Carnival around the world


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Carnival around the world

  1. 1. THE CARNIVAL OF RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL This is number one carnival in the world – the greatest and most colourful.It begins with the crowning of the Fat King (King Momo), who is presented with a giant silver and gold key. Then it is carnival everywhere, in the streets and squares, bars and clubs, culminating in the Samba Parade. The best samba schools in Rio march through the long Sambodromo theatre. The event is broadcast around the globe.
  2. 2. THE CARNIVAL OF VENICE, ITALY The old Venice Carnival consists of grand balls, concerts, dances and parades.People wear elaborate costumes and masks. The Venetian Mask came into being because all the residents wanted to be treated equally, no matter how rich or poor they were.
  3. 3. THE SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE CARNIVAL, SPAINThis is one of the most important carnivals of the world. In fact the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is twinned with the city ofRio for this reason. The carnival has two different parts: The Official Carnival and the Carnival in the Street. The official one has more than 100 groups. For the Carnival in the Street, there is just the participation of the people in the party.
  4. 4. THE CARNIVAL OF NEW ORLEANS, USAMardi Gras is a popular American festival in which American people take part to show their respect and support to thedifferent cultures in the city. The colour scheme is always purple, green and gold symbolizing justice, power and faith. A masked ball marks the occasion.
  5. 5. NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOMIt takes place in August. Participants wear colourful costumes through Notting Hill’s narrow streets.
  6. 6. THE CARNIVAL IN THE CARIBBEAN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGODuring the Carnival season, people take to the streets to show off elaborate costumes that groups take months to create. Bands compete against one another for the title of Band of the Year.
  7. 7. QUEBEC WINTER CARNIVAL – QUEBEC, CANADAQuebec City comes to life every February for the Quebec Winter Festival. Outdoor sports like snowboarding and ice skating, snow culptures and masquerade balls are on the schedule every year. Tons of fun for kids and adults!
  8. 8. CARNIVAL - MONTEVIDEO , URUGUAYHappy men and women get to celebrate one of the most beautiful feast in Uruguay. Carnival there is filled with theatre, song, comedy, dancing and drumming. It always offers something for everyone!