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iClick: Maximizing campaign performance and cross­‐channel delivery through analytics


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Presentation to be given at SES Singapore on 3 December 2014. Session is entitled "Advanced / Analytics - Maximizing campaign performance and cross-channel delivery through analytics." Sounds technical, right? Although the subject can get VERY technical I try to present a practitioner's guide to help marketers understand what, how and why they should be measuring campaign performance across digital media channels (search, display, mobile, video, email). iClick has an amazing platform that delivers these cross-channel marketing campaigns in China and around the world. I highlight a couple of case studies in this presentation.

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iClick: Maximizing campaign performance and cross­‐channel delivery through analytics

  1. Photo:  Romain  Laurent   Advanced / Analytics Maximizing  campaign  performance  and   cross-­‐channel  delivery  through  analy9cs   BRENT  COHEN   VP,  InternaEonal   SES SINGAPORE   2-­‐4  DECEMBER  2013  
  2. Hello.
  3. About iClick Who Are We…?   We  are  Asia’s  leading  online  buy-­‐ side  pla;orm  that  integrates   search,  display,  mobile  and  social   media  markeEng  capabiliEes.       Our  XMO  plaSorm  harnesses  the   power  of  programmaEc  buying  and   data  technology  to  maximize   markeEng  ROI  and  provide  the   greatest  efficiency.     3
  4. About iClick !   Founded  in  2009  and  backed  by   strategic  investors  including   Sumitomo,  Bertelsmann,  SSG   Capital  and  OBo  Group.   !   1st  in  the  region  to  introduce   algorithmic  op9miza9on  and   programma9c  media  buying  with   exclusive  focus  on  performance   markeEng  inventories.   !   Integrate  search,  display  and   mobile  demand  to  deliver  truly   performance-­‐based  soluEons.   !   Over  1,000  adverEsers  from   Fortune  100  companies  to   medium-­‐size  businesses;   Specialized  in  serving  sectors  with   high  concern  on  adverEsing   performance  such  as  banking  &   finance,  travel,  FMCG  and   ecommerce.   !   7  offices  in  Hong  Kong,  Singapore,   Beijing,  Shanghai,  Shenzhen,   Taiwan  and  S.  Korea  with  nearly   300  employees.   4
  5. Key  Regional  Accounts   iClick   pioneering   opEmizaEon   technology   for   search   in   combinaEon   with   our   performance-­‐based   model   makes   us   the   leading   digital   markeEng   provider  in  the  region.       iClick  makes  China  easy!   5
  6. Our  Pla;orm   XMO   Adver9sers iClick  Proprietary   Buy-­‐side  Pla;orm Search     Engines Ad   Exchanges Online   Users Publishers 1st  Party     Data   3rd  Party     Data   A  one-­‐stop  shop  for  aggrega9ng,  bidding  and  op9mizing  inventory                          across  different  online  channels  in  the  most  efficient  way. 6
  7. Buy-­‐side  Pla;orm:  XMO   Media  Aggregator   Access to a variety of digital channels, biddable inventories and RTB exchanges to reach the maximum audience XMO  Analy9cs   Sophisticated data-based empirical analysis yields accurate insights via a comprehensive set of performance reports     Programma9c  Buy   Audience  Builder   Pre-packaged audience segment and tailor made audience tools at your choice to identify the highest value customers   Suite of optimization support single and cross-channel optimization according to your own marketing objectives   7
  8. iClick  is  Data-­‐Driven   Full-­‐service  offering  with  a  capability  to  turn  advanced  analy9cal   insights  into  highly  targeted  marke9ng  campaigns   CRM     ANALYTICS   Measurement   &  Repor9ng   Op9miza9on   &  Insights   MEASUREMENT   Repor9ng   Measurement  Framework   Dashboards     DATA  PLANNING   Data  Audit   Data  Strategy   Database  Engineering   Database  Hos9ng   Data  Planning   &  Analysis   OPTIMIZATION   Tes9ng   ROI  Analysis   Investment  Planning   Marke9ng  Investment  Modeling   INSIGHTS   Segmenta9on   Behavioral  Targe9ng   Predic9ve  Modeling   Quan9ta9ve  Research   STRATEGY  &  CONNECTIONS   Contact  Strategy   Targe9ng  &  Reten9on   Loyalty  Programs   Email,  Social,  Mobile,  Tele     Campaign   Pla;orms   Strategy  &   Connec9ons   CAMPAIGN  PLATFORMS   Campaign  Management   Marke9ng  Automa9on   Database  Architecture   Vendor  Assessment   8
  9. Cross-Channel Marketing What, why and how
