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Guest lecture engagor


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Introduction to Engagor

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Guest lecture engagor

  1. 1. EngagorSocial media monitoring,analytics & engagement Lien Brusselmans Engagor
  2. 2. Belgian start-up• Based in Ghent• Founded in February 2011• CEO: Folke Lemaitre (former Netlog CTO)• 10 employees• About 150 clients all over the world: – Microsoft Western Europe – Mobistar – European Parliament – D’ieteren – Colruyt – KBC – Belfius – …
  3. 3. What we doOnline tool for social mediamonitoring, analytics and engagementFor customer service and marketing• Monitoring  INBOX• Analytics  INSIGHTS• Engagement  INBOX
  4. 4. The Social Web!
  5. 5. Who? What? How? ? Where?Why?
  6. 6. MonitoringAutomation Analytics Engagement
  7. 7. Social media monitoring• Several sources: social media, news sites, forums, blogs, review sites, etc.• Global level: in over 160 languages• Real-time• Based on keyword search + monitored profilesAll ‘mentions’ appear in the INBOX (similar toemail inbox)
  8. 8. Social media analytics• Who is talking about our brand/competitors/industry?Age, location, number of Twitter followers, etc.• What are they saying?Top conversations, trends, etc.• When should I post new content?• Which of my Facebook posts had most success?• …All part of the INSIGHTS
  9. 9. Social media engagement• Interact with your audience from within Engagor• Organise your workflow• Complaints? Respond!• Positive experience? Respond!• Questions? Respond!
  10. 10. Demonstration Engagor
  11. 11. Reputation PR Management CampaignMarketing Monitoring Lead Sales Generation Customer Support ServicePurchasing Research