Pre-Interview Basics


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Basic steps to review prior to an interview.

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Pre-Interview Basics

  1. 1. Interviewing Checklist: STAGE 1 Pre-Interview BasicsAuthor: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  2. 2. Interviews you may encounter: •Phone Screen •Telephone •Individual •Group/PanelAuthor: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  3. 3. The STAR “Behavioral” ProcessA “STAR” question is a three-part inquiry about a situation that you have encountered on the job.• You will be asked to talk about a S T ituation or ask you have encountered on the job, such as dealing with a peer or customer• What Action did you take to resolve that situation or task?• What was the Result, or outcome?Most likely you will encounter Behavioral Interview “STAR” questions! Practice answering such questions!Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  4. 4. Situation/Task + Action + Result = STARExample questions you may encounter. . .• “Tell me about a situation in which you had to manage an irate customer. What did you do? What result did you get?”• “Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to complete a job.”Answer by briefly talking about a specific job situation you encountered, the action taken to resolve, and the outcome!Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  5. 5. Another Question You May Encounter Tell Me About Yourself! Answer: Sell yourself verbally • During an Interview: Limit this to just 1-2 minutes of a sales pitch about YOU! Your career highlights, history and why you are the most qualified candidate! • Career Fair or Networking Event: Limit this to only a 30 second sales pitch about yourself! Be brief, but to the point! Practice until you can easily speak about yourself and your experience!Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  6. 6. How to Practice• Practice your personal sales pitch verbally, to another person• Find a partner and ask each other behavioral questions• Examples? Google “Sample Behavioral Interview Questions”, and I have some posted for your review• Time your personal sales pitch; no more than 30 seconds for Job Fairs, 1-2 minutes max for an Interview• No partner? Record yourself then review; Stand in front of a mirrorMake your interview process more productive, PRACTICE, PREPARE!Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  7. 7. Pre-Interview “Basics” Checklist: Research the company, industry, interviewer (LinkedIn), company culture and locate any contacts within organization? Review the position details, job description, contact(s) info E-mail or call to confirm the interview the day prior How does your experience at work or school relate to the job Enlist a friend or family member to complete a mock interview Organize personal interview paperwork, make necessary copies How will you get to the interview? Understand drive times, location, bus routes, parking, etc. If unsure, complete a practice run. Ensure you have money for parking, fuel, etc. Print directions and use a GPS if you have one. Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  8. 8. Pre-Interview “Basics” Checklist: Create a complete outfit, head to toe. Dress one step above for the position applied for. Check clothes for spots, rips, loose or missing buttons, and overall fit. (You could pack emergency-repair items: small sewing kit, extra tie, hose, spot-remover wipes, tissues, comb and brush, hairspray or gel, makeup for touchups, breath mints, etc.) Shoes clean? Suit clean and free of odors, shirt/blouse ironed? Clothes up-to-date? Stick to basic colors, navy blue or dark grey Do you have pending car issues, needed repairs? Fix prior to the interview or public transportation! Body jewelry and tats, cover. Facial hair trimmed? Hair/nails trimmed?Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR
  9. 9. Pre-Interview “Basics” Checklist: Watch the weather, dress accordingly, prepare for the unexpected Set alarm, maybe a back-up also. Easy on the pre-night partying, eating, drinking, TV watching, etc. Nervous about the Interview? Review interview questions/ answers, practice, deep breaths to calm before actual interview Be prepared to accept an offer. What will you say? Start to think about how you will respond if you receive an offer on the spot! Interested in learning more?Author: Rob Wallace, PHR, CDR