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Fmp brochure ksa-riyadh 25-29 september 2016


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Position yourself for a successful future in FM.
Enroll in Estidama FM Training Center’s FMP® Course

Estidama FM Training Center now offers the IFMA FMP Credential Program™ course(s) to help early to mid-career and transitioning facility management professionals gain the knowledge and skills demanded by today’s employers and earn the FMP credential.

Instructor-led Courses
Estidama FM Training Center is offering a series of four FMP courses, based on the IFMA FMP Credential Program, over one week from 25-29 September 2016.

Snapshot of FMP- Facility Management Professional MasterClass in Saudi Arabia:

Course Duration: 5 Days.

Class Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Venue: Holiday In Meydan Hotel, King Fahd Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Fmp brochure ksa-riyadh 25-29 september 2016

  1. 1. Stephen Brown A very successful and facility management professional on search for a new opportunity. Would consider contract or consultancy roles. With a broad range of senior management posts for corporate, government and academic facilities and office services, I also bring specialized support to the organization with events management and disaster preparedness experience Involved with IFMA as 'subject matter expert' and global jobs task force to update content for credential and certification programs. Credentials: CFM - Certified Facility Manager - from IFMA SFP - Sustainable Facility Professional - from IFMA FMP - Facility Management Professional - from IFMA DATES & LOCATIONS Riyadh 25-29 September 2016 Benefits of Earning FMP Credential The FMP can help you gain a competitve advantage and improveyour job performance through education and recognition. Gain a competitve advantage through education and global recognition. Build practical skills you can apply to your job imediately resulting in cost-savings to your organization. Move a step closer to earning CFM crdential by taking up to 3 years off of your CFM experience requirement. Eearn professional credibility and recognition from current and potential employers, clients, and peers. Earn 60 general CE hours towards your LEED credential maintenance. Who should pursue the FMP? FM practioners looing to increase their depth of knowledge in the core FM topics deemed critical by employers. Individuals who are transitioning into the FM profession. Related- industry practioners such as architects, designers and safety engineers. Facility-related product and service providers. Students entering the profession from college/university. LEED Professionals seeking complementary knowledge and CE hours. PROGRAM TIMINGS Registration will begin at 08.00 on Day One. The program will commence at 8:30 each day and continue until 17:00
  2. 2. . ----------Leadership and Strategy-------- Plan strategically  Introduction to strategic Planning  Align Facility’s strategic requirements to entire organizations requirements  Develop and implement a strategic planning process  Develop a strategic facility plan or facility master plan  Implement strategie unsing tactical plans Lead and management facility organization  Introduction to leadership and management  Theories of individual behavior and leadership  Lead, inspire, influence and manage the facility organization  Advocate for facility management needs and priorities  Organize and staff the facility function  Develop effective teams  Develop, implement and evaluate FM Policies, procedures and practices  Clarify and communicate responsibilities and accountabilities  Resolve conflicts Provide Leadership to the entire organization  Promote, encourage and adhere to a code of conduct  Develop and manage/ Oversee relationship  Ensure compliance with Corporate social Responsibility Polices -------Operations And Maintenance------- Introduction to Operations and Maintenance  Operations and Maintenance Overview  Begin with Plan Assets Facility Needs  Assess Condition of Building Structure  Assess Exterior Structures and Elements  Assess Condition of building Systems  Assess Interior Frnishings, Fixtures and Equipment  Assess Grounds Manage/Oversee Operations and Maintenance of building, systems and Euipment  Acquire Systems, Materials and Equipment  Install Systems, Materials and Equipment  Maintain Systems, Materials and Equipment  Operate Building Systems and Equipment  Replace Systems, Materials or Equipment Manage/ Oversee Occupant services  Recognize Rquired Occupant services  Develop Usage and Service Level Guidelines  Prepare and execute modifications to occupant services Select the best Resources  Develop Maintenance and occupant service specifications  Select Competent Service providers (Staff or contract)  Negotiate Level Agreements  Monitor Work/Service Performance  Resolve Contract Disputes Measure Operations and Maintenance Performance  Determine Life Cycle Cost  Monitor use and performance facilities  Monitor occupant satisfaction -------------Finance And Business------------ Finance Business in the facility organization  The importance of being finance- and business aware  Financial termonoligy  Fundamental accounting concepts Financical Management of the Facility Organization  Budget and budgeting Basics  Financial Statements  Business Cases Supporting documetation and financial Reports  Fundemantal cost concepts  Analyzing and interepting financial documents  Cost-containment