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RTB: the Solution to Omnichannel Consumers & Campaigns


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Is RTB the future of Online Advertising? And if so, why is it crucial for e-commerce? George Frangakis, Managing Director of ForestView, has the answers.

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RTB: the Solution to Omnichannel Consumers & Campaigns

  1. 1. RTB: The Solution to Omnichannel Consumers & Campaigns By George Frangakis, Managing Director, ForestView
  2. 2. More daily transactions than NYSE & NASDAQ combined One in five display ad dollars went to RTB in 2013 49% Annual Growth
  3. 3. Western european market growing: $381m in 2012 $3.3 billion in 2017 28% of worldwide online ad spending by 2017
  4. 4. Real Time Bidding Multi sourced data signals + Programmatic Data Unlock targeting and optimization decisions
  5. 5. Digital Omnichannel User Experience Digital Omnichannel Campaigns Cross Channel Campaigns "an integrated sales experience with information-rich experience of online shopping" Display Email Social Affiliate Search Mobile Retargeting
  6. 6. Multi Channel User Data Collection CRM
  7. 7. Real Time Buying Data Filter
  8. 8. Real Time Buying Data Filter Targeted Audience Cluster
  9. 9. CONVERSION Buy Audience, Not Just Inventory
  10. 10. OPTIMISATION OPTIMISATION Media Channel Type of ads Placement Positioning Creative Images Text Call to Action Targeting Creative Interests Age Groups Demographic Data Dependant Real Time Bidding Techniques Buying
  11. 11. 1st Data Filter 2nd Data Filter CPA CPA Display -34,61% -39,15% Search +9,84% +2,21% Social -18,73% -24,38% Retargeting -26,55% -31,65% JAN 2014 CASE STUDY