Dr. rustom kanga latest trends in video analytics for railways


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Dr. rustom kanga latest trends in video analytics for railways

  1. 1. O See through the crowd PRESENTS
  2. 2. Latest Trends in VideoAnalytics for Railways Dr Rustom Kanga CEO iOmniscient
  3. 3. Who is iOmniscient?Pioneer in Video analytics – development since 1994 First Product launch in 2004 30,000+ video analytic licenses sold worldwide Artificial Intelligence-based system that thinks like a human Owns several Internationally patented technologies including Non-Motion Detection (NMD) Algorithm and IQ Hawk
  4. 4. Company objectives Develop the Most Advanced Intelligent Surveillance technology in the world Comprehensive Portfolio One-stop shop in video analytics Lower the cost of ownership, e.g. lightest CPU requirement, low cost fixed price maintenance
  5. 5. Where we are:Offices Sales Support R&DAustraliaCanadaUSASouth AmericasUK/ EuropeKoreaChinaEgypt/ SaudiIndiaMiddle East With Multiple Resellers around the world
  6. 6. Overall WinnerGlobal Security Challenge for Crowded Places 2010
  7. 7. WinnerBest CCTV Technology IFSEC 2011
  8. 8. Why Does the World’s Fastest Railway needVideo Analysis?
  9. 9. What the driver seesDriver cansee 750mIt takes5kms to stop
  10. 10. Why Does the World’s Longest Oil Pipeline useVideo Analysis?
  11. 11. Why Does the World’s Tallest Building use VideoAnalysis
  12. 12. Why Does the World’s Largest Theme Park useVideo Analysis?
  13. 13. Why does the World’s Largest Standing Army useVideo Analysis
  14. 14. Should we only depend on humans?
  15. 15. Why does a surveillance system needintelligence?Studies show that CCTV systems, including DVR’s are limitedwithout added intelligence Just watching 2 monitors: After 10 minutes, the operator misses 45% of the action. After 22 minutes, the operator misses 95% of the action. This data is for a relatively empty scene. How can an operator keep track of all the action in a busy scene?Hence the need for intelligence to effectively detect,especially in crowded and complex environments
  16. 16. The TOTAL Solution Eyes Brain Response IQ Series ASAP Cameras Solution System
  17. 17. Types of Intelligence Detection Requires wide angle far view Identification Requires close-up view
  18. 18. How do you measure surveillance intelligence? Everyone claims INTELLIGENCE We have rated intelligence in the surveillance industry, using the human IQ rating Average of the population is IQ-100
  19. 19. Summary of intelligence in the surveillance industry GENIUS Detection of objects that appear invisible to the naked eye Object detection in a crowded scene Only ONE supplier iQ-180 iQ-140 Theft detection in a crowded scene Detection of parking violations in a crowded scene Detection of graffiti/vandalism in a crowded scene SMART Behavior analysis, (e.g. slips and falls) 2 or 3 iQ-120 Crowd management, queue management suppliers iQ-115 Advance group Counting in crowded scenes AVERAGE Simple Counting/directional alarms iQ-110 Object tracking in un-crowded scenes A dozen iQ-100 Object detection in un-crowded scenes suppliers Loitering, running BASIC Perimeter protection Intruder iQ-60 detection Hundreds of (using simple motion detection / image difference) suppliers LIMITED Health check iQ-20 Video management system Thousands of iQ-10 Sophisticated data management and retrieval suppliers
  20. 20. DetectionIQ-20 Health Check Provides status of every camera on a map Tells if a camera is: Out of focus Cannot see due to rain, snow Low contrast Disconnected Can see actual view to check view Important for Management and Maintenance
  21. 21. DetectionIQ-60/IQ-80 Intrusion Detection Simplified application – intrusion detection IQ-80 with basic NAMS IQ-60 for stable indoor environment only
  22. 22. DetectionIQ-100 Tracking Intrusion detection Incorrect direction Object tracking Detect running to prevent accidents Loitering OUR STRENGTHS Nuisance Alarm Minimization (NAMS) Object differentiation Understands perspective … and many more Video
  23. 23. DetectionIQ-110 Sophisticated Counting Interface with cash register for theft prevention Interface with access control for tailgating Understand flow patterns and walk path Marketing Comprehensive reporting tools for flow analysis High accuracy OUR STRENGTHS High accuracy counting in complex and crowded scenes
  24. 24. DetectionIQ-110 Sophisticated Counting 2 Several methods of counting Object counting Head counting Shape counting Can count people in a group Audited at 99% accuracy Top view – expect 95-99% accuracy* Angled view – expect 90-95% accuracy* *refer to the iOmniscient camera placement requirements OUR STRENGTHS Mature, proven products Video
  25. 25. DetectionIQ-115 Behavior analysis SLIP & FALL DETECTION Minimize public liability Verification for legitimate claim Allows immediate assistance/preventative action Man down detection DETECTION OF SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR Customizable detection pattern OUR STRENGTHS Complex behavior tracking …and many more Video
