer and have your app open in the phone during the ad, like how Angry Birds has shown up in numerous smartphone commercials. This is the most common way mobile apps are featured on television. • Use Shazam to recognize music which then triggers an app or mobile website to load where the song can be purchased. Line TV Commercial After line put a commercial on air in Singapore, its iTunes rating in the country soared to #3 in overall apps, staying in the top 10 for nearly a month! • Another option is to run your own television campaign. King, the maker of Candy Crush, took this route and became the first developer to advertise its game independently on TV. It appears that the first Candy Crush commercials began popping up more and more in March, the same month it became the most popular game on Facebook. Also, according to App Annie, the game’s download rank soared from the month of March onwards. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 5
  6. 6. OWNED MEDIA This category consists of all the websites, apps, mobile sites, Facebook pages and blogs that your brand owns and manages. If you succeed in attracting your target audience to your own properties then this will be the most sustainable solution in the long run. Every app needs a mobile website and every website needs a mobile friendly version of the site. If your website is already a destination for customers like many service brands (airlines, restaurant MOBILE WEBSITE booking sites, etc) then this is the place to start promoting your apps as well. Otherwise, you need a basic mobile website to ensure that there is a place for customers to find your app through search engines, blogs, etc. The most successful mobile app websites usually include interactivity to get users engaged. According to web info company Alexa.com, since Instagram provided app content consumption (but not the whole app experience) on its website, its global site rank increased about 30 places. Leverage your existing page or create a new page on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Get users to talkwish them a happy Friday, or ask them questions about the app. Candy Crush SOCIAL MEDIA has a whopping 34 million likes on Facebook and constantly asks its users to share photos of them playing the app. This has become more difficult since Facebook changed the algorithms for how frequently the content is displayed in the news feed but it can still be efficient if executed well. Vine Twitter introduced Vine on its blog and it turned out to be the 4th most downloaded app in June 2013. Candy Crush Facebook Page Candy Crush has a whopping 38 million likes on Facebook and constantly asks its users to share photos of them playing the app! Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 6
  7. 7. Videos can be helpful for numerous reasons. If your video is really awesome it could spread like wild fire and help your message reach a much wider target audience. Otherwise, it can be YOUTUBE VIDEO used to demonstrate and educate users about your service. Videos could even bring viewers into the gameplay, like Limbo and Mimpi do, or humorously deliver the context in which your app would be used, like Facebook Home did. What’s great about online video promotion is that with some good art direction, you can guide the way you want your app to be perceived by users. Look at the app Paper by FiftyThree, a beautifully done app promotion video that got 1.7 million plays on Vimeo and became app of the year in 2012, or Jotly, an app that didn’t exist until its original parody video was so successful that its studio had to make it into a real app. Paper EMAIL NEWSLETTER If you already have one, this is a great way to promote your app via e-mail. Wunderlist, which was app of the week in over 100 countries in 2011, has a newsletter that not only updates users on upcoming features, company news, but also unfinished tasks in the app. The app paper by FiftyThree, a beautifully done app promotion video that got 1.7 million plays on Vimeo. On Slideshare, it’s all about making presentations that are informational or entertaining. LinkedIn, Salesforce, and many other companies and brands make use of Slideshare to deliver SLIDESHARE valuable content to their users. A great example is TEDx, a contentbased program that presents independently organized TED events, or “ideas worth spreading”. Its channel consists of presentations on different topics from various speakers. TED reports having 800 million views total outside of YouTube. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 7
