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Effective Content Marketing

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  • Is anyone growing sales too fast? Question most business owners ask …….
  • This goes into email newsletter list for remarketing and for the sales team to follow up
  • This goes into email newsletter list for remarketing and for the sales team to follow up
  • Talk about Charly’s post, we have 1500 people view the page
    60% of our traffic come from our blog being indexed in Google serps
  • 5% of our traffic comes from social platforms
  • http://www.lenati.com/blog/navigating-social-influencer-landscape
  • Talk about Charly’s post, we have 1500 people view the page
    60% of our traffic come from our blog being indexed in Google serps
  • Is Magento the right platform for us? We created an ebook on choosing the best ecommerce platform. Show it,
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  • Talked about the owners of the business, the employee that wants to get them to use water, the HR team…
  • Content marketing is a long-term strategy that engages users at every stage in the buying process.
    Content marketing is much more than simply inbound marketing activity, which is focused on establishing initial brand awareness. Instead, content marketing encompasses inbound marketing and then nurtures leads, converts those leads into sales, ensures that those consumers are retained and facilitates additional sales.

    When a potential customer is using Google to research new digital cameras, what is going to get them to a Kodak site? Smart, optimized content.
    When a potential customer has narrowed the options and wants to compare one camera to another, with an emphasis on image stabilization, what is going to get them to understand Kodak’s comparative merits? Smart, optimized content.
    When a current customer wants to stay engaged with the brand, to learn about new products on the horizon and other updates, what’s going to turn them from a customer to an advocate? Smart, optimized content.
  • Is anyone growing sales too fast? Question most business owners ask …….
  • Can be the right choice, but the problems are ……..
    What would happen if you invested 3k per month into content marketing?
  • Had so many meetings with Marketing Managers who sit and listen to all this, really enjoy it, get excited, think they can do it themselves, they never do it, its impossible for one person to do it, great when you have a marketing manager, many companies would benefit from sacking their marketing manager and fully outsourcing their content marketing with a decent sized budget
  • Consider CRM, existing marketing being done, website readiness etc.
  • Effective Content Marketing

    1. 1. Effective Content Marketing Driving leads & sales using an integrated approach to content marketing Created by Phil Robinson Founder & CEO, ClickThrough Website: www.clickthrough-marketing.com Telephone: 0800 088 7486
    2. 2. A Digital Agency Focused On Conversion Contents
    3. 3. What best describes your company’s budget plans for the following digital marketing channels or disciplines in 2014? 74% of Marketers To Increase Budgets on Content Marketing Source: Econsultancy Survey of 2000+ digital professionals
    4. 4. Pros & Cons • AdWords & Display Ads: benefit stops when paused. • SEO: dependent on Google, changing goal posts. • Social & PR: can be hit and miss, benefit stops when campaigns stop. • Content Marketing: creation of content assets can provide a longer term benefit & return on investment.
    5. 5. What is Content Marketing? “A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” A study by Kapost and Eloqua in the US found that over a 24 month period, content marketing was more than three times more effective than paid search.
    6. 6. Quick Survey How many of you run a regular content marketing schedule? e.g. Ebooks, blog posts, social seeding, email newsletters etc.
    7. 7. “We’ve created a video, it worked okay but was expensive…” “We produced a white paper but didn’t really distribute it….” “…. designed an infographic, put I think it was pointless in hindsight.” “We’re doing a blog already, not sure how well its working….” “…. currently trying to do some posting on LinkedIn …” Most Companies Are Dabbling The common problem is that this is a one-off & done in isolation of each other
    8. 8. 1. Why focus on content marketing? 2. How do you capture more leads? 3. What content should we create? 4. How do you promote & distribute the content? 5. What investment is required? How To Do Content Marketing Effectively
    9. 9. Reasons To Focus On Content Marketing Top reasons and a business case
    10. 10. • They often use content to increase their knowledge of a subject. • Users are looking for content that helps them to make an informed purchasing decision. • They use it to measure the credentials of a brand and validate their purchasing decision. People Avoid Ads, But Actively Seek Content
    11. 11. • A Paid Search campaign can do well but the benefit stops when paused. • Content marketing is the opposite. • Great online content has a shelf life & gives a longer term return. Content Marketing Doesn’t Go Stale
    12. 12. Source: http://www.seomoz.org/google-algorithm-change • Google is constantly penalising & dropping sites with poor content & spam Google Is Fighting Poor Content & Spam
    13. 13. You Already Know …..
