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Ivisiotech A2 Tech

  1. 1. Secure your business Keep an eye on your business all the time. Be notified on important events wherever you are. All‐in‐one Intelligent, Proactive & Reactive Video Surveillance Software (Video Management + Video Analytics + Automation)
  2. 2. IVISIOTECH, INC • Company – California based company located in San Francisco. • S Specialization i li ti Software editor firm specialized in – Video Management (VM) DVR / NVR / Video Management – Video Analysis (VA) Facial Biometric / License Plate Recognition / Video Analytics – Automation (A) Command & control system / Device Monitoring • Expertise – Providing off the shelf products VisioGUARD / VisioSHARP / VisioFACE / VisioLPR • Platform – Providing turnkey solution d k l – Window / Linux Parking Space Management : VisioSPACE – iPhone / Smartphone / Window – Providing customized solution Mobile Phone VisioMETER / VisioDRIVER – Cloud Computing / Web p g – Providing hosted and managed solution VisioSAFE 2
  3. 3. Customers / Partners • Customers – Customers • USA: – City of San Francisco, Cyberonix, iParking, BP, Mitsubishi Electric, CAT, eBuilding, … • South Korea: – Infravalley, NC Mall, … • Japan: – Tokyo Power ‐ Tepco, Tepsys, Furukawa Electric, Sakamoto system, … – Partners Axis, Sony, Canon, IQinvision, Vivotek, Sun, HP, … 3
  4. 4. Problem / Opportunity 9/11 and recent London bombings events have created a significant paradigm shift regarding security technology: ‐ The security has become the first priority. y p y ‐ Video surveillance emerged as key security technology. But the traditional video surveillance products are very expensive in term of human intervention and are deficient in term of Intelligence and accurate alarm detection (false alarm) Proactive surveillance capability (after‐fact surveillance) Reactive surveillance capability (passive surveillance) Fast F t post‐event i t t investigation and i id t searching ti ti d incident hi Storage efficiently An innovative video surveillance solution can alleviate the above problems: fully integrated,  All‐In‐One,  Intelligent,  proactive & reactive video surveillance system (unique solution covering all aspects of the surveillance under the same umbrella) (unique solution covering all aspects of the surveillance under the same umbrella) 4
  5. 5. Market size Video surveillance market maintains 10% growth despite recession, with  better to come, according to ABI Research. They project that revenue for  video surveillance software will quadruple over the next five years to more  than $900 million. than $900 million According to Frost & Sullivan, the trend in this market is on 2 new axes: • technology integration and interoperability, • proactive and accurate surveillance proactive and accurate surveillance. The big drivers for this increase are: • government markets (30 to 35%), t il tl t k t (th ft ti ) • retail outlet markets (theft prevention), • market researchers, • rapid expansion of networks and the advent of network cameras, • increased replacement opportunity of old analog cameras (40%). 1000 500 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 5
  6. 6. All In One Intelligent • Intelligent Video Analytics (VA) is revolutionizing the video surveillance solution.  act as “digital guards that never blinks”.  can detect intrusion, abandoned object, removal object, fallen person,  or others suspicious behaviours.  can also identify, count, and track peoples.  Proactive • Proactivity enhances the ability of prevention of crime before it happens by highlights potential threats in real‐ time.  Using smart detectors such as VA, devices or sensors the system can  identify threats quickly and alerts security staff immediately. id tif th t i kl d l t it t ff i di t l Reactivity • Reactivity provides appropriate tools for immediate reaction to avoid  negative consequences. negative consequences. Automation is a key feature of reactivity capability. It brings a new  dimension to video surveillance system.  As a result the system can automatically send a command to  device upon video events. Searchable video recorder allows investigation of hundred hours of recorded movies in a few minutes  instead of several hours. 6
  7. 7. Products Video Management : VisioGUARD – Distributed Digital Video Recorder  (DVR, NVR) • Supporting Analog and all major IP Cameras (more than 200 models) – Distributed Video Management b d d • Event‐centric Central Management System (CMS) – Searchable Video Recorder Video Analytics Plug‐in: VisioSHARP y g – Intrusion detection, Abandoned object, Object removal, Fallen person, Counting object, … Video Facial Biometric Authentication : VisioFACE – Identify and records the people through video surveillance streaming. License Plate Recognition : VisioLPR Automation Server Add‐on: – Able to interface, manage, monitor and control sensors (intrusion, RFID, fire, …) and devices (gate, siren, etc) Alarm handling / Rule management / Automatic triggering Al h dli R l A i i i Managed & Hosted Video Surveillance Service (SaaS): www.visiosafe.com No need for any VCR, DVR, NVR or any computer (PC free) On‐demand / unlimited / Secure / Affordable Using iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile , Smartphone, or any Web browser.  7
  8. 8. VisioGUARD : Advantages Complete and homogenous  All‐in‐one Cost effective fewer operators / less storage / scalable Higher alarm detection accuracy video analytics / sensor / interoperability Flexible / Scalable plug ins plug‐ins capability / multi‐Server / no limit / analog / IP camera multi Server Open system and fully integrated cameras (CCTV, IP, PTZ) / sensors (intrusion, RFID, …) / controlled devices (door, gate, siren, light, …) Searchable video content and faste investigation  Intelligent video surveillance video / sensor / device video analytics Efficient video recording (Storage‐efficient) Proactive video surveillance high quality / high compressed / multi‐format /  hi h lit / hi h d/ lti f t/ alarm handling  / rule management /  l h dli / l t/ event based recording automatic triggering Efficient management and monitoring Reactive video surveillance video management / device management   real‐time intervention / Industrial automation live view/ playback view / advance search li i / l b k i / d h Efficient Command & Control sensor / device 8
