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Brochure xtender en.pdf1

  1. 1. Eliminate false alarms Upgrade to XTENDER! w w w. v i d e o f i e d.c o m Video Security - UNPLUGGED Add video security to existing intrusion alarms. Wireless cameras mount anywhere and need no AC power. XTENDER sends proof of intrusion to monitoring station over phone, IP or cell network. > Upgrade existing systems to video > No drilling, wires or mess > Motion activated night vision cameras > Operates for years on one set of batteries house and professional premises demo,register to remove text XTENDER Existing alarm integrates wireless cameras/ system Arming link between existing motion sensors to supplement your system and XTENDER existing intrusion alarm. The keypad and arming/ disarming of the existing system remains unchanged. The user interface remains that of the original system. Video confirmation accessible to XTENDER enhances blind intrusion alarms with true any station type night vision video security. The intruder trips the motion Heightened protection: thanks to wireless video confirmation sensor, the camera takes a 10 second video that is sent Quick installation: completely wireless camera over RF to the controller and then over phone, IP or the Video confirmation lets you call on law enforcement thanks to cell network to the monitoring station for review. the video proof of intrusion
  2. 2. Get XTENDER w w w. v i d e o f i e d.c o m Eliminate false alarms thanks to XTENDER! Faster Is your site already equipped with an intrusion intervention alarm? We have the solution that will allow you to upgrade to video verification: XTENDER. No modification and no change for the user! XTENDER More than 120,000 is armed/disarmed by the existing system. When systems installed the motion sensor is tripped, the cameras take a 10 second video of the potential intrusion and send it to a monitoring station. XTENDER protects your privacy since the system only films in cases of intrusion. Video to the Station: > Up to 24 cameras The alarm station may be connected to a standard per system telephone line or > Battery powered be used via the GPRS > 4 year battery life network (using an integrated module). demo,)Tj T* (register to rem Technical characteristics RF technology Wiselink Humidity 70% max Radio type Bi-directional Certifications UL/FCC/CENELEC/ Frequency bands 868/915/920 MHz CE/EN50131/EN300220/INCERT/IDA/NCP/A-TICK Transmission AES encryption Illuminators High intensity infrared LED Video format MPEG Night vision 5 m / 14 ft. Video size 200 KB Detection passive infrared with signal analysis Number of images 5 per second Type of lens Fresnel Image format JPEG Detection passive infrared with signal analysis Image size 320 x 240 pixels Detection distance 12 m / 40 ft. Operating temperature 0°/+40°C (32°/+104°F) EMEA SALES USA SALES 2, rue Alexis de Tocqueville 4455 White Bear Parkway, Suite 700 92160 ANTONY White Bear Lake, MN 55110 FRANCE USA Telephone: +33 (0)1 55 59 10 25 Telephone: +1 877 206 5800 w w w . v i d e o f i e d.c o m E-Mail: E-Mail: © 2008 RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES® Videofied™ is a Registered Trademark of RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES® 9FCNT0073