Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm June 13


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This is the eighth monthly installment of an internal presentation we give to our team to spark ideas and thoughts.

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Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm June 13

  3. 3. DR. PEPPER STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward Get fans involved with the brand. Dr. Pepper’s “One of One” asked fans to submit videos of themselves about why they are one of a kind for a chance to appear in a commercial. Dr. Pepper’s slogan is “Always one of a kind,” so the idea of the crowdsourcing campaign was to highlight real people who are unique too. Dr. Pepper also produced a series of “One of One” videos, featuring the brand’s picks of people who are making a name for themselves and have unique stories, like Misty Copeland, a ballet prodigy, Mikaela Mayer, a model turned Olympic boxing prodigy, and AndyWilliams of metal band EveryTime I Die.The videos are mini profiles and showcase these people’s talents and personal stories.There are product placement shots, but nothing overly heavy-handed.The deadline for user-created video submissions was June 19. Dr. Pepper will pick 10 semi-finalists who will then have to do some social media campaigning to gain the public’s votes using personalized hashtags onTwitter.Then the semifinalists will be whittled down to the top five finalists, and finally a grand prize winner will be chosen to star in a commercial.Source
  4. 4. DR. PEPPER OF NOTE: @stoneward The key to brands crowdsourcing seems to be making the fans the center of attention, rather than the brand. Like with Pinterest board contests, no one wants to create Pinterest boards that must include certain branded images; similarly with crowdsourcing, no one wants participate in something if it involves being forced to incorporate cheesy branded stuff as the main attraction. Campaigns like “One of One” are interesting ways to create enthusiastic brand engagement. Source
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  9. 9. PRINGLES STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward Tie the Pringles brand to the StarWars movie series to garner favor with the similar target audiences. Take a fun, clever, and adventurous approach to crafting video content in a way that celebrates both Pringles and StarWars The objectives are robust with executional mandatories, key messages, and branding guidelines.The contest rules also clearly detail the three step contest process, which includes a an idea stage, a pitch stage, and a video stage. During each wave, entrants are either eliminated, or selected to move on. If selected to move on, the entrants are awarded with a cash prize.This type of initiative requires an increased time commitment from the entrants.  As a result, Pringles was able to source serious entrants that were willing to put in the time and generate higher quality videos.The contest has generated more than a thousand fan- generated video ideas with more than 900,000 views.At present, Pringles is sharing the 30- and 60-second videos from the seven top finalists on its social media channels.The Pringles YouTube Channel has been customized to the campaign and even showcases behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the final videos. Source
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  13. 13. HEINEKEN STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward The 60+ demographic is increasing, the life expectancy of people in highly developed countries is increasing by one year, every five years.This growing demographic is largely neglected by major brands and Heineken is addressing this issue head on by setting up its Ideas Brewery, to gather ideas on how to cater for this generation of consumers. Invite the demographic to contribute to the messaging ideas. Six finalists will be invited to a three-day workshop in Amsterdam from  July 24–26, including travel and two nights’ accommodation, where they will have the chance to work with members of Heineken’s marketing, design and R&D teams to take their idea to the next level. The workshop also includes a focus group with the target audience and support from visualizers and a pitch coach for the pitch to the expert jury.The three top winners will receive cash prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000, respectively. Source
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  17. 17. HUMOR: TOEING THE LINE @stoneward
  18. 18. CHARMIN STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward Engage followers using humor. Take potty humor to a new level with music. In addition to the video, Charmin is hosted a Baby Got Back Sweepstakes on Facebook and with prizes including a trip to California to have dinner with Sir Mix-a-Lot, iTunes gift cards, tablet PCs, Charmin coupons, etc. Source
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  20. 20. OLD SPICE STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward Engage followers using humor. Prove that banner ads do work. ;) A scratch-and-sniff banner ad, which of course they called the world's first. It ran over onThe Onion's sports section.Clicking on it took viewers to a form you fill out—after which they'll send you something in the mail that will let you "smell the Internet." It lacks the immediacy of real scratch-and-sniff gimmicks, perhaps, but spares you from looking like an idiot at the office with your nose to the computer screen. It promotes theWolfthorn line of products. Source
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  23. 23. APPLE STRATEGY: IDEA: EXECUTION: @stoneward Demonstrate the importance of beautiful design. Use video to set the tone for theWWDC meeting. Tell a story using an animated video. Source
  24. 24. DISCUSSION/ QUESTIONS @stoneward
  25. 25. KEY TAKEAWAYS •Consumers are understanding marketing more and more.They expect to connect with brands and for brands to work hard for that connection. •We cannot underestimate the power of stories to make those connections, especially stories told through video. @stoneward
  26. 26. THANK YOU. Emily Reeves @reeves501 @stoneward