  9. 9. VisioGUARD : Examples of the potential • Example: Imagine a system that  – stops automatically a potential robber in the bank before the robbery occurs [VA, VM, A]. – stops automatically a car theft in the parking lot before the theft skips [VA, VM, A]. – stops automatically a potential theft in warehouse instead of discovering it on recorded video  footage[VA, VM, A]. – allows investigation of hundred hours of recorded movies in a few minutes instead of several hours  [VA, VM, A]. [VA VM A] – Entering in a parking lot with your car, you will see on the electronic display where all the free slots  are (number of available slots by floor) [VA, VM]. – In addition, imagine protecting all your facility remotely without needing an army to stand guard  [VA, VM, A]. [VA VM A] • Example: Automatic rule – if the back door is opened from 12 midnight to 6 AM, move the PTZ camera to a preset position  ( (zooming on back door), increase the recording frames per second, record the footage and email  g ) gf p f g the clip to the chief of the security, close exit gate, at once. 9
  10. 10. VisioSAFE : Hosted & Managed Solutions • VisioSafe is hosted and managed video recording service (HVaaS* & MVaaS*) for home, retail, office, small & medium‐sized business. • It allows to view, record, control, and share all security cameras remotely from anywhere with iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, or any Web browser. Home Office School • No need for any VCR, DVR, NVR or computer any more. • VisioSafe connect directly to security cameras and record the video at VisioSafe secure data center (cloud compting). • It can include large collection of video analytics plug‐ins. 10
  11. 11. VisioSAFE : Advantages • Web‐based centralized interface to securely handle any number  of public and private cameras. • All software and services are provided across the internet as  subscription model. • Works with all major desktop and mobile web browsers.  • On‐demand service. • No need to buy any software. N d b f • No up‐front cost. • No maintenance and upgrade fee. • No limit on camera and location number. No limit on camera and location number. • Supports hundreds of cameras from leading camera manufactures. • Multi‐user, multi‐location, and multi‐layout. • Secure and safe video storage / private access.  • Cloud computing infrastructure. • Large collection of video analytics plug‐ins. All you need is a desktop, laptop or mobile phone with a web browser. Reduce dramatically the cost. R d d ti ll th t Increase significantly the flexibility of video surveillance. 11
  12. 12. VisioSAFE : Services • Provide several services which full fit all needs of homes, retails,  offices, small & medium‐sized businesses. VisioSafe – One VisioSafe ‐ Standard This is a free managed This is a managed video video recording service. It d d recording service It allows service. allows to view, record, to view, record, control, and control, and share share security cameras VisioSafe ‐ Pro VisioSafe ‐ Viewer webcam remotely. remotely. This is a hosted video This is a hosted video Webcam is recorded on  Cameras are recorded on  recording service. It allows viewing service. It allows to customer computer. customer computer p customer computer. to view record control and view, record, control, view, control, and share i t l d h security cameras remotely. share security cameras There is no recording  remotely. service. Cameras are recorded at  VisioSafe datacenter. 12
  13. 13. Over All Architecture • A2TECH’s Managed Video Surveillance Service Architecture A2Tech  WISP 13
  14. 14. Locations • Each location (home / Office / School / …) will include the following applications – Video Server  / Video Recorder / Service & License Manager Video Server Video Server Video Recorder Service & License  Service & License Allows to connect to analog and  Provides High quality and high  Manager network security cameras. compressed video recording: MPEG4 /  Manage and Monitor Video  Allows to stream and manage security  H.264  / MJPEG. Server and Video Recorder. cameras. Provides several recording formats: AVI /  Manage the Licensing. Allows to view, and share security  Allows to view and share security MOV Ensures all services  are  ll cameras with iPhone, iPod Touch,  Allows adjustable frame rate recording  operational Windows Mobile , Smartphone, or any  for each channel and event. Generate Alert to Site Manager  Web browser. Allows adjustable compression quality  in case of misfuctionning. Supports hundreds of cameras from  for each camera. leading camera manufactures including  3 recording modes:  Axis, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Mobotix,  • On demand (Manual) recording. Pixord, Toshiba, D‐Link, Vivotek, etc.  • Scheduled recording. Has Plug‐in capability • Event based recording (with pre  Video Motion Detection. and post alarm recording). The  Video Analytics. event could be external sensor (IO)  Facial Biometric Identification. F i l Bi t i Id tifi ti or video analytics events or  or video analytics events or License Plate Recognition. application events. Has Alarm Management and Alarm  handling capability. 14
  15. 15. Centralized Server • In A2TECK Datacenter we will have the following applications – Video Surveillance Web Service / Site Manager / License Manager Video Surveillance Web  Video Surveillance Web Site Manager Site Manager License Manager License Manager Manage and Monitor  all remote  Manage the Licensing of all  Service Servers. remote server. Allows to control, and manage all  Ensures all remote servers are  video surveillance servers. operational. Allows to manage the licensing. Generate alert to administrator in  Generate alert to administrator in Allows to manage and monitor all  case of misfuctionning. operation misfuctionning.  Single Management System. Automatically generate operation  report on daily, weekly or monthly  basis.  15