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Telling Your Story with Social Media


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PPT slide presentation developed for the 2015 Tech to Tell Your Story event of the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations.
Description: Communicate your VALUE! Get the basics on how to best position your nonprofit via social media marketing. Learn how to develop a social media strategy for your nonprofit that aligns with your mission/vision/values, increases your brand awareness, and expands your audience. Hear best practices from other nonprofits and other businesses from all over the social media world. Bring your own social media success stories to share!

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Telling Your Story with Social Media

  1. 1. TELLING YOUR STORY WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Faith Wachter Principal, Faith Wachter Consulting
  2. 2. Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story With Social Media  Social Media 101  Why social media?  Mission, vision, values  What it takes  Return on investment (ROI)  Pro tips, takeaways  Q & A
  3. 3. Social Media 101
  4. 4. Social Media 101 1.44B monthly active users 77% Women 18-29 College >$75K Facebook 347M monthly active users 51% Men 30-64 College >$75K LinkedIn 316M monthly active users 52% Men 18-29 College $50-75K+ Twitter 300M monthly active users 87% Women 18-29 Some college $50-75K+ Instagram Sources: Statista, SproutSocial
  5. 5. Why Social Media? Communication—tell your story! Engagement—cultivate donors Fundraising—raise revenue
  7. 7. What It Takes  Staff  1 FT social media specialist  1 graphics designer  Money  Paid advertising on social media  Social media management applications  Editorial calendar, scheduling  ANALYTICS  Institutional Commitment  Strategic plan  Marketing/Communications strategy  Participation by staff, volunteers, board, partners  TIME
  9. 9. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  10. 10. Pro Tips and Takeaways • Build a digital library of storytelling assets • Discuss how user-generated content can help your storytelling • Start planning NOW for #GivingTuesday • Audit all components of your online presence for consistent branding & messaging • Incorporate social strategies into your event marketing
  12. 12. Contact Info Email: Website: LinkedIn: Faith Wachter LinkedIn company page: Faith Wachter Consulting Twitter: @faithwconsult Instagram: faithwconsult Pinterest: faithwconsult Google+: Faith Wachter Happy Hour blog: