Short film proposal


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Short film proposal

  1. 1. INDIVIDUAL Short Film Proposal G324 Advanced Portfolio in Media Brief: A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two of the following three options; A poster for the film A radio trailer for the film A film magazine review page featuring the film Initially each student will produce their own proposal for a film. These will be presented to a panel and the best idea will be chosen for development. The group will then develop, produce and distribute the chosen film idea. You must work on your own on this idea. You will be assessed on your individual work here and the quality and detail of the proposal that you submit. You will need to complete the following proposal sheet in as much detail as possible. Locations • You will need to think carefully about locations at the planning stage. Choose locations that are easily accessible to the entire group. • Do not try to set your film in a hospital prison etc. You will not get permission to film there and will not be able to create a realistic set. • To film on the underground and other locations you will need to get permission • You will need to consider the health and safety aspects of filming in certain places Casting • No-one has to appear in the film if they do not want to. You can cast you actors from outside the group and I would recommend auditions for them to make it formal. Drama students will be glad of a a chance to appear in a film to use for their portfolio. • Avoid using child actors as it creates a range of legal and ethical problems • Likewise if you have a granny in your film you need to ensure you have a willing granny to act!
  2. 2. FINAL ADVICE….. • KEEP IT SIMPLE • USE MINIMAL DIALOGUE- Unless you have fantastic actors! • INCLUDE A TWIST AT THE END • DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT WITH CAMERA WORK ETC AVOID DRUG DEALS/ CAR CHASES/SEX SCENES AND FIGHTS!!!!! To get loads of great advice on film making visit the Film4 site • Inside Movies • How to make Movies
  3. 3. PROPOSAL SHEET Cut and paste the following proforma and save as a your ‘Short film Proposal’. Complete in as much detail as possible. Film Short Proposal Name Working title for film Idea or theme Outline of narrative [storyline] Style and genre influences Eg. Drama /comedy black and white/colour Real life/animation Naturalistic/abstract Locations
  4. 4. Casting Props/costumes/make-up Equipment/resources