Stone Ward 30 in 30 January 2014


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Every month at Stone Ward, Emily Reeves presents the top digital communications trends, efforts and fun facts to the staff. This is the presentation for January 2014.

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Stone Ward 30 in 30 January 2014

  1. 1. January 2014
  2. 2. Currently Trending GRAMMY AWARDS! ! STATE OF THE UNION! ! SUPER BOWL @stoneward
  3. 3. GRAMMY ! AWARDS @stoneward
  4. 4. The Conversation Stats "The biggest social television event of 
 the 2013-2014 TV season to date.” ! On Facebook, 6.3 million people had more than 3.5 million interactions related to the Grammys. ! Twitter users sent 15.2 million tweets during the East Coast broadcast. ! 2013 had a total of 15.4 million social interactions total.
 2012 had 17 million social interactions (Whitney Houston’s death). @stoneward
  5. 5. Facebook: Most Talked About 1. Queen Latifah presiding over weddings while Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna perform a mashup of "Same Love" and "Open Your Heart.” 2. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons performing "Radioactive" and "M.A.A.D City.” 3. Metallica and Lang Lang performing “One." 4. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis winning Best New Artist. 5. Beyonce and Jay Z opening the show. @stoneward
  6. 6. Twitter: Most Talked About Lorde, Beyonce and Taylor Swift were the most-mentioned artists. ! The mashup performance by Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons was the night's biggest moment for tweets, clocking in at 171,593 tweets per minute at its peak. ! Lorde's win for Best Pop Solo Performance and her performance of "Royals" rounded out the top three peak moments with 152,688 and 146,083 tweets per minute. @stoneward
  7. 7. Brand Activity The Command Centers ! were ready. @stoneward
  8. 8. Brand Activity @stoneward
  9. 9. Brand Activity @stoneward
  10. 10. Brand Activity @stoneward
  11. 11. Brand Activity @stoneward
  12. 12. Brand Activity @stoneward
  13. 13. Brand Activity #winning @stoneward
  14. 14. Brand Activity @stoneward
  15. 15. Brand Activity @stoneward
  16. 16. Brand Activity @stoneward
  17. 17. Brand Activity @stoneward
  18. 18. Brand Activity @stoneward
  19. 19. Brand Activity @stoneward
  20. 20. Brand Activity @stoneward
  21. 21. Brand Activity @stoneward
  22. 22. Brand Activity: Pepsi • • • • • TV ad poking fun at Super Bowl halftime shows, while simultaneously promoting the halftime show set to air during the Super Bowl. Partnered with BuzzFeed to build a web experience that repackaged ad content in a top 10 list and featured a feed of Pepsi’s tweets. Live tweeted throughout the event and highlighted their social content with promoted tweets—mixing paid, owned and earned media to create a multichannel marketing campaign. Creatively used visual content by seeding Vine video clues to take users to a filming of the Pepsi Halftime Supervine and posting preroll videos with Mike Ditka and Deion Sanders to build anticipation. Maintained momentum throughout the night by tweeting at celebs during the show in attempt to work their way into the conversation and reach celebs’ loyal followers. @stoneward
  23. 23. Brand Activity: Pepsi @stoneward
  24. 24. Brand Activity: Pepsi @stoneward
  25. 25. STATE! OF THE ! UNION @stoneward
  26. 26. The Conversation On Twitter, users sent 1.7 million tweets related to the 
 President Barack Obama's State of the Union address 
 during the 70-minute span on Tuesday night. ! Even members of Congress were not above fiddling with smartphones during the speech; they contributed 
 750 tweets to the chorus — 0.04% of the 1.7 million. ! "Fairness," "healthcare" and "defense" were among the most hashtagged terms related to the State of the Union. @stoneward
  27. 27. The Conversation Both President First Lady recorded Instagram videos and Vines 
 to advertise the address. ! Twitter wondered what VP was doing, prompted by a series of Buzzfeed tweets. ! The peak tweeting moment came when Mr. Obama referenced 
 “Mad Men” as he pushed for equal pay for women. 33,000 TPM. ! The most interactive State of the Union ever. ! Viewers were encouraged to post questions on social media for a panel of senior administration officials that followed the address. On Friday, Mr. Obama will embark on a 
 “virtual roadtrip” to answer questions on a Google+ Hangout. @stoneward
  28. 28. @stoneward
  29. 29. @stoneward
  30. 30. @stoneward
  31. 31. SUPER! BOWL @stoneward
  32. 32. The Digital Buys Volkswagen has purchased the term "Super Bowl" on Google. The ad directs users to VW's Super Bowl ad teaser, which was up to about 1.5 million YouTube views on Monday morning. ! Doritos, VW and Bud Light each bought ads against the Google search for "Doritos Super Bowl ad." ! Google claims that the searches for "Super Bowl commercials" are double what they were at this time last year. ! Ads for Bud Light, Jaguar and Axe also promote their hashtags (#UpForWhatever, #GoodToBeBad and #KissForPeace, respectively) within their paid search ads. @stoneward
  33. 33. The Digital Buys @stoneward
  34. 34. The Digital Buys @stoneward
  35. 35. The Digital Buys @stoneward
  36. 36. The Conversation The first Twitter-worthy moment of the Super Bowl season came early this year, when Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman lit up social media with a GIF-able outburst. ! 61% of those surveyed said they will 
 share the ads on social media. ! 41.2% of those polled said they would be on social media during most, if not all, of the game, with 55.8% planning to share content primarily on Facebook. @stoneward
  37. 37. @stoneward
  38. 38. @stoneward
  39. 39. @stoneward
  40. 40. The Search All the marketing money in the world doesn't seem to stop Google autocomplete from unearthing ugly truths — 
 or at least unattractive misconceptions — about the brands advertising in the Super Bowl. ! As dozens of brands gear up to premiere their 
 $4 million-plus ads on Sunday, here's a glimpse at what consumers really think of them. @stoneward
  41. 41. The Search @stoneward
  42. 42. The Search @stoneward
  43. 43. Emily Reeves @reeves501