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Sound print platform increases customer interaction with tv


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Sound print platform increases customer interaction with tv

  1. 1. SoundPrint Platform Increases Customer Interaction With TV Frank Sun
  2. 2. The Development Of Customer Interaction With TV one of the natural characters of our human being is sharing information with others. Social TV creates the cyber-living-room and cyber-bar to enable increased interactivity around shared programming both live and time-shifted. The social networking start to popularize after Facebook and Twitter comes out. Miso and GetGlue started to use the idea of check-in to encourage customer interaction with TV. SoundPrint Platform was innovated by IntoNow in 2011. Telephone Social TV Social Net Working Social TV APP
  3. 3. What is SoundPrint Platform? SoundPrint is what’s known as a “fingerprinting” technology. Now the SoundPrint platform is IntoNow’s patented indexing technology. With SoundPrint platform, IntoNow can identify what’s being watched, down to the individual episode, within seconds.
  4. 4. How can that be used? Via using SoundPrint platform, IntoNow can recognize a show even if it's airing live for the first time. IntoNow also have an index that covers more than 140 million minutes of previously aired shows. That’s the equivalent of 266 years of video! And what’s more, after the sound identify, the IntoNow combine “what you are looking” “what the relative news are” and “what your friends are discussion” together, which definitely improve the customer interaction with TV. Customer Interaction With TV are improved!
  5. 5. Why customer’s interaction with TV means a lot? 1, we love television---the last super bowel attracted 114 million spectators! 2, A Deloitte survey found that 42% of Americans surf the web while watching television, 29% talk on their phones while the TV is on and 26% of consumers are texting or sending IMs. 3, According to the data released in Q2, 2011, from Nielsen, 40% of whom use their smart or tablet while watching TV on a daily basis, and in fact, only 12% of tablet owners and 13% of smartphone owners say they have never used those devices while watching TV.
  6. 6. Amazing data, by the end of super bowel game, 12,333 TPS (tweets per second) are generated. !
  7. 7. SoundPrint Platform Integrated With Marketing Campaign Advertising is more implicit
  8. 8. Advertising effect is more measurable
  9. 9. Potential usage in other industries?
  10. 10. Ebusiness Model BUSINESS MODEL Infrastructure Cooperation with TV, product marketer, networking etc. Finance Advertising agency Product innovation SoundPrint Platform Customer Relationship Target smartphon, laptop etc. users
  11. 11. Virtue Of SoundPrint Platform find out what their friends are watching and engage in discussion, discover what shows they have in common with others and which of them are on air right now get relevant and more personal recommendations learn more about what’s on through show info and other info Improving Customer Interaction
  12. 12. No smartphone etc. Unscheduled program Recorded sports game Flaw Of SoundPrint Platform Fails
  13. 13. Future Horizontal Vertical 1 Similar platforms become on platform Value chain consideration integration Expanding Merge and Integration 2 3 4
  14. 14. Thank You!