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X ti upgrade response ability brochure aus


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X ti upgrade response ability brochure aus

  1. 1. O pt i ona l A c c es s or i es Security - Not A Nanny Cam Upgrade to Response — Ability . Upgrade your system Add up to 24 devices to customize your system This is NOT a surveillance system; we separate security from surveillance to protect privacy. If you are looking for a nanny-cam, buy something “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system. Video alarmsIndoor MotionViewer Outdoor MotionViewer are only sent when the alarm panel calls the monitoring- Additional security where - Secure detached garages, station during an intrusion, downloading images from you need it porches, patios and storage sheds the MotionViewer. Since MotionViewers only record alarms, the three small batteries operate up to four years. No wires means no peeking .Door/Window Contacts Wireless Keypad - This is an arming/disarming device also for programming the XL700.Remote Control Outdoor Prox-Tag Reader- Battery powered remote arming - Disarm the system before entering the building 1300 464 455Badge Outdoor Siren/Strobe- Proximity Arming Tag - Improve police response © and deterrence 2010 RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES VIDEOFIED ® i s a Registered Trademark of RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES MotionViewer ™ is a Trademark of RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. Priority Police Response Takeover Existing Systems Upgrade Existing Systems For Greater Security Hybrid Wire/Wired Video Alarm Cell Back-up with Video Alarm ® provides the monitoring operator withthe alarm is an actual crime-in-progress and not acostly false alarm. With law enforcement help police capturemore intruders, providing better protection.A sophisticated motion sensor combined with anight vision camera and illuminators, the Motion -Viewer, detects and captures the intrusion on video.Monitoring personnel immediately see a 10 secondvideo clip of the actual intrusion and can use 2-wayvoice to challenge and verify it. More than an alarm, Create New System Improve Current Systemdetection, video and voice to give greater protection The XT used in “Stand Alone Mode” is a complete security The XT used in “Upgrade Mode” provides both GPRSto your valuables and your family. panel. It is perfect for “stay at home arming.” In “stay” in a single package. Detects Intruders mode privacy is protected - only the contacts on the ” The “Upgrade Mode” uses the existing system to arm/ unless there is an intrusion. disarm the XT. Alarms and videos of intruders are sent over the GPRS network directly to the central station. The XT The “Stand Alone Mode” is perfect to re-use the wired zones simply piggybacks on top of the existing system and there that are already installed or to incorporate wired devices is no need to change keypads, codes, etc. in a new install. Features IncludeNight Vision Camera Features Include – Up to one year battery back-up in case of power failure – Up to four year battery life when used without power – Internal GPRS modem – Internal GPRS modem – 3 supervised wired zones/programmable inputs – Can operate up to 24 cordless/wireless MotionViewers Applications Applications – Cordless/wireless vacant property protection – Add outdoor video protection to an existing system – (Hold up) – Replace existing PIRs with MotionViewers – Use 3rd party devices or cordless/wireless contacts – Protect your patio, rooftop, outbuilding without trenching to activate the MotionViewer camera as a mapped device