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Second screen tech ppt


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Second screen tech ppt

  1. 1. Second Screen TechA Product of Promotional Communications, LLC 650 Halstead Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543 (914) 381-1632
  2. 2. What is Second Screen Tech?-The use of a Smartphone while also viewing -Reality ( concert, sporting event, entertainment) -Television or other media
  3. 3. What is Second Screen Tech?•A great way to provide interactivity with an event/ timeslot between consumers and your product. o TV programs broadcast live tweets and comment. o Synchronization of audiovisual content via web advertising o Applications that extend the content information. o Shows that add on their websites, content devoted exclusively to the second screen o Applications that synchronize the content being viewed to the portable device. o Video game console playing with extra data, such as a map or strategy data, that synchronize with the content being viewed to the portable device. o TV discovery application with recommendation, live content, personalization.
  4. 4. Where consumers aremoving towards...
  5. 5. What more traditional formsof media advertisements arefalling behind...
  6. 6. Interconnectedness between an audience/ consumers and the market.
  7. 7. Potential for…1. PromoSend Wifi.2. Second Screen apps.3. Being a part of the show.4. Connecting to fans.5. Spreading the word.What this translates to?• The ability to reach out with event/ media specific ads to maximize reaching ones target markets.
  8. 8. A November (2012) reportfrom Nielsen shows that40% of Americans usetheir smartphone or tabletwhile watching TV at leastonce a day, and 85% do soat least once a month.
  9. 9. Retargeting a user on a second screen.• …might know that I visited a retailer’s site on my home computer, and show me an advertisement on my smartphone at work the next day• only 1%of U.S. advertising dollars in 2011 were spent on mobile devices, even though these devices account for an average of 10% of people’s media consumption time.
  10. 10. Today, the channel is unveiling its latest experiment:a partnership with social-video startup Spreecast toprovide live, multi-screen video feeds during theupcoming Critics Choice Movie Awards. "More thanthree-quarters of our viewers are engaged with asecond screen while theyre watching TV," says DanSacher, VH1s VP of digital
  11. 11. The app lets users identify asong simply by holding theirphone up to the music. Theapp then turns that sound intoa kind of fingerprint that itsends to a database in thecloud, which then identifies thesong based on the fingerprintand sends the name back toyour phone.
  12. 12. The bigger opportunities for the company, however, are coming from its expansioninto new areas, like TV and advertising.• Shows on MTV and Bravo and programs like The Glee Project and Spike TV’s Guys Choice awards have started using the Shazam system to let viewers unlock additional content online, by similarly holding their phones up to their TVs at specific moments in the programs when the Shazam logo appears.• In 2012, Old Navy placed a big bet on the Shazam approach. They ditched the traditional ads they’d run for the past two years, the ones featuring those talking mannequins, and instead are whipping out music videos featuring a made-for- the-campaign pop group.