    14. 14. • Creates an emotional affinity before you have met. • 60% of the sales process is complete before you meet. • Conversion rate from lead to sale can increase significantly. Great Content Starts Building The Relationship
    15. 15. Improves Your Lead to Sale Conversion Rate Stage Monthly Quantity Funnel % Visitors 3,000 100% Leads (Suspects) 40 1.3% Prospects (Qualifed) 16 0.5% Sales 4 0.1% Marketing Funnel & Stats Stage Monthly Quantity Funnel % Visitors 4,500 100% Leads (Suspects) 100 2.2% Prospects (Qualifed) 24 0.5% Sales 10 0.2% Marketing Funnel & Stats Increase visitors Increase Visitor Conversion Rate Increase Lead to Sale Conversion Before After
    16. 16. Improves Your Lead to Sale Conversion Rate Source: Hubspot & Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    17. 17. Attract & Acquire What mechanism do you use to capture more leads?
    18. 18. “On average only 2% of visitors to your website are ready to do business.” Source: Hubspot The Marketing Problem
    19. 19. Turning Passing Visitors Into Customers How do we capture, nurture & convert the other 98% ?
    20. 20. Option: Create an Ebook & High Converting Landing Page
    21. 21. Capturing Details Of Existing Side Wide Traffic Call to action Ticks say “yes” Remind them To call Call to action 2ndry Nav Ebook We are real Well written Keyword rich
    22. 22. • Consider eye tracking studies & F-shape when developing landing pages for digital campaigns. Eye Tracking Studies
    23. 23. Distribute & Promote How & Where Should We Promote The Content?
    24. 24. Regular Blogging Is Essential  Regular blogging written with SEO, keywords & your buyer interests in-mind.
    25. 25. Integrate Blog Feed With Social Platforms & 100’s of other social sites • 700m active users. • Avg. user creates 90 pieces of content each month. • Avg. user connected to 80 pages, groups and events. • 106m registered users. • 300,000 people sign up to Twitter every day. • 600m search queries on Twitter.com per day. • More than 80m members. • Linkedin has members in over 200 countries. • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies on Linkedin. • Your RSS Feed can be syndicated across the web. • This provides extra reach on the social networks that matter in your industry. Creation of RSS feeds & connection with social platforms to increase visibility of your content in your social platforms.
    26. 26. Test Promoting Ebook in Paid Ads & Paid Social  Send traffic directly into your lead generation landing page. Targeted Linked In Ads Targeted Display & Remarketing Ads Google AdWords Text Ads
    27. 27. Engage & Reach Out to PR, Influencers & Bloggers  Engage with your outreach list using phone calls, emails and contact via Linked In and targeted social seeding.
    28. 28. Upload Content To Relevant Distribution Services • There are several excellent distribution platforms available for different types of content. • Video: 20+ video networks such as YouTube and Vimeo. • PowerPoint: sites such as SlideShare and AuthorStream. • PDF & Ebooks: lots of PDF & ebook distribution services.
    29. 29. Remarketing To Your Growing Email List • You’ve now got blog posts & content that you can send to your growing email list.
    30. 30. Impact Timeframe: Traffic Source: Hubspot & Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    31. 31. Impact Timeframe: Leads Source: Hubspot & Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    32. 32. Creating Content What Content Should We Create?
    33. 33. Answering Your Customers Questions • Your potential customers have questions about your company, your products, your services, your competitors. • Creating and distributing content that clearly answers these questions will grow sales & encourage loyalty.
    34. 34. Answering Your Customers Questions & Concerns • Being asked the same question. • We’ve just produced a guide in response. “I’m not sure about which ecommerce platform to use for our web build …”
    35. 35. What are the key questions your potential customers have? Quick Survey
    36. 36. Planning A Content Strategy: Ideas Matrix A useful matrix for developing content ideas based on different goals such as to inspire, entertain, educate or convince.
    37. 37. Discovery Phase: Buyer Persona Analysis  Content strategy starts with defining your key personas. Buyer Persona Analysis (B2C & B2B) General Overview Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3 Name of Buyer Persona Description of Persona Priority & Importance Scale (1 - 3) Personal Information (B2C only) Age Gender Location Income Marital Status Occupation or Job Title Education Hobbies Favorite TV Shows Personality Behaviours, Feelings & Goals (B2B & B2C) What are their main goals? What are their main challenges & point points? What are their fears? What are their key drivers & interests in buying decisions? What features/benefits of your offering is of most interest? Professional Interests (B2B & B2C) What education & content resources are of most interest? What qualifications are they likely to have? What Linked In Groups or Organisations are they likely to be part of? What online and offline media sources are they most likely to read?