  8. 8. EARNED MEDIA One of the most powerful types of media is the kind that you get through recommendations, public relations, sharing, organic search traffic, and news articles. It’s promotion that occurs either because your product is good, or because someone was looking for it, not simply because you paid for it. The best type of marketing is word of mouth; having real people talk about how great your app is provides credibility. This is called earned media and according to research by Nielson, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they learned about through friends or family. Besides the reasoned list above, earned media is also especially attractive because this type of advertising is FREE! That being said free is never really entirely free due to the effort needed. Nevertheless, earned media does offer some great ways to help you drive traffic to your app: Sell your app on independent app stores like Amazon, Samsung, Mobango, Mobile9, Getjar, etc. The more places you make your app APP STORE available, the greater the likelihood it DISTRIBUTION will be discovered. A huge advantage is that independent app stores have more specific users so you are able to target markets that are more engaged in what the store has to provide. They also offer different kinds of benefits to developers that decide to sell in their stores, such as the option to sell your app as a white label, or a better revenue split than 70% / 30%. Submit your app to websites that have review-specific sections, such as appadvice.com, appstorm.net, 148apps, and MacWorld. This may be BLOGS AND a bit difficult as these websites get REVIEW SITES numerous submissions, but these sites can provide good exposure for your app. There are also numerous blogs that generate a lot of traffic you can leverage. Try reaching out to these bloggers and ask them to review your app; this was Snapchat’s strategy—the creators’ first choice blogger was Nicole James, a writer for Fuse.tv. She wrote about Snapchat’s first release as Picaboo on her personal blog in September 2011, around the same time the app’s ranks began to climb according to AppAnnie.com. Now, Snapchat is an $800 million company and one of the top apps. If paid media is not an option, you can always try to contact journalists and bloggers (the terms are rather fuzzy these days) to cover your app through interviews or other types MEDIA of public relations. Many news sites that cover tech, such as Mashable, Techcrunch, BusinessInsider and Entrepreneur, have contact info that allow you to submit your app’s pitch. If they like it, they’ll write about it for free. Mashable and Techcrunch offer online forms as well as tips on writing your application. Another option is to get interviewed. Several startups, such as Snapchat and Instagram, have been interviewed and had those interviews published on websites such as BBC News. Alternatively, invent a solution as huge as Twitter, like Jack Dorsey did, and you can have an entire segment on CBS News’ 60 Minutes. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 8
  9. 9. Enable and encourage users to share your application and site with other users. Facebook Open Graph is a great way to give your app more VIRAL exposure by allowing users to share MARKETING their app activity on their timeline with deep links to your app’s website. The links will encourage the user to use or even install the app. Lyst Lyst, a social shopping site that got users from facebook to spend double the amount of time than other users. in addition, the open graph stories drew. SEO is a combination of using keywords that are most effective in driving traffic to your app and promoting your app through other channels. You only get SEARCH ENGINE 100 characters for app keywords in the OPTIMIZATION app store, so make sure that they are easily searched and that there isn’t too much competition for your chosen words. Check https://appstorerankings.net for insights on your app’s keywords. The website shows your keywords’ rankings, how difficult it is to find your app with each individual keyword, and much more. This is difficult as only a selective few get featured in app stores, but many apps that have been featured saw a huge number of new downloads after FEATURED APP being featured. Keep in mind that app STORE APP stores like to feature apps that help their brand and its customers, so when trying to get your app featured you may be asked to make some changes. Loverly, a bridal service app, was featured in Apple’s app store upon launch, but was asked to make numerous User Interface and User Experience changes with Apple’s development relations team before getting published on the feature list. Runkeeper Runkeeper had a 637% increase in downloads after being featured in the Android market for only a couple of days—it also climbed to the #3 spot in the Health & Fitness category. Evernote Skitch Evernote Skitch hit 1 million downloads and then 3 million in just one month after being featured. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 9
  10. 10. STEP TWO: EXECUTION PLANNING YOUR CAMPAIGN AND FINDING THE PERFECT MARKETING CHANNEL MIX IS NOT ENOUGH, IN THE END IT’S ALL ABOUT EXECUTION. TO ENSURE EXECUTION HITS HOME, FIGURE OUT WHO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS AND HOW TO SPEAK TO THEM. No matter how little or how much content you produce, it’s got to be great quality. This includes copy for advertisements, beautiful images and rapid testing to optimize your campaign and reach as many people as possible. The first thing users will see about your app is your content and how it’s presented. Visuals are the first context clues that give your brand a personality and tells users what to expect within your app. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 10