  26. 26. DetectionIQ-120 Crowd management Crowd management Traffic control Detect overcrowding, congestion and adhere to fire and safety regulationsOUR STRENGTHSComprehensive applications, customizablecapabilities. Not constrained by overhead viewingrequirement … and many more Video
  27. 27. DetectionIQ-140 to IQ-180 Patented Non-motion detection (world’s onlytechnology that can cope with crowded scenes) Detection of abandoned objects in very crowded scenes Theft detection in busy environments Graffiti and vandalism detection in a crowd Parking violation detection in high traffic OUR STRENGTHS Patented technology handles significant obscuration and in an Video extremely crowded environment …and many more
  28. 28. DetectionIQ-INFINITY Simultaneous multiple detections Non-Motion Detection Detects left objects, theft, parking violations, graffiti and vandalism – all in busy, crowded environments, despite heavy obscuration and movement. Crowd and traffic management Detects overcrowding/congestion, will alert if the size of the queue, crowd of number of cars in an area reaches a predefined maximum. Behavior analysis Detects complex behavior, eg slips and falls Accurate counting Performs counting – people, vehicles, etc Intrusion detection Perimeter protection, intrusion detection, directional alarms, loitering, running. … plus many industry solutions
  29. 29. Identification Systems
  30. 30. IdentificationIQ-LPR License plate Recognition Fully Integrated with Detection Engine o No Motion Loops or triggering mechanism required o Support multiple languages from Arabic to Chinese to Thai. o Recognize at various speed from car parks to highways.
  31. 31. IdentificationIQ-FR Facial recognition in a crowd o World’s FIRST Facial Recognition in a crowd – different from others that are done in a controlled environment e.g. access control.
  32. 32. IQ-HAWKDetectionRequires wide angle far view +IdentificationRequires close-up view 200 times savings on Storage and Bandwidth
  33. 33. Railways: China, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA … Security •Abandoned objects on a crowded platform •Trespassing – wrong way or unauthorized entry •Intrusion detection for tunnel, rail yard or tracks •Graffiti and vandalism detection •Surveillance system HealthCheck for camera malfunction Safety •Platform safety (yellow line detection) •Detect running/skateboarding/slip and fall on platform •Overcrowding and congestion detection •Clear of obstruction or detection of left objects •Collision prevention at level crossing Operations •People counting or crowd management •Monitor train schedule (License plate recognition) •Parking violation •Track maintenance
  34. 34. Level Crossing System
  35. 35. Other applications used by railways Smoke and Fire in Tunnels Intrusion in Tunnels Overcrowding on platforms Queue Management
  36. 36. How does your security system rate with ours?
  37. 37. Specialized Applications • Queue Management • Smoke and Fire Detection • Fever Check
  38. 38. Intelligence is not the onlything you look for in a person…or in a system
  39. 39. At every level of intelligence you need: Universal interfaces Jump to Event Light on Computing; Lighter on Storage Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)
  40. 40. FALSE ALARMS Video
  41. 41. VMS – the foundation of all Video Based Systems OPEN - Universal Multiple camera protocol /compression interfaces MJPEG (HTTP), MPEG4 & H.264 (RTSP) SCALABLE DISTRIBUTED – viewable from anywhere Wireless- Full 2 way wireless PDA capability Virtual Matrix Virtual Monitors
  42. 42. ASAP – Automated Surveillance Action Platform ...beyond VMS Tight integration with Intelligence – saves on Storage and Hardware Boolean Logic to manage Incidents NOT Events Action Plans for Human Response Full Self Awareness - HealthCheck - Integrated GIS
  43. 43. Key Elements of Architecture
  44. 44. Why iOmniscient?• Most Comprehensive and mature Video Analytics (since 1994),VMS and ASAP (since 2010)• See through the crowd – the only company that can cope with crowded scene.• Unbeatable Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)• 24x7 support worldwide We can do what any Video Analysis Suppliers can do and do it better – and many things that no one else can do” Dr. Rustom Kanga , CEO
  45. 45. What is the secret of putting inEffective Video Analysis Systems?
  46. 46. Where do you start? Solve the Right Problem – Good Risk Analysis Choose the Right Software Select the Appropriate Cameras Ensure you have the correct Infrastructure Implement with Knowledge
  47. 47. Other Railways using station applications Chicago Rotterdam Montreal Milan Italian Railways Chengdu MTR (China)
  48. 48. The Bookrustom@iomniscient.com
  49. 49. …see through the crowd info@iomniscient.com www.iomniscient.com