  10. Evolu9on  of  Digital  Adver9sing   Number  of   Clicks   Online   Conversions   Offline   Conversions   ABribu9on   Management   Cross-­‐Channel   Management   11
  11. Cross-­‐Channel  is  Already  Here   12
  12. The  Mul9-­‐Channel  Landscape   Customer:   “I  want  to…”     ExpectaEons,  goals,   tasks,  desired  outcomes     Planned  and  unplanned   interacEons     PercepEons   •  Store •  Website(s) •  Web Application(s) •  Call Center •  Mail •  Mobile •  Word of Mouth •  Social Media •  Advertising •  Catalog Adver9ser:   “I  want  to…”     Inbound  &  outbound   communicaEons     Handling  posiEve  and   negaEve  interacEons     Internal  ownership  &   coordinaEon   •  Email •  Product 13
  13. Everything  We  Do  Is  Connected   Branding   Marke9ng   Sales   Awareness   Web  Ads   SEO/SEM   Viral  Video   Targeted   Community   Sponsorship   Knowledge   Landing   Pages   SelecEon   SaEsfacEon   Customer  Rela9onship  Lifecycle   ConsideraEon   Reviews  &   Comparisons   Microsites   Webinars   Online   Discount   Offers   Hosted  Chat   Advocacy   Loyalty   Surveys   Referral   Offers   Discounts   Support   Forum   Peer  Forums   Insider   Forums   Support  Chat   Product  Networks   Customer  Communi9es   14
  14. Integrated  Digital  Lifecycle   Brand  AdverEsing   DR  AdverEsing   Lead  Gen   RetargeEng   Content  Mgmt   Sale   Email   RetenEon   ReacEvaEon   Commerce   Support   Loyalty   15
  15. WHY  ARE  WE  SO   BAD  AT  THIS?  
  16. The  Excuses   Too  much  informa9on  in  too  many  places:  35%     OrganizaEons  say  that  integraEng  mulEple  data  sources  is  a   challenge     We  don’t  understand  the  benefits:  30%     Having  a  hard  Eme  understanding  how  markeEng  analyEcs   should  be  used     We  lack  the  talent:  30%     Having  problems  finding  the  right  people  with  the  right   knowledge   Aberdeen  Group,  “Big  Data  for  MarkeEng,”  2013   17
  17. KPIs  Across  Channels  =  HARD!   Cost  Per  Like   Engagement     Conversions   Number  of  leads   Lead  conversion  rate   Cost  of  lead  /  sale   Sales  revenue   Cost  Per  Ac9on   TransacEon  value  per  customer   LifeEme  value  of  customers   Share  of  repeat  customers     18
  18. How  Customers  Behave   social   search   display  ad   ad   Web   mobile   email   ATM/kiosk   phone   branch   POS   customer   mail   19
  19. They  Expect  Coordina9on…   social   search   display  ad   ad   Web   mobile   email   ATM/kiosk   phone   marketer   branch   POS   customer   mail   20
  20. But  They  Get  Marke9ng  Silos   strategy  data   process  tech   social   strategy  data   process  tech   search   strategy  data   process  tech   display  ad   strategy  data   process  tech   Web   strategy  data   process  tech   mobile   strategy  data   process  tech   email   strategy  data   process  tech   ATM/kiosk   strategy  data   process  tech   phone   strategy  data   process  tech   branch   strategy  data   process  tech   POS   strategy  data   process  tech   mail   ad   customer   21
  21. The  Black  Hole  of  ROI   “CMOs find it difficult to quantify marketing return on investment (ROI). Nearly one in five score themselves as below average in multichannel attribution, correlating advertising to sales, and measuring media buying effectiveness.” Source:  Accenture,  “Turbulence  for  the  CMO:  CharEng  a  path   for  the  seamless  customer  experience,”  2012     22
  22. HOW  DO  I…  
  23. Defini9on   Cross-­‐channel   Marke9ng   Engaging  each  customer  and  prospect  in   a  cross-­‐channel  dialogue  that  builds   upon  their  past  and  current  behavior   24
  24. Ques9ons  To  Ask  Before  Star9ng   What  PROBLEM  are  you  trying  to  solve?   What  is  the  ROI  of  more  analyEcs?   Is  there  incremental  VALUE     that  you  can  add  to  your  business?   25
  25. Ecommerce  Client iClick   Showcase  #1   Around  2011  our  client  rebranded  and  began  a  huge  market  push.  At  that  Eme  its   major  markeEng  channels  included:  SEM,  Affiliates,  Performance  Display,  SEO,  etc.         iClick   partnered   with   our   client’s   China’s   search   markeEng   team   in   2011   as   their   business  was  faced  with  a  great  problem:  How  to  increase  sales  under  a  fixed  ROI   strategy?       Aeer  a  preliminary  understanding  of  their  business  and  operaEons,  we  highlighted   the  4  main  challenges  as  below…   Four main challenges to be managed: Brand   Stagna9on   Limited   Channel   Miscellaneous   Product Ineffec9ve   Account   26
