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Barranquilla's Carnival


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Barranquilla's Carnival

  1. 1. Carnival is the mostimportant festival of Barranquilla, the happiest, the most libertarian, which reflects more strongly the jovial and creative spirit of our people, and affirms our belonging to the Caribbean.
  2. 2. Next year it is goingto start in February9, 2013 (Saturday)It is going to end inFebruary 12, 2013(Tuesday)
  3. 3. WHERE IS THE BARRANQUILLA’S CARNIVAL?The Carnival of Barranquilla is held every year at theRoute 40 since 1991
  4. 4. TheBarranquilla´sCarnival lastsfour days eachyear
  5. 5. More than 1 million people, visitors and locals annuallyparticipate in the festival
  6. 6. In the Barranquilla’s Carnival people listen toseveral Colombian Caribbean music as:Party in Barranquilla (ALVAROCARDENAS), Rumba Carnival (AnibalVelásquez), Joselito Carnaval (Pacho Galan)Festajan Carnival (JOSE PIANETAPitalua), Carnival (JOE ARROYO) The FourParties (Adolfo Echeverria), Carnival Juliet(RAMON ROPAIN) , Carnival of Barranquilla(MARIO Garena), Pica Pica on Carnival(Anibal Velásquez), Carnavaliando (SONORACURRO), the Carnival polvito (AmbassadorsVALLENATO) Tamborito Carnival (LOSCORALLEROS Majagual) Pagoza Carnival(CUMBIA SOLEDEÑA) Carnivals (CUMBIASOLEDEÑA) Huléla Carnival (AlfredoGutierrez), Fruit of the Carnival (CUCKOOVALOY), Carnival (JOE MADRID), Battle ofFlowers (GRUPO NICHE), Amen (RAMONROPAIN), El Palito of cheering the Carnival(CHARLIE PLA), Carnival (PERNET)
  7. 7. The Carnival is a cultural eventwhich expresses and representsall cultural varieties of theColombian Atlantic Coast, itunleashes the folklore of theregion, the most diverse localcultural events, music anddancing. It is, withoutquestion, the most representativeof the city, a fun space thatattracts all and sundry.
  8. 8. This season, they couldmobilize about 40 billion dollarsand create more than 20,000jobs, both direct andindirect, according to estimatesby the director ofCarnival, Carla Celia.It is a fashion business, wherethe informal sector goes handin hand with business formal.In a desirable trading platformhas become in recent years theCarnival of Barranquilla, ancientfestival where you can gobeyond the dancing, thecostumes, the floats and profit.
  9. 9. The Carnival of Barranquilla is a celebration of allthat the barranquilleros enjoy using regionaltalent and inexhaustible creative personal andcollective, innate coastal ColombianCaribbean, which has grown to become one ofthe most rich and authentic cultural expressionsof our country and symbol of this city thatbecame his favorite fetish. Each annuity carnivalwe always modify the majesty, beauty and orderof its various events, starting with the officiallaunch of Carnival, followed by the reading of theProclamation and colorful parades and otherevents in the Pre-carnival season, in whichGuacherna emphasizes the call to start later thefour days of Carnival with the oldest and mostrepresentative of the parades, such as the Battleof Flowers with theirfloats, cumbias, parades, costumes anddances, among others, and in 2003 turned onehundred years. On Saturday, Sunday, Mondayand Tuesday are the highest point of a party thatis increasing in speed and enthusiasm to reach itstotal joy.