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Old Spice Case Analysis


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Old Spice Case Analysis

  1. 1. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like CampaignBy: Kelsey Hinchliffe and Jaimie Olson
  2. 2. The Client Owned by Procter & Gamble Fortune 500 company founded in 1837 Produces 3 categories of consumer goods  Beauty  Household  Health Other brands include Olay, Gillette, Crest, Tampax, Dawn, Charmin Febreeze
  3. 3. TheClientOLD SPICE First product was for women introduced in 1937 Men’s products followed in 1938 Offers shaving cream, aftershave, deodora nt, body wash, and body spray Known for its sailing theme and red product packaging.
  4. 4. The AgencyWieden + Kennedy Founded in 1982 by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy 8 offices all around the world (Portland, Amsterdam, Tokyo, etc.) Clients include Nike, Coke, ESPN, Honda, Microsof t, Miller Brewing, Old Spice Website
  5. 5. ResearchConsumer Surveys: male body wash is usually purchased by women (Bradley)Women purchase about 70% of all male toiletry productsBody wash strikes the majority of men as unmanly
  6. 6. The ProblemHow can Old Spice market body wash to female purchasers and at the same time make it seem more masculine and appealing than a bar of soap to their male target consumers?
  7. 7. Competitive Environment Biggest rival is Axe (Newman) (West)  Also makes male grooming products  Owned by Unilever Axe spent $30 million in advertising in 2009 while Old Spice only spent $7.5 million Axe campaigns tend to be over the top and have ordinary men that suddenly become sexy to women that have a great deal of sex appeal
  8. 8. Objectives “Start a dialogue between men and women and boyfriends and girlfriends” Beat out Axe as the leading seller of body wash to men all across the nation Embrace social networking as a way of engaging customers Combine both feminine and masculine appeal in their advertisements
  9. 9. Objectives Make the objectives quantifiable and add a deadlineEXAMPLE: By the end of 2010 increase sales of Old Spice Body Wash by 15%.EXAMPLE: By the end of 2010, Old Spice must lead Axe in body wash sales by 10%.EXAMPLE: In the next consumer survey, 50% of all men must have a favorabe view of Old Spice Body Wash.
  10. 10. Target AudienceMen ages 18 to 34Women with boyfriends or husbands or children in that age range that are purchasing the products (Parpis)
  11. 11. StrategyMaintain heritage of the brand (seafaring theme) but repackage it with a satirical twistStress the masculinity of the brandMake people feel personally invested in the brand (Bowen)
  12. 12. Tactics CAMPAIGN COST: $11.4 Million (Hallerman)TV Online Banner Commercials AdsCinema Ads WebsiteFacebook DownloadsTwitter MerchandiseYouTube Earned Media
  13. 13. Tactics
  14. 14. TacticsOld Spice WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeOprah Show
  15. 15. Evaluation In less than 3 days, 5.2 million views on YouTube Twitter followers grew from 3,000 to 90,000 Facebook fans 675,000 (interaction climbing by 800%) 1 billion media impressions W+K won Emmy for outstanding commercial (Axon) Sesame Street Parody (Worsham)
  16. 16. Evaluation Nielsen Data  Old Spice Body Wash sales up 11% in last 12 months  Old Spice Body Wash sales up 27% in last 6 months  Old Spice Body Wash sales up 55% in last 3 months  Old Spice Body Wash sales up 107% in the last month (Parpis)
  17. 17. TheoriesFraming TheoryTwo Step Flow
  18. 18. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths  Weaknesses  Embraced social  Some considered it media too redundant  Very memorable  Fake characters in commercials social media  Made consumers a part of the campaign