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Online marketing master class


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"Cross Channel Marketing at the Tourism Industry’s Service"! Represented on stage by George Charalampakis, our Performance Marketing Manager, ForestView did participate on June 5 in the "Online Marketing Masterclass for Hoteliers" that was organized by Travel Daily News.

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Online marketing master class

  1. 1. Cross Channel Marketing: How toIncrease Your Online Sales05/06/2013ForestView is a unit ofGeorge Charalampakis,Performance Marketing Manager
  2. 2. The GroupLeading Digital Media& Marketing GroupGeo Presence: CEE. & SE EuropeSales HouseGeo Presence:GR/HU/RO/BG/CYHR: 39Launch : 2006Performance MarketingGeo Presence:GR/HU/RO/BG/CYHR: 19Launch : 2010
  3. 3. Adwords Certified Partner
  4. 4. Preferred Sales Partner for 6Countries in CEE & SE Europe
  5. 5. From Multichannel To Cross ChannelMarketing
  6. 6. Multi Channel MarketingNot a New Game
  7. 7. Time spent on MediaSaturationOpportunity
  8. 8. The new multiscreen world
  9. 9. Multichannel Path to ConversionConsiderationIntent topurchaseResearch PURCHASEHOTELRESERVATIONSearch on the web PURCHASESocial Interactions Surfing on the web&Search on the mobile
  10. 10. We are multi-screeners.
  11. 11. The device we choose to use is driven by our context
  12. 12. No more passive media consumption The digital user Interacts We have the data We can measure everything
  13. 13. Indicative Digital ChannelsDisplay
  14. 14. The IssuesToo much information in too many places: 35%Organizations say that integrating multiple data sources is a challengeThey don’t understand the benefits: 30%Having a hard time understanding how marketing analytics useThey lack the talent: 30%Having problems finding the right people with the right knowledge2013 Big Data for Marketing, Aberdeen Group
  15. 15. The IssuesForrester 2012
  16. 16. THE SOLUTION
  17. 17. Optimized Performance marketing campaigns acrossmultiple channels, that are measured (and paid for),based on their performance against certainobjectives.Performance Marketing is about delivering tactical,accountable and measurable results; all driven by client-ledsuccess metrics
  18. 18. Dynamic Creative Optimization
  19. 19. Automatic Bid Optimization on CPC or KPI0246810121 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Advertising CostActions/RevenueMost Cost Effective Campaign PointXCostActionsTimeDevelopment
  20. 20. Predictive Modeling OptimizationPredictive Bidding• Allows easy adaptation of bids to changing market conditions.• Maximize performance based on• business objectives• product categoryForecasting-‘’what-if” scenarios - effective Campaigns
  21. 21. Digital Cross Channel Marketing‘’Viewability’’ of Multiple ChannelsDisplaySearch DisplayArbitration Across ChannelsCost Effective Campaigns
  22. 22. Cross Channel Marketing is:Centralised Data MonitoringAutomated DecisionsCross Channel AttributionCross Channel Optimization
  23. 23. Financial OfferSee the big picture!Contact:georgech@forestview.euwww.forestview.euFind us in Social Media: