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Trucking calculator work sheet v11


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Trucking Calculator work sheet
To calculate the time, materials, machinery and costs.
A) the amount of material that you need to place on a road for road construction or for road re-surfacing.
B) to calculate the type and size of loading equipment required
C) to calculate the type and size of hauling trucks.
D) to calculate the travel times involved
E) To calculate time needs for a) grader, compactor and water truck(wetting down the road surface for optimum compaction),
F) to calculate the job time duration and Job COST

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Trucking calculator work sheet v11

  1. 1. For use in assistance in estimating times and costs. NOTE: Does not take into account, standy time, minimum billing hours or Project: delays for weather, traffic or other variable factors. Description: Prepared by: Date: bright YELLOW & GREEN boxes Road Grading 16G Grader Machine loading trucks Type Capacity Hourly rate 125.00$ Loader type EX 270 1.0 Cubic yards Km of road graded per DAY 5 Loader hourly rate 160.00$ 0.8 Cubic meters Km of road graded per HOUR 0.6 Truck Type Capacity Road Compactor Bomag Truck type Gravel (off road) 15.0 Cubic yards Hourly rate 125.00$ Truck Rate 125.00$ 11.5 Cubic meters Km of road compacted per DAY 2 Spreading Equipment Type Loading and standby Km of road compacted per HOUR 0.3 Machine type 5 ton excavator with blade Water truck L800 ford Rate 85.00$ Hourly rate 90.00$ Km of road watered per DAY 4 Km of road watered per HOUR 0.5 Number of passes watering 2 0.3 km/hr Materials Road width (m) Material depth (mm) Road length (m) Road length (km) Volume Calculation 6.0 150 660 0.66 Volume 5.9 inches Weight (approx) Cubic Meters 594.0 11.5 lineal meters 1056.7 Tons Cubic Yards 777.0 37.6 lineal feet # of truckloads 58.0 Machine loading trucks - Time calculator Truck capacity 15.0 Cu Yards Bucket Capacity (yards) 1.0 Truck capacity 11.5 Cu Meters Bucket Capacity (meters) 0.8 % of full capacity 90% Seconds per bucket cycle 20 Actual truck load 10.3 Cu Meters Minutes per bucket cycle 0.33 Distance from gravel pit to site 9 Km (one way) Loading cycles per minute 3.0 Job work area distance (1/2) 0.33 Km (one way) Buckets required per truckload 13.5 Trucking distance TOTAL: 9.33 Km (one way) 14.0 Trucking distance TOTAL: 18.7 Km (round trip) Turnaround minutes to load truck 5.7 Truck Travel Speed (mph21.0) 35 Km/hr (average) Minutes to load truck (rounded up) 6.0 Truck travel time 32.0 Minutes Optimum number of Trucks 6.3 Loading time/truck 6.0 Minutes (rounded up) Rounded down number of trucks 6.0 Dumping time/truck 5 Minutes(includes turn-aroun 5.0 Position trucks for loading 1.0 Minutes Truck cycle time 44.0 Minutes Trucking Time (HRS) Gravel (off road) Loading trucks Time (HRS) EX 270 Calculated values 43.0 5,375.00$ Calculated values 9.0 1,440.00$ User entered values 50.0 6,250.00$ User entered values 10.0 1,600.00$ 5 ton excavator Road Watering (during project) L800 ford Calculated values 9.0 765.00$ Calculated values 2.6 237.60$ User entered values 10.0 850.00$ User entered values 8.0 720.00$ Road Compaction (prior to job start) Bomag 16G Grader Calculated values 2.6 330.00$ Calculated values 1.1 132.00$ User entered values 4.0 500.00$ User entered values 4.0 500.00$ Road Compaction (during project) Bomag Road Grading (final grading) 16G Grader Calculated values 2.6 330.00$ Calculated values 1.1 132.00$ User entered values 8.0 1,000.00$ User entered values 4.0 500.00$ Road Watering (prior to job start) L800 ford S U M M A R Y of Equipment COSTS Calculated values 1.3 118.80$ Calculated Equipment Value: 8,860.40$ User entered values 2.0 180.00$ User entered Equipment value: 12,280.00$ Additional Costs Mobilization: 500.00$ Demobilization: 500.00$ 1,000.00$ Surfacing Materials: $ 6.50 per Yard $ 8.50 per cu Meter $ 4.75 per TON Price at the pit 5,050.19$ Version: 11.0 Type: 4" minus jaw crush Total Cost: 18,330.19$ Instructions: The user enters specific project data into the Equipment Data Entry Spreading equipment - time tied to loading time NOTE: In the calculations below, Loading Trucks time is based on USER entered number of trucks Road Re-surfacing Equipment Calculator 13-Mar-10 Trucking - Time calculator Eric L Kay, KAY ASSOCIATES Material depth (inches) Distance covered with one truckload Distance covered with one truckload Kyuquot West Coast Main 3+750 to 3+800 road settling repair Double-check all calculations, use at own risk, no warranty expressed or implied Rounded UP buckets/truckload Truck times - assume that there are adequate passing places for the trucks on the road and no travel delays. Eg traffic, other work equipment etc. Road Grading (prior to job start) **User entered number of trucks Trucking Calculator Work-sheet V11.xls