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My proposal for my 2D animation


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My proposal for my 2D animation

  1. 1. My Proposal for my 2D Animation 17/01/12 My Initial Idea My ideas firstly were…. FLIPBOOK- THE RUN AWAY PRAM Basic stickman drawing walking with a pram and they come to a hill and the stickman lets go of the pram and the pram is out of control and it goes over other hills and does a little spin in the air and lands safely. However I didn’t pick this idea because testing the flipbook with my own example which is shown on my page, I found it quite difficult to draw and I kept forgetting what a drew on the previous page. So I thought this idea was good but it would be difficult. ROTOSCOPING –SPORT MANIC A basic idea of people playing sport but I only capture the equipment. For example, someone kicking a football into the goal as they kick it turns into rotoscope and head into the goal ill only capture the football. Again with a tennis ball as someone hits it ill capture the ball being hit to the other side of the court and it turns into rotoscoping. However with this idea with the time limit of doing the animation, rotoscoping takes time and I don’t think I could of produced my 2D animation on time or I would have had to rush it and it wouldn’t of been as good as it could of. ABOBE FLASH –RACE DAY An idea that involves drawing and cutting out people uploading them onto abobe flash, and they are running a race and out the end the scene changes with piles for the winner to stand on and celebrate. However using flash isn’t one of my strong points and I using flash before I couldn’t get to grips with how to use it and for that reason im not going to pick this idea. Thinking of my ideas, I have come up with one called Piggy Panic.
  2. 2. 17/01/12My Developed IdeaCUT OUT – PIGGY PANIC – why this idea?This idea consist of using paper, scissors and colouring pens. The idea isabout a little piggy escaping from a butchers. However to add comicaleffects instead of a butcher running to try and catch him its in fact a meatknife with eyes and blood at the corner of it. By the end the pig hasescaped leaving the knife to get stuck in a pile of hay.This was my favorite idea because it looked simple to make and I’m goingto use final cut pro to edit because I found final cut pro easier to use outof all the software. I don’t have to make the drawers complicated, justniceand simple and fun so that everyone can enjoy it. I am going tocolour in everything, so the location is going to be a street location sogoing to draw pavements, the sky and to feel so that the audienceunderstand is that the location is going to be drawn as if it was night so ithave a moon because animals are more likely to escape at night whennobody is around. I picked a meat knife so it could have a little differentto a normal ‘pig chase’ and just to add comedy into it.Why I’m going to use this techniqueI picked cut out because I think it would be a fun creative way to make ananimation. You also can change things in the animation very quickly, forexample moving props that are in the animation to other spots quicklyand easy, and that goes with saying about the characters, they will beeasily moveable. Im going to cut out different faces of the pig and knifeso that the audience can feel that sort of reaction which makes cut out somuch more mean fuller.FORM OF ANIMATIONAs it cut out, I wanted to bring back the ‘old school’ gaming of cat chasingmouse, but in this case a knife chasing a pig to change it up. I wanted tocreate this form of animation because I thought it was creative andpeople can have different opinions about it, even though it isn’t gory andviolent some people may that its disturbing because its as if it’s a real lifething, for example vegetarians may think its what they want to see andnot want they want to hear, but then like meat lovers may enjoy andfound it amusing with the knife with blood on it, so there are differentthoughts on what I want to create which is why I picked this form ofanimation.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCEThe target audience that I want to attract is males over 10 is because Ifeel with using a pig ‘meat’ the general ‘stereotype’ is that man likemeat, and with it escaping I want to know how they fell about it and dothey understand. The reasons I want to aim it at males is because thereis blood involved and the story is about a pig escaping males are likely toenjoy it more then females.LENGTHThe length of my animation, I don’t want it to be to long so approx. 30seconds long, so that the audience get a good look at what’s going on tomake it clear for them. If it was longer of just the chase it my get a bitboring for the audience and not that interesting, so short and simple Ithink is what im going to do and because it is a simple idea I want it to beclear and fun to watch. Approx. 30 seconds is what I’m aiming for.SOUNDTRACKI’m going to have non diegetic sounds because I think in an animationsoundtracks is the most important. Using non - diegetic conventionsbrings ambiguity and surprise of comedy to the animation. So that’s whyive gone with a scared pig noise which is horror but also add comedy anduse ‘I believe I can fly’ soundtrack.
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