Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm December 12


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This is the third monthly presentation to our internal teams showing some of the latest digital marketing efforts by brands around the world.

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Stone Ward Creative Digital Comm December 12

  2. 2. THEMES • Video • Targeting Millennials • Holidays • Crowdsourcing • Creating an experience @stoneward
  3. 3. VIDEO:IT WORKS @stoneward
  4. 4. MINI COOPER/SPCA STRATEGY: Prove that dogs from shelters are not second-rate pets. IDEA: Teach shelter dogs a new trick and show it off to the world. EXECUTION: Specially-outfit Mini Cooper cars, teach dogs how to drive them and video the whole thing.Source @stoneward
  5. 5. MINI COOPER/SPCASource, Source @stoneward
  7. 7. CAMPBELL’S SOUP STRATEGY: Get the Millennial audience excited about soup and a new product called Campbell’s Go. IDEA: Go online and talk “Millennial speak.” EXECUTION: Ditch the cans, create new packaging with faces of people who represent stereotypical millennials (like a girl with thick glasses) and launch a site for the new line of soups that is powered by Tumblr and is full of attempts at Millennial humor that involve cheesy jokes about how to save money or get over an ex and phrases that young people use, like “What’s crackin’?” Campbell’s also pulled out the big guns to attract their target audience: cats. The Campbell’s Go site has a section for nutritional information that is presented by cat GIFs, because, of course, you cannot attract millennials to a website without using the Web’s favorite animal.Source @stoneward
  8. 8. CAMPBELL’S SOUP CHANNELS: • Tumblr: Campbell’s Go has its own Tumblr page, which features similar content to the Facebook page. • BuzzFeed: the soup brand has teamed up with social news site BuzzFeed, creating funny posts that are designed to promote sharing – examples include “17 Animals Who Were Totally Prepared for Halloween,” “10 Famous Landmarks and Their Greatest Facsimiles,” and “10 DIY Tips for Camping Without Leaving Home” Campbell’s Go is also sponsoring BuzzFeed’s Nom Nom Feed, so posts tagged with Nom Nom appear with a branded tab - ”Presented by Campbell’s Go Soups.” • Spotify: Campbell’s Go flavors are the inspiration behind a new set of playlists on digital music service Spotify, with one playlist for each of the six flavors.When a user listens to one of these songs on Spotify, he/she receives a coupon for Campbell’s Go and gains access to the full playlist. • Angry Birds: Campbell’s Go is also a launch sponsor for Angry Birds Star Wars (of Rovio Entertainment), and fans on the to-go soup’s Facebook page will have access to character reveals and game-playing tips.Source @stoneward
  9. 9. CAMPBELL’S SOUPSource @stoneward
  10. 10. CAMPBELL’S SOUPSource @stoneward
  11. 11. CAMPBELL’S SOUPSource @stoneward
  12. 12. CAMPBELL’S SOUPSource @stoneward
  13. 13. CAMPBELL’S SOUPSource @stoneward
  15. 15. PINTEREST STRATEGY: Drive holiday traffic for some influential pinners. IDEA: For the 30 days leading up to Christmas, feature the holiday boards of a selected pinner each day. EXECUTION: From Katie Couric, to Anthropologie, to Southwest Air, Pinterest is further endearing itself to influential pinners and brands as a business tool and traffic-driver. While the effort is consumer- facing, its also a nod to the many retailers who are busily tending their Pinterest sites in the hopes of encouraging online sales this holiday.The holiday pinboards will also live on the sites of their creators once theyre unveiled on the calendar.Source, Source @stoneward
  16. 16. PINTERESTSource @stoneward
  17. 17. PINTERESTSource @stoneward
  18. 18. PINTERESTSource @stoneward
  19. 19. SKITTLES STRATEGY: Get in the holiday spirit and engage consumers with the brand as they waste time at work leading up to the holiday. IDEA: Create your own Skittles Christmas commercial and share it online. EXECUTION: Developed a video-based website where users choose from a bunch of elements in a template to create their own Skittles Holiday ad.The characters, background setting, dialogue and, well, the "miracles" are all accounted for; their arrangement is up to you.The variety here offers more video possibilities than there are Skittles in a vending machine bag.Source @stoneward
  20. 20. SKITTLESSource @stoneward
  21. 21. SKITTLESSource @stoneward
  22. 22. SKITTLESSource @stoneward
  23. 23. SKITTLESSource @stoneward
