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Contents progress


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Contents progress

Published in: Education
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Contents progress

  1. 1. Contents progress Emily Kennedy
  2. 2. Experimenting with fonts and placing of titles/mastheads I felt that the use of Impact Label for the contents title didn’t fit as I had used it previously for my Student magazine. It looks quite fanzine and therefore less professional. Using Double Feature for the contents title was much more befitting of an obscure house style. As well as showing a continuity of house style it also shows brand identity is consistent because I’ve used the same font for both the contents title and the masthead of my magazine.
  3. 3. Adding image to contents title I felt that having a block colour for the contents title was too simplistic and didn’t test my skill. I liked the challenge of adding image to text in Photoshop. Also I was having problems with getting the perfect block colour for my contents title so I thought it was more interesting to add and image instead. I went with something similar to the masthead but not the same. The image was still holographic but not snakeskin and therefore shows variety and keeps the audience interested. It also shows continuity of house style as the mastheads are similar. It’s italicised purposely to stray away from the generic conventions of magazines, anchoring the obscure style of the magazine.
  4. 4. How i added image to text: I used an online tutorial to find out how to add image to text in Photoshop. It taught me to duplicate the background layer, add a blank new layer between the two layers. Then fill the new layer white, select layer 1, set white as my foreground, drag the text layer below layer 1, then re-select layer 1 and create a clipping mask.
  5. 5. More detail added Here I have added images and page numbers to my contents pages, as well as a free CD and magazine segments. I still need to add more detail to page descriptions, and perhaps social network addresses.
  6. 6. Adding social network addresses I added social network addresses to my contents page to make my magazine more accessible to my audience.
  7. 7. Almost complete contents pages Here is my almost complete contents pages; I just need to polish them up. There are some obvious spelling mistakes and layout issues that need fixing but overall it’s nearly complete.
  8. 8. Complete contents pages