  11. 11. Rise When designing your mobile app’s website, keep in mind that people are visiting the site to get more information about the app. There are reviews in the app store, but users like to see the product for themselves before committing to a download. Here’s how to make a good impression: Rise, an alarm clock app, was featured on iTunes as the top utility app. The website design is in line with the app and easily explains all of the app’s features. LOVE AT FIRST SITE Beautiful aesthetics alone are not enough to make the user want to download your app, but how you present your app and its features says a lot about your brand. Is it boring? Expensive? Stylish? It’s all about packaging and this does not only apply to your actual product (the app) but any and all visual elements including videos, banners, and websites. CONTEXT Through visuals you can show the context of your app. Stop the Vom CONTENT Let the user know what your app is, why they need it, and how to use it. How easily you communicate this to the user is a part of how they judge the aesthetics of your site. Of course, it can’t just be about appearance. What ultimately drives user retention and engagement is content. What is said and how it is said is very important. Instagram has over 22 million followers on Twitter and constantly posts short news statements linking to longer articles. They were featured on Nestivity’s 2013 list of top 25 most engaged brands with an average user engagement of about 300 retweets or favorites. Here are some tips for talking to your users: A game called Stop the Vom is very playful, showcasing hand-drawn graphics and thus the graphics on their website are playful and hand- drawn as well. (site of the day on awwwards.com and favorite website awards) check out the site on stopthevom.com. BECOME A CONTENT CREATOR WHEN WRITING, APPEAR HUMAN START A CONVERSATION WITH USERS TRY NOT TO ATTACH EVERY POST WITH A CALL TO ACTION BECOME A CONTENT CREATOR Let your app’s page have a voice. Try not to reiterate things that have already been said on the webiverse many times—differentiate! WHEN WRITING, APPEAR HUMAN Engage with the users and respond to them. Furthermore, sign your responses with a name. TRY NOT TO ATTACH EVERY POST WITH A CALL TO ACTION It’s not necessary to beg your users to talk to you. It’ll happen naturally if you create a brand image that people want to interact with. START A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR USERS Ask them questions; build brand-customer relationships. Depending on what you ask, this could also help you figure out what your users need and want. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 11
  13. 13. For example, if your objective is to build up your brand, KPIs could be the number of Facebook likes, video views, and app downloads you received through your promotion. This way you will have solid results from your marketing that you can use to improve the campaign. For instance, if you have two banners with different phrasing, you can test both and see which receives more clicks to understand what works and what doesn’t. There are several tools that you can use to do this: GOOGLE MOBILE ANALYTICS Google KISS METRICS Unlike Google Analytics, MIXPANEL Mixpanel provides very Mobile Analytics not only shows where your app’s traffic comes from but how your app is used. The platform offers numerous reports and analysis features that allow you to understand and predict where your mobile app, advertisement, and website’s traffic is coming from – helping you figure out the best way to attract users and keep them. Kiss Metrics tells you more about your customer by tracking and identifying users to build a history on their behavior over time. It assigns a random ID to any unidentified user and if this user becomes a customer (i.e. registers via form), the system pairs the ID with a name or email address. You get historical data on the new customers’ previous visits, making it easier to understand who your target audience should be by seeing how users become customers. Then, you can tweak your campaign accordingly. detailed reports about the activity in your app and provides “data points,” like tracking credits, for you to keep track of them. Similar to a pay-perinstall program, Mixpanel charges by the range of data points you want. The data gets as specific as how many paying customers are Swiss, came from a Google ad, and haven’t logged in for a month. You can see exactly who to target and how to target them. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 13
  14. 14. MARKETING PITFALLS BRANDS AND DEVELOPERS WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THEIR BRAND AND APP AND MAKE PEOPLE LOVE IT AS MUCH AS THEY DO. However, marketers can easily annoy customers with anything from not reaching out enough (which according to Gartner can lead to a 15% churn rate in existing users) to over-promotion (48% unfollow on Twitter because of too much self-promotion). When there’s a will, there’s a way, and when there’s a way, there’s a way to do it wrong. Here’s how: Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 14