  26. Overall  Strategic  Plan Brand  Strategy • Look  for  opportuniEes  under  a  stable  brand   performance  (already  100%  SOV) •  Brand  retargeEng   •  Diversified  brand   zones  (books/kindle) Channel  Strategy • Adjust  channel  strategy  based  on  the  changes   in  the  search  engine  market,  test  new  search   products  and  add  new  channels Product  Strategy • Improve  efficiency  by  integraEng  data  from   legacy  and  other  external  systems FlashCast  &  system   integraEon • Cross-­‐channel  account  management • Customized    keywords  distribuEon  strategy   based  on  geo-­‐performance •  Develop  cross-­‐channel   dashboard  and  different   geographic  strategies   Channel  expansion:   360,  Soso,  Sogou,  mobile   (search  &  app) Data Account  Strategy 27
  27. Our  Achievements Sales   47% Effec9ve  Keywords   4   9mes !   Significantly enhanced sales !   4x increase in the effectiveness of keywords !   Systematically manage product information through new search products: Baidu 闪投 !   Successfully simplified account management with iClick automatic report integration 28
  28. Key  Learning  from  Ecommerce !   Establish  100%  brand  term  SOV  strategy  and  then  adopt  brand   retargeEng  to  increase  sales  from  exisEng  customers   !   Explore  and  expand  MEDIA  CHANNELS  to  improve  brand  coverage,   hence  to  increase  sales   !   Tailored-­‐made  TECHNOLOGY  or  data  integraEon  like  flash  and   integrated  dashboard  can  greatly  improve  the  efficiency  although   addiEonal  cost  is  invested   !   GEOGRAPHIC  TARGETING  is  a  must  for  any  naEonwide  or  regional   performance-­‐based  markeEng  campaign   29
  29. Hospitality  Client iClick   Showcase  #2    iClick  partnered  with  one  of  the  region’s  leading  hotel  chains  in  January  2012   starEng  with  one  locaEon  and  quickly  adding  4  other  properEes  over  the  course  of   the  year.      Aeer  understanding  the  behavior  of  audiences  targeted  by  each  of  the  hotels,  we   found  3  main  challenges  as  illustrated  below…   Three main challenges to be managed: Insufficient   Traffic No   ABribu9on High   Costs   30
  30. Overall  Strategic  Plan   SEM  Campaign   Restructure   •  Create  healthy  balance  between  brand  and   generic  keywords  to  generate  awareness  and   consideraEon   •  Focus  campaigns  on  top  online  feeder  markets   Keyword   Expansion  and   OpEmizaEon   •  Expand  keyword  pool  to  cover  long-­‐tail  and   more  cost-­‐effecEve  keywords   •  Keyword  match-­‐type  refinement  to  drive  more   effecEve  ROI   Recognize   ApribuEon  &   ContribuEng   Keyword  Pool   •  Recognize  top  assisEng  keywords  and  opEmize   ad  copy  to  drive  higher  relevance     •  IdenEfy  converEng  keyword  pool  and  and   refine  match-­‐types  and  bids  to  improve  ROI       31
  31. Our  Achievements   Overall  Improvement  in  Property  #1   !   68%  more  impressions  and  clicks  within  2  weeks  as  compared  to  4   months  data   !   23%  of  bookings  achieved  in  2  months  compared  to  4  months     Overall  Improvement  in  Property  #2   !   24%  increase  in  search  volume   !   6%  decrease  in  cost-­‐per-­‐click   !   55%  decrease  in  cost-­‐per-­‐booking   Overall  Improvement  in  Property  #3   !   Bookings  increased  136%   !   Cost-­‐per-­‐booking  dropped  60%   32
  32. Key  Learning  from  Hospitality !   Balance between BRAND and GENERIC keyword groups work best to generate a healthy balance on brand awareness and conversions !   Generic keywords helped drive & contribute on CONVERSIONS !   Focusing on top online FEEDER MARKETS help channel marketing funds to eliminate wastage !   Mix of LONG- and SHORT-TAIL keywords help drive traffic volume and lower costs which will effectively decrease cost per bookings !   Conversion ATTRIBUTION helps to effectively identify keywords that assist and allowed us to optimize ads more efficiently to generate better bookings !   Identifying a CONVERTING KEYWORDS pool allowed us to effectively lower costs and focus optimization efforts 33
  33. A  Possible  Framework   Manage   • Budgets   Manage  budgets  and  processes  and  measure  results   • Projects   • ReporEng   Analyze   Analyze  data     to  find  ac.onable   insights   Collect   Decide   Decide  on  the  best   offer,  ac.on  or   communica.on     for  each  customer   Deliver   Deliver  engaging   messages  and   capture  reac.ons   Collect  data  that  augments  each  customer  profile   34
