From multi-channel to cross-channel marketing


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George Frangakis, Country Manager of ForestView, describes how you can optimize your performance through cross-channel Marketing. This keynote was delivered at the 4th Distance Selling & eCommerce Conference in Athens.

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  • Who converts Nick Galis or the team
  • Follow roughly the same week weekend pattern Starting point of CPA FB is better then grows CPC FB always lower but increasing and raises CPA with more budget shifting to Google More money in Google
  • From multi-channel to cross-channel marketing

    1. 1. From Multi Channel to Cross Channel MarketingMaximizing Campaign Performance George Frangakis
    2. 2. Multi Channel Marketing Not a New Game
    3. 3. Time spent on Media
    4. 4. Digital is Increasingly at theCentre of the Marketing Mix
    5. 5. No more passive media consumption The digital user Interacts We have the data We can measure beyond the click
    6. 6. Indicative Digital Channels Display ?
    7. 7. The IssuesToo much information in too many places: 35% Organizations say that integrating multiple data sources is a challengeThey don’t understand the benefits: 30% Having a hard time understanding how marketing analytics useThey lack the talent: 30% Having problems finding the right people with the right knowledge 2013 Big Data for Marketing, Aberdeen Group
    8. 8. The IssuesForrester 2012
    9. 9. Define KPI Across ChannelsLikes Cost Per Like Conversions Engagement Number of leads Lead conversion rate Cost of lead / sale Sales revenue Cost Per Action Transaction value per customer Lifetime value of customers Share of repeat customers
    10. 10. Last Click Attribution?Customer clicks across channels
    11. 11. Who Converts – Who Wins?
    12. 12. Nick Galis or The Team
    13. 13. Conversion Journey
    14. 14. Conversion AttributionPerceived Path to ConversionActual Path to Conversion RESEARCHConsumer Path Shop CLICK Purchase - Lead INTERACT
    15. 15. Purchase is a culmination of the cumulative influence of all marketing efforts
    16. 16. Cross Channel Marketing Automation Bidding is a Dynamically Changing Environment Can provide Cross Channel Changes and opportunities
    17. 17. Cross Channel Marketing Automation Centralised Monitoring Enable Fast Cross Channel Decisions
    18. 18. No more passive media spend
    19. 19. Cross Channel Marketing Centralised monitoring Automated Decisions1. Gather Cost and performance data2. Over a targeted time window3. Generate and validate attribution rules4. Automate media decisions Better ROI
    20. 20. Financial Offer Cross Channel Marketing is: Centralised Data Monitoring Automated Decisions Cross Channel Attribution Cross Channel Optimization See the big pictureThank You!
    21. 21. Cross Channel Attribution Models• First interaction, last interaction attribution• Position based - assign attribution based on the position of a touch point along a touch point path.• Linear - All touch points are equally effective, attribute evenly• Customized - arbitrary attribution that reflects managerial judgment on the position of the touch point, touch point type or traffic source.• Time decay - systematically assigns a higher attribution weight to a touch point that is closer to the final conversion. Speed of decay can be controlled.
    22. 22. Optimise Images Text Interests Age Groups Type of ads Time Banners WebsitesEach Communication Channel Daily Monitoring Process