Datasheet: Umbrella Everywhere Solution Overview


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Secure cloud gateway product overview of Umbrella Everywhere.

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Datasheet: Umbrella Everywhere Solution Overview

  1. 1. Everywhere Solution OverviewConnect to the Internet with Confidence on Internet and Mobile SecurityAny Device. Anywhere. Anytime. Delivered Through the CloudCloud computing shifts company data from IT-controlled networks to the B E TTE R PE R F O R MAN CEInternet. BYOD initiatives shift device ownership from IT teams to users. • No new latency.Despite today’s disruptive forces, Umbrella enables IT to gain (and re-gain lost) visibility and control over these distributed networks, devices • Instant, infinite scalability.and data. Secure every connection. Protect all data. Enforce all usage. • Always available with 100% uptime.Prevent Inbound Malware and Contain Outbound Botnets. • No traffic backhauls. • Protect any device connected to one or thousands of network • No battery drains. gateways and Wi-Fi hotspots across the distributed enterprise. • Data centers distributed worldwide. • Add deep insight into security threats, policies, users, computers and groups within these distributed enterprise networks. MO R E SE CU R ITY B R E AD TH • Protect any roaming computer or mobile device connecting to any • Data and application agnostic. non-controlled untrusted or wireless network supporting mobility. • Protocol and port agnostic. • Or get it all! Protection, visibility and control everywhere. • Centralized visibility and control across distributed enterprises. • Location-aware policy enforcement. UMBRELLA Security • Backed by the world’s largest Internet-Wide Security Network. Cloud • Intelligence from 50M+ Internet powered by users and Umbrella Security Labs. SECURE CHANNEL SIMPL E via Global Network • No hardware to install. • No software to maintain. • No computers to manage. WI-FI NETWORK PER PER PER HOTSPOTS GATEWAYS USER COMPUTER GROUP • No major network topology changes. • Cloud-hosted management console UMBRELLA UMBRELLA and data storage requires no training. Enterprise Insights • Instant access to new features and improvements. UMBRELLA Everywhere • Automated updates for Umbrella Security Cloud, Dashboard and UMBRELLA other components. Mobility For a free trial or more sales ROAMING MOBILE information, contact our team: COMPUTERS DEVICES 1-877-811-2367
  2. 2. Always-On Protection via a Secure Channel Who Uses the UmbrellaCloud computing and BYOD initiatives enable ubiquitous connectivity forboth business and personal use. Users now access sensitive company Security Cloud and Why?data from untrusted networks on any device. Often without enterprise- L AR G E O R G AN IZATIO N Sgrade security. Ensure Internet-wide protection every time, on every • Fortune 100 corporations improvingnetwork, by enabling a secure channel to the Umbrella Security Cloud. their defense-in-depth strategies for advanced threats such as botnets.Gain Visibility and Control Everywhere. • Securing distributed global networks • For the first time, enforce IT- or user-owned roaming computers and/or BYOD programs. or mobile devices via Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless carrier networks. SMAL L TO ME D IU M B U SIN E SSE S • Re-gain previously lost enforcement when nomadic workers use • Over 3,000 businesses eliminating laptops roaming outside the network perimeter. complexity and performance issues, • Run reports with actionable intelligence or change policies via while improving Internet security. the cloud-hosted Umbrella Dashboard. Anywhere. Anytime. K -12 E D U CATIO N • 40,000 (or 1 in 3) U.S. schools relyInternet-Wide Protection from Bad Hosts. on it to achieve CIPA compliance. • Prevent new infections caused by devices connecting to bad • Support 1:1 computing initiatives. hosts distributing, or redirecting users to, malware. • Contain data leaks and other cybercrime caused by infected H IG H E R E D U CATIO N devices connecting to bad hosts participating in botnets. • Provide a safe campus network for students’ devices to connect to. • Prevent user ID (and company data) theft caused by social engineering that misdirect users to visit bad hosts with phishing. • Stop botnet & P2P communications from consuming network bandwidth. • Filter inappropriate usage caused by users connecting to Web or non-Web servers hosting unacceptable content or applications. R E TAIL , H O SPITAL ITY & H O TSPO TS • Provide family-friendly or workplace-Global Protection from Non-Controlled Untrusted Networks. appropriate Internet access for up to 1000s of locations. In minutes. • Keep communications from roaming computers and mobile devices private and protected via an encrypted, secure channel. MAN AG E D SE R VICE PR O VID E R S • Easy provisioning with noZero Impact on Business-Critical Internet Access. maintenance burdens to protect 100s of their customers. • Lightweight combination of DNS-traffic-only routing and selective proxying to maintain network performance at scale with no added latency and zero downtime. H O ME U SE R S • Over 50 million people around the world choosing a faster, smarter andLow Total Cost of Ownership. more reliable Internet experience. • Fast and easy rollout across multiple sites. Provision, deploy and setup Umbrella in less than 30 minutes. For a free trial or more sales • Reduced investment. No additional hardware or software spends. information, contact our team: • No traditional maintenance or training burdens. Speed, reliability, 1-877-811-2367 availability and accuracy are maintained by the Umbrella service. Umbrella is a cloud security service that protects users everywhere against malware, botnets and phishing regardless of location or device, including nomadic users on iPhones, iPads, and Windows and Mac laptops. Umbrella leverages the OpenDNS Global Network, the world’s largest Internet-wide security network, serving 50 million active users daily. Unlike security products that reduce performance by backhauling traffic through hardware appliances or slow VPNs, Umbrella actually improves performance with a lightweight combination of DNS routing and selective proxying. Organizations gain visibility across today’s mobile workforce using cloud applications and services. Users always get a secure connection, whether in the office, at home or on the go.