  15. 15. 01 HALF-BAKED CALL TO ACTIONS Many 02 HOLDING YOUR USERS HOSTAGE Let applications get people interested but don’t make it convenient to download. Some ads only provide a url address that do not even have a mobile web version. GoWallet had this problem—it featured a display in grocery stores that your ads be optional. Papa Johns had trouble with customers receiving spam texts without an opt-in option, resulting in a 250 million dollar lawsuit—make sure to immediately remove a user from your mailing list if they request to stop ONE-TIME EFFORT If you want high user 03 retention, make sure to update your app’s content and continuously work on your marketing campaign. According to a survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey, 56% of users unsubscribe to emailing lists because the content was no longer relevant; i.e., ads get old really quickly, so don’t forget to freshen up your promotional efforts and track results. After measuring your promotion results, use the data to tailor your campaign in order to optimize; this is especially important if you’re making a long-term didn’t include any sort of QR code, only a link to a site that was full-version and much too slow. Be sure to have at least a landing page that is mobile-friendly and includes an app download link. receiving newsletters or SMS messages. It’s always sad to see a friend go but in the end it’s better for your brand image to set them free. investment. Sherman-Williams is a good role model; they have been connecting with their customers through the ColorSnap app since 2009 and still, in 2013, have not stopped marketing their app. For your app to grow it needs nourishment, after all, most of an app’s growth comes after the first promotion when it lands a spot in an app store because according to Nielson, over 60% of smartphone users discover apps through the store. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 15
  16. 16. CONCLUSION THERE ARE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES WHEN IT COMES TO PROMOTING YOUR MOBILE APPLICATION. The best way to understand all your options is to figure out who your audience is, what they need, and how to reach them. With this information you can brew the right communication mix and maximize your campaign. After plotting a marketing strategy, dedicate time, energy, and budget to the execution. You can forget about the hype if what you are producing is not quality content. Finally, when everything is in motion you can track the commotion. Driving traffic to your app won’t be easy, but your marketing campaign will be much more effective if given proper success criteria and metrics. Just spending money on promotions and ads won’t cut it. The key is to be prepared and have a solid plan for what channels you’re going to use, what you’re going to say, and how you’re going to see if it’s working. Once again, it’s very important to have a well thought out strategy. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 16
  17. 17. ABOUT DMI DMI One Rock Spring Plaza 6550 Rock Spring Dr. Bethesda, MD 20817 DMI Sales Team U.S. Sales: 855.963.2099 Int’l Sales: 240.200.5848 sales@DMInc.com DMInc.com DMI IS THE WORLD’S LEADING PROVIDER OF ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS. We build enterprise class mobile solutions that generate results for the world’s top brands and businesses. Our mobile solutions combine the awardwinning user experience design that has made us one of the top creators of consumer apps, with the deep middleware and engineering expertise that we’ve used to build and manage enterprise applications for the most demanding IT departments in the world. DMI mobility solutions improve business processes, tap new revenue streams, build customer loyalty, and increase employee productivity. And we offer a full range of Managed Services to securely set up, configure, and manage your mobile devices. THE PROOF We’ve built more than 400 mobile apps—in the past 12 months alone—for more than 150 leading organizations­ like Disney, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Vodafone, P&G, The National Guard, and Universal Studios. We offer a full range of security options that include Federal-grade hardware-based security, two-factor authentication, secure container, and sophisticated encryption solutions. We offer brilliant creative and user experience: Our mobile app development group was named the Best Branded App Developer at the 2012 Mobile Entertainment Awards. With our expertise and economies of scale, we can provide mobility management at a higher service level and on average 20% lower cost than most companies can do on their own. We have 500,000 devices under management for more that 100+ clients, including many Fortune 500 companies— like BP, Johnson & Johnson, Sears, The Associated Press, Allergan, and more. At BP, we’re deploying 1,000 managed mobile devices each day. We provide 24 x 7 x 365 mobile service support for more than 500,000 users. DMI is the one call our customers need to make to resolve any issue—devices, apps, infrastructure, even carriers. Pervasive excellence is our commitment to quality service. DMI is one of only a handful of companies that is CMMI L3 appraised for both application development and services, as well as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, and ISO 20000-1:2011 certified. Our average D&B Open Ratings performance score from our clients is 94/100. Driving Traffic to Your Apps and Mobile Sites · 17
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