  34. Different  Skills  Required   • Budgets   • Planning  &  budgeEng   • Workflow  &  project  management   • Projects   Manage   • Performance  reporEng   • MarkeEng  asset  management   • ReporEng   Analyze   • PredicEve   analyEcs   • Visual  data   exploraEon   • Event  detecEon   • Response   apribuEon   Collect   Decide   • Outbound  campaign   management   • Real-­‐Eme  interacEon   management   • Contact  opEmizaEon   • Distributed  markeEng   • InteracEon  history   • Digital  behavior   Deliver   • Email  delivery  and   deliverability   • Outbound  fulfillment   • Inbound  touch-­‐point   integraEon   • Lead  rouEng  &   monitoring   • Social  &  mobile  profile   • Access  to  exisEng  data   35
  35. Stages  of  Analy9cal  Evolu9on   Predic9ve  modeling   What  will  happen  next?   Forecas9ng  /  extrapola9on   What  if  these  trends  con9nue?   Sta9s9cal  analysis   Why  is  this  happening?   Alerts   What  ac9ons  are  needed?   Query  /  drill  down   Where  exactly  is  the  problem?   Ad  hoc  reports   How  many,  how  oqen,  where?   Standard  reports   What  happened?   Analy9cs   What’s  the  best  that  can  happen?   Measurement     /  Repor9ng   compe99ve  advantage   Op9miza9on   degree  of  intelligence   Source  :  Thomas  H.  Davenport,  CompeEng  on  AnalyEcs,  2007   36
  36. Developing  a  Targe9ng  Matrix   Phase   Segment  A/B   Awareness   Seen  this?   Channels   Social,  display,   search,  etc.   Data  Points   Default   Social,  search,   Download,   Considera9on   Great  feature?   website,  etc.   product  view   Purchase   Intent   Up/Cross-­‐Sell   Great  value!   Search,  site,   emails,  etc.   Cart  add,   checkout,  etc.   Add  this!   Direct  mail,   emails,  etc.   Email   response,   login,  etc.   37
  37. ABribu9on  Model  Types   100%   First  Click   Linear   20%   20%   20%   20%   20%   Time  Decay   45%   5%   10%   15%   25%   Only  the  first  interacEon   gets  the  credit.   Equal  share  given  to  all     channels  that  assisted  in   conversion.   Higher  values  are  assigned   to  interacEons  based  on   the  closer  they  are  to  the   final  sale.   Easiest  and  most  common     method.  EnEre  sales/conversion   value  is  apributed  to  final  click.   This  uses  varying  percentages   which  are  allocated  to  a   channel  based  on  where  it  is  in   the  sales  cycle.  First  and  last   interacEons,  for  example,  could   be  weighted  higher  while  the   one  in-­‐between  gets  less.  The   thinking  is  that  interacEons   that  create  awareness  and   close  sales  are  more  valuable   than  other  interacEons.   Last  Click   100%   10%   10%   10%   10%   Posi9on  Based   30%   10%   10%   10%   40%   Custom   Here  you  would  devise  your  own   model  based  on  specific  needs.   50%   25%   15%   45%   10%   38
  38. Benefits  of  ABribu9on  Modeling   Able  to  reallocate   budgets  across   channels  and   improve  ROI   BeBer  understand   Gain  valuable   how  digital  channels   insights  into   work  collabora9vely   consumer  makeup   and  behavior   Provide  objec9ve   reasons  to  jus9fy   more  marke9ng   budget   Source:  Google,  “MarkeEng  ApribuEon:  Valuing  the  Customer  Journey,”  2012   Increase  understanding   on  the  role  of  online/ offline  media   interac9ons   39
  39. If  we  can’t  measure  it,   We  can’t  improve  it!   –  Lord  Kelvin   Puwng  it  all   into  acEon  
  40. Set  Your  Goals   Are  you  focused  on  branding  and  awareness,   lead  generaEon,  developing  new  business  or   repeat  business?  Are  your  current  campaigns   meeEng  these  objecEves?   41 41
  41. Develop  Your  Customer  Journey   Explore  different  apribuEon  models  and  determine   which  are  best  suited  to  your  markeEng  goals.  It’s   important  to  compare  mulEple  models  to  learn   about  different  aspects  of  your  markeEng  program.   42
  42. Decide  How  You  Will  Assign  Credit   What  would  happen  if  you  valued  customer   interacEons  in  the  path  differently?   43
  43. Define  Impact  of  Each  Element   When  you  start  your  campaign  modeling,  check  to   see  if  models  match  or  contradict  your  expectaEons.   44
  44. Plan  Your  Next  Steps   If  you  learn  that  a  certain  campaign,  source  or   interacEon  is  performing  differently  than   expected,  be  able  to  change  direcEon. 45
  45. In Conclusion…
  46. Thank  You!   Re-­‐define  digital  marketplace  and  adverEsing   performance  with  data,  insights  and  innova9ons       www.i-­‐   47