  25. 25. LINCOLN STRATEGY: Engage a younger audience in the launch of the new Lincoln MKZ. IDEA: Hire Jimmy Fallon (and his 7 million Twitter followers) to “write the script” for the Super Bowl spot using tweet responses to Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter questions. EXECUTION: Launch a microsite hub for the Campaign called Steer the Script. Jimmy Fallon tweets questions about cars, road trips, etc. and asks for responses tagged #steerthescript.They have not revealed how the brand will take the tweets and turn them into a :60 commercial, but the time has closed for contribution and the script is currently being written. To kick of the #steerthescript campaign, Lincoln used a traditional TV spot, as well as Jimmy Fallon’s social media efforts.Source, Source @stoneward
  26. 26. LINCOLNSource @stoneward
  27. 27. HEINEKEN STRATEGY: Celebrate the brand’s 140th anniversary and engage fans in an element that marks the anniversary. IDEA: Give fans access to the brand’s history and design assets and invite them to design the next beer bottle. EXECUTION: The winning design will be featured on a limited edition bottle, and distributed in specially-designed packaging by Joshua Davis. Thirty finalists will also have their designs displayed at Milan Design Week next year. The design challenge is open to people around the world, who have until March 1st to submit their bottle of the future. Mark van Iterson, Heineken’s global head of design, said: “While we’re constantly looking ahead, we never forget our DNA – seeking inventive ways to draw on our evolution to create something new for the future. This ethos has helped to make Heineken so iconic over the course of its 140 years and we think REMIX is a great theme to involve designers all over the world, giving them the freedom to delve into our past and create their own take on our future.”Source @stoneward
  28. 28. HEINEKENSource @stoneward
  29. 29. HEINEKENSource @stoneward
  30. 30. HEINEKENSource @stoneward
  31. 31. NEW CASTLE STRATEGY: Demonstrate that New Castle is hip to the photography trend. IDEA: New Castle knows the truth behind your Instagram photos. The beer company launched a new Facebook app that uncovers EXECUTION: the real meaning behind that Instagram you posted of your brunch. (“I’m at brunch. I hope you wish you were here.”)  The app lets you select a clichéd category of Instagram photos, add a subtext caption and then re-share the image with your friends.   The quirky campaign paints the brand as humorous and no- nonsense.Source @stoneward
  32. 32. NEW CASTLESource @stoneward
  33. 33. NEW CASTLESource @stoneward
  34. 34. BEN & JERRY’S STRATEGY: Connect with fans in a local and personal way. Use the popularity of Instagram and leverage the B&J 123,000 IDEA: followers to push the brand’s “euphoric” message. “We chose the theme of ‘Capture Euphoria’ because we felt it gave our fans a way to express euphoria from their own particular point of view: from sunsets to smiles to ice cream sundaes,” says Jay Curley, Integrated Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry’s. To enter, fans have to tag #captureeuphoria to their Instagram EXECUTION: photos.The subject of the photos has to somehow hew to the theme. About 20 photos will be chosen between now and January.The winning pics will be featured in local print, bus station and billboard ads near the fans home.Source, Source @stoneward
  35. 35. BEN & JERRY’SSource @stoneward
  36. 36. BEN & JERRY’SSource @stoneward
  37. 37. BEN & JERRY’SSource @stoneward
  38. 38. BEN & JERRY’SSource @stoneward
  40. 40. STELLA ARTOIS STRATEGY: Get in the holiday spirit with Stella Artois. IDEA: Send the Stella Artois girl to your doorstep for caroling. EXECUTION: Through a custom Facebook app, users can create a customized message delivered as somewhat of a signing telegram to themselves or to friends.Source @stoneward
  41. 41. STELLA ARTOISSource @stoneward
  42. 42. STELLA ARTOISSource @stoneward
  43. 43. RED STRIPE STRATEGY: Share the brand mood and experience at the point of purchase. IDEA: Make music with the purchase of a Red Stripe beer. EXECUTION: Clientele at a certain shop in London accidentally triggered a unique orchestra whenever they reached for the Jamaican brew. For one magical day only, an assortment of products, ranging from bottles and cans to bags of chips, transformed into makeshift instruments working together to play The Specials’ "Message to Rudy".Source @stoneward
  44. 44. FIREFOX STRATEGY: Allow interaction with videos just as you would interact with content on the web. IDEA: Create a tool that allows any user to create dynamic video content pulling from web content. EXECUTION: On the TED stage Ryan Merkley demos Popcorn Maker, a new web-based tool for easy video remixing.Source @stoneward
  45. 45. DISCUSSION/QUESTIONS @stoneward
  46. 46. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Animals driving are really cute. • Using technology to customize the experience is still considered a novelty. • Be careful when it comes to your target audience: cliches will turn them off. • Involving consumers in content creation can work given the right context and elements. • Video, video, video. Use it. @stoneward
  47. 47. THANK YOU.Emily