Stone Ward 30 in 30 October 2013


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A presentation to our staff about the top digital news from the last 30 days delivered in 30 minutes or less.

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Stone Ward 30 in 30 October 2013

  1. 1. 30 30 in Top Digital News From The Last 30 Days Delivered In 30 Minutes (Or Less) October 2013
  2. 2. A quick glimpse of cool digital campaigns, news and announcements that are worth knowing. Pay attention. This is going to go by quickly. 2 @stoneward
  3. 3. Advertising In Your Stream • • • “Sponsored content,” AKA “ads” will start showing in your Instagram feed the first of November. Ads will have an icon indicating they are paid content. Users can provide feedback as to whether the ad is interesting/relevant to them (a la Hulu). 3 @stoneward
  4. 4. Advertising In Your Stream • • • • Twitter photos and Vine videos will now automatically show in your stream; more like Facebook. This means that ads/sponsored content will start showing fully exposed in your streams. Does NOT apply to Instagram photos. Mobile users have option to turn off this feature. 4 @stoneward
  5. 5. Networks Doing More • • • • • Google+ announced 18 new features to the social network. Working to keep you within the network longer. SMS texting through Hangouts. Geo-locator. “The best social network for users who care about their photographs.” 5 @stoneward
  6. 6. Creative Short Video • • Continue to see brands using Vine in creative ways to tell stories, stand out and entertain. Burt’s Bees is using Vine to recreate scenes from classic literature. (Burt’s seven core products are called “classics,” hence the tie to classic literature.) 6 @stoneward
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  9. 9. Fun + Philanthropy • • • Show your support for Ducks Unlimited conservation efforts by growing a beard and sharing it during duck season. Each day, participants use the mobile app to take a photo of their beard. It will appear on your public profile page on the DU website. Throughout the program, prizes will be awarded such as waterfowling gear, coolers, DU merchandise, etc., to random participants. 9 @stoneward
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  12. 12. Owning YouTube • • • Dodge Durango and Ron Burgundy on a fully-branded YouTube channel. Two weeks out of the gate, the campaign captured the attention of TV audiences and notched more viral-video views online than any auto ads in recent memory. Dodge turned over a lot of creative control to Ferrell and his associates, who essentially set the camera on him, a Durango, and a bunch of props such as a horse — and just let Ferrell riff in character for hours. The hilariously unctuous actor ended up putting seventy video spots in the can for Dodge. 12 @stoneward
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  16. 16. Twitter Personality • • • • Allstate’s Mayhem joined Twitter on Sept. 24 he got to work quickly, posting nearly 450 tweets in a single day. Then, he went silent for several days beginning Oct. 6. The seemingly erratic behavior is actually a calculated effort by Allstate and its agency, to use the social-media tool to extend the reach of one of advertising's most recognized characters with a judicious yet seemingly spontaneous approach. The account, which is managed by a team of about 15 people at Allstate and Burnett, will be used to preview TV spots. The approach will conform to the character's persona, which is to personify the dangers that can haunt consumers if they don't have good insurance. For instance, on Oct. 1, Mayhem polled followers about what he should portray in the next ad: a charcoal grill or a cheap bungee cord. Although consumers voted for the cord, Mayhem disobeyed, tweeting: "Too bad I'm a tailgate grill. Who's got a light?" He followed it up with Vine videos of a car set on fire from a grill mishap. Allstate will also inject the character into current-event conversations that often overtake Twitter. But in doing so the insurer will follow the Mayhem rulebook, which is to avoid incidents that caused death or injury, as well as anything that might be too divisive. 16 @stoneward
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  18. 18. Connect Accounts • • • Starbucks introduced a new program that let’s users tweet a coffee to a Twitter friend after you link your Twitter account to your Starbucks card account. Easy to give and redeem. Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks said Twitter's strength is both in its mobile convenience and its ability to bridge the online and offline worlds. "It does feed into those physical offline/online moments of serendipity," he said. Brotman envisions consumers having chance encounters in real life and then gifting one another. 18 @stoneward
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  20. 20. Google Brand Insights • Google has a tool that tracks pictures, words and actions to show you what brands are doing now and what they've done over time. 20 @stoneward
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  22. 22. Questions? 22 @stoneward
  23. 23. Thank you. presented by: Emily Reeves, Director of Digital Innovation & Insight Planning at Stone Ward @stoneward