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Networking and Trade Fairs.


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Networking and Trade Fairs.

  2. 2. NETWORKINGNetworking is a key skill for gaining employment within many industries, andis a really important way of finding information and gaining employment inthe Media/Film industry. For example when a new project in TV or film getsthe green light, employers need to crew up quickly and the first people theyhire are the people theyve worked with before. In this business, networkingand job hunting are very much linked. Its difficult to get a job withoutmaking yourself known to people, so learning to network effectively is veryimportant.
  3. 3. TRADE FAIRSTrade fairs are events organized to bring together professionals, trainingbodies (Skillset and colleges etc), companies and people looking for work - sothat the companies can recruit people with necessary skills and so that jobseekers can network with each other and with training bodies andemployers/companies to help secure work. Freelancers get the most benefitsources from trade fairs as it increases there attendance at the industry tradefair and exposures detail of yourself so that if it is done properly the freelancecomes out of it with wealth of opportunity–new contacts, new clients andmost importantly: new income. So it is important to attend as it gives youloads of opportunities