SW Creative Digital Comm March 13


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This is the sixth monthly installment of an internal presentation we give to our team to spark ideas and thoughts.

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SW Creative Digital Comm March 13

  3. 3. OREO STRATEGY: Prove that Oreo can still have plenty of fun. IDEA: Put together a cookies vs. cream campaign that launches with the Super Bowl spot. EXECUTION: Following the "Whisper Fight" Super Bowl spot, the #cookiethis/ #cremethis Instagram campaign, the Oreo Separator videos and the "Life Raft" TV spot, the campaign wrapped up with SuperImportantTest.com, an amusing grab bag of a website which makes it clear that theres no wrong answer to the question of which part of an Oreo is better. Submitting a vote on the site takes you to one of more than 30 silly videos—from 2-D horse animations to robotic cats and everything in between. After each one, you can go back and cycle through the others.Source @stoneward
  4. 4. OREOSource @stoneward
  5. 5. OREOSource @stoneward
  6. 6. THREE (a British mobile network) STRATEGY: Prove that they know what their customers want: funny stuff on the Internet. IDEA: Make dancing pony videos. EXECUTION: Create a hilarious commercial starring a moonwalking Shetland Pony via Wieden & Kennedy to prove that it gets what its customers want. Its a film tailormade to go viral and an accompanying digital element lets you remix your own pony video to make the little guy do some more fun stuff. From the agency note: "Rather than just play back the crazy things online that we all like to share, we wanted actually to contribute to it.We wanted to celebrate the seemingly silly stuff and also provide the means for people to mess with it and create their own little pieces of joy that they can share.”Source @stoneward
  7. 7. THREE (a British mobile network)Source @stoneward
  8. 8. THREE (a British mobile network)Source @stoneward
  9. 9. OZ/CHROME STRATEGY: To show the power and maturity of open web technologies supported by modern browsers. IDEA: Create an Oz experience using Chrome technologies. EXECUTION: The Google Chrome experiment takes you on an interactive journey from a circus to the land of Oz with a balloon ride and an encounter with an ugly storm in between.This experience uses the latest modern web technologies such as WebGL and WebRTC to create a truly immersive setting while delivering a highly interactive experience. "Find Your Way to Oz" represents an amazing collaboration and intersection between entertainment and technology. It allowed Disney to create an engaging experience with their film that was immersive and entertaining.Source @stoneward
  10. 10. OZSource @stoneward
  11. 11. OZSource @stoneward
  13. 13. STARBUCKS STRATEGY: Position Starbucks as a lifestyle brand. IDEA: Use Pinterest to show ideas and images that relate to the Starbucks brand. EXECUTION: It only has seven boards but they have more than 900 pins between them, and have attracted more than 76,000 followers. In comparison,Walmart has created 65 boards but has just 12,000 followers, while ASOSs 13 boards have around 25,000. The boards are full of fantastic images that are almost entirely sourced from third-party sites.This is an important part creating a successful Pinterest strategy, and is something that a number of brands don’t seem to grasp. In September 2012 it offered followers the chance to win a Verismo System coffee machine if they created a board named ‘It’s possible’ then pinned six images to it, including one of the new machine.Source @stoneward
  14. 14. STARBUCKSSource @stoneward
  15. 15. STARBUCKSSource @stoneward
  16. 16. NARS STRATEGY: Use Pinterest to offer exclusive deals to followers and generate sales. IDEA: Work with popular pinners to drive traffic to the Nars retail site. Nars partnered with three popular Pinterest users to offer early EXECUTION: (and exclusive) access to its new Satin Lip Pencil collection. In collaboration with Nars, the three women have developed Pinterest boards for their own accounts that compliment the pencils three color categories: red, pink and nude. For a week leading up to the collections full release, Nars fans will be able to purchase the pencils only by clicking on product images pinned to the boards. New pins will be added throughout the week. Nars didnt insist on heavy branding, instead encouraging the women to pin the kind of inspiring images Pinterest users like. Product placements will appear at intervals. Using Pinterest- specific analytics tool Pinfluencer, the companys digital marketing team identified three users who had already driven significant traffic to its website.While many companies invite much-followed Pinterest users to "guest pin" for their own accounts, Nars was smart to encourage their partners to pin for their own accounts,Source and thus take advantage of their far larger followings. @stoneward
  17. 17. NARSSource @stoneward
  18. 18. NARSSource @stoneward
  19. 19. NARSSource @stoneward
  20. 20. NARSSource @stoneward
  21. 21. KEY LEARNINGS/TAKEAWAYS @stoneward
  22. 22. KEY LEARNINGS • Content that comes from a brand doesn’t have to be heavily branded. In fact, it is more likely to get shared if it is not heavily branded. • People are bored at work, bored standing in line and bored sitting on their couches. Give them something entertaining and they will spend countless hours with it. • Know your target audience and cater to them, where they are spending their time. @stoneward
  23. 23. DISCUSSION/QUESTIONS @stoneward
  24. 24. THANK YOU.Emily Reevesereeves@stoneward.com@reeves501@stonewardwww.waitingfortheelevator.com