Adventure Island Case Study


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Adventure Island, Rohini is an amusement park in Rohini, Delhi who wants spread the word about the famous rides, attractions, ambiance and the fun-factor of Adventure Island.

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Adventure Island Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY
  2. 2. 1) Brief About The Organization • Hats-Off(Rich Media), an agency dedicated towards creating, building and energizing brands reputation and visibility. • With a blend of purpose-driven creativity, brand marketing acumen, Mobile, Research and digital media prowess, Hats-Off delivers programming that creates powerful connections between people and products.
  3. 3. Brand Name: Adventure Island, Rohini Time: September 2013 till Date Adventure Island, Rohini is an amusement park in Rohini, Delhi. One of the most renowned amusement parks in the state of Delhi. The park is well known among the youth since the location has been used to shoot famous songs from Bollywood-Jigar Da Tukda-Ladies Vs Ricky Behl.
  4. 4. 2) Objective On Social Media. • To reach the right audience through effective strategy and strong focus on keeping up the name of Adventure Island. • Appealing creative visuals and content which lets our fans know about the park and the kind of fun one can experience on visiting. • To spread the word about the famous rides, attractions, ambience and the fun-factor of Adventure Island. • To let our fans know about new offers or any events happening on some festivals. • To urge our fans to come to Adventure Island again and again. • To start effective campaigns or contest to bring engagement and interaction on the page…and offer gifts to contest winners and build brand goodwill.
  5. 5. 3) Screenshots Of Campaigns And Contests. Photo tagging contest: Where are fans were supposed to tag our photos to as many friends as they can. We created a visual for the ones who were leading in the contest. Chhota Bheems Arrival At The Diwali Mela: It was the Diwali event at Adventure Island and Chhota Bheem was coming on that day. We made a campaign out of this showing that Bheem has left his place and is on the way to Adventure Island. We created a road map taking and used the names of the areas from the map and placed Bheem on several places showing hes on his way and sometimes he sat somewhere to have his favourite laddoos. This had created a lot of attraction on the page and built interest in our fans to visit Adventure Island at this event.
  6. 6. Letter On The Ride: To build more interest among our fans, we took each letter from the word ADVENTURE ISLAND and added the letter on the visual with an image of their ride. For Example: U and the Fire Department Ride, you can see on the left. Classic Rides: In this campaign we wanted to the show the revolutionary change in the taste of the consumer which has been observed over a period of time. This was targeted towards people who fell in the age group of the more than 45 to 50. This was done to show our fans that how these old rides are replaced by the new ones which are there at Adventure Island.
  7. 7. Cartoons: You like cartoons, don’t you? Well that’s what we thought and created another campaign in which we used all the famous cartoons like tom and jerry, dexters laboratory, sylvester and tweety, etc. We used these characters to create a comic instance where one can see that they are either arguing or showing that they both like to go on the same ride. Just to bring funny moments for our fans. Slogan/Poem Contest: This was a contest on our page. Where we asked our fans to create a poem where they have to mention the word adventure. Initially this contest was named as share and win contest. Where we had asked our fans to share our visuals as much as they can. But after 2-3 days we twisted the contest to slogan or poem contest. Here also we had chosen a winner and they were gifted with a free couple ticket to Adventure Island.
  8. 8. The Riddle Contest: We started this riddle contest where we used to post riddles on the page and asked our fans to answer it in our message box. Since this contest had run for two weeks and each day we posted riddles, we decided to have three winners on one condition that they have to participate on every riddle and answer correctly. To enter this contest we had kept a condition that new fans have to like the page to participate. This brought a lot of new audience on our page. We usually create new cover images whenever we attain a certain milestone on the page likes. After every 5000 likes we created a new cover image. When this contest had started we created the 30,000 likes cover and in two weeks we saw a rise in the like upto 35,000. All this was absolutely organic.
  9. 9. 4) Result • We started working on Adventure Island’s page In September when the page likes were 7,000 and now we have more than 35,000 likes. This journey uptil now which has given us 5x rise from the starting date, was purely natural and without any paid ads campaign. • Recently Adventure Island was felicitated with some prestigious awards like: Winner for the Best Social Media Activity. Winner for the Best Human Resource Management. Runner Up Award: For Radio Advertisements, Print Media and Variety Rides. • As per the latest figures: Adventure Island has 35,716 Likes 4 Stars (6,043 Ratings) 1,433 people talking about Adventure Island. 27,969 check ins
  10. 10. 5) Statistics Till Date
  11. 11. 6) Insights As Of March 31, 2014
  12. 12. Thank You