    38. 38. Discovery Phase: Competitor Matrix Analysis  Assessing competitors will help identify themes for content that can be used to differentiate your business. Competitor Analysis & Comparison Matrix Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 Company Name Website URL Type of Competitor (major, minor, indirect) Sales Turnover No. of Employees What is the competitors key USP's? What are they doing well? What do you admire? How does their price compare? How does their product range compare? How does their marketing compare? Place (geographical presence) Other key comparisons
    39. 39. Discovery Phase: Environment & Market Audit  Assess market factors to identify themes & key issues for content. Environment Audit Social Factors (e.g. demographics, population growth, age, lifestyles, cultural values, skills) Legal Factors (e.g. laws, health & safety, employment law, store opening hours) Economical Factors (e.g. Income levels, employment levels, inflation rates, ecomonic growth) Political Factors (e.g. government actions, tax levels, policies) Technological Factors (e.g. internet usage, IT, apps, home shopping) Environmental (e.g. affect of your business on environment, green credentials)
    40. 40. Discovery Phase: Keyword Analysis & Planning • Use Google Keyword Tool to find what content your prospects are looking for. • Give them what they are looking for. • Show them why they should talk to you.
    41. 41. • Content marketing is alone in its ability to be a successful at every phase of the customer lifecycle. Ideas for Each Stage Of the Customer Journey
    42. 42. Ideas for Each Stage Of the Customer Journey Customer Journey: Thoughts & Feeling Audit & Recommendations Awareness & Attract Capture Information Comparison Phase First Stage Call The Pitch Meeting What thoughts, feelings & fears are typical at this stage? What thoughts, feelings & fears are typical at this stage? What thoughts, feelings & fears are typical at this stage? What thoughts, feelings & fears are typical at this stage? What thoughts, feelings & fears are typical at this stage? "I need to find a well known trusted agency" "if I submit this form, am I going to get bombarded with emails and calls from sales people" "are they expensive" "Does this person know what they are talking about" "are they on time" "If I don't use the right agency my job will be at risk" "what benefit will I get from submitting this form" "do they have long contract tie-ins" "are they saying what I want to hear or are they challenging me" "what level of expertise is in the room" "what's in it for me to bother looking at their website" "are my details secure" "do they offer a wide range of digital services" "is this company worth meeting with formally" "do they understand our business and customers" "how are they different" "are they specialist enough in the key areas" "am I getting good advice or am I being sold to" "are they professional" "do they have credentials" "have I learned anything from the call" "who have they worked for" "do I like this person" "what case studies do they have" "does this person understand me and our business" "are they local to us or are we going to have to travel for face to face meetings"
    43. 43. Ideas for Each Stage Of the Customer Journey Customer Journey: Planning A Content Strategy To Match The Customer Journey Priority Difficulty 1) Awareness & Attract 2) Capture Information 3) Engage & Nurture 4) Consideration & Convince 1 to 3 1 to 3 What content will create first stage awareness & traffic? What content can you offer that will capture prospect info? What content will engage and nurture prospects? What content will convince prospects to purchase? FAQs Expert Blog Posts Indusry News Feed Newsletters Press Releases Guides & Ebooks Features Lists Comparison Tables Datasheets Pricing Guides Testimonials Reviews & Ratings Case Studies Community Forum Trend Reports & Insights
    44. 44. What Investment Is Required? Considering Various Investment Options & Scenarios
    45. 45. 1. Employ a new sales person 2. Employ a marketing manager 3. Employ a content marketing agency Investment Options for Growing Sales
    46. 46. Option 1: Employ A New Sales Person • Cost from 3k per month, up to 7k per month. • Reports show sales people operate at 30% efficiency. • How hard is it to find great sales people?
    47. 47. Option 2: Employ A Marketing Manager • Cost from 2k to 4k per month. • What impact are they ‘really’ having on lead generation & sales? • He can’t do it all ….
    48. 48. Option 3: Employ An Content Agency • From 1.5k per month up to 5k+ per month. • Significantly less cost than a new sales person. • Not a toe in the water method that you can trial for 1-2k budget.
    49. 49. What Does An Entry Level Content Schedule Look Like? • 1 ebook per quarter • 5 blog posts per month • Social seeding • 200 calls to influencers and complementary companies. • Monthly email newsletter
    50. 50. Our “Call To Action” • We can run a consultation & Q/A with your internal team. • This will assess how content marketing can be integrated & benefit your existing marketing & sales. • Assess your sales lead funnel. • Provide Initial proposals & timescales. Call the digital strategy team on 0800 088 7486 Website: www.clickthrough-marketing.com Address: Charter House, Sandford Street Lichfield, WS13 6QA
    51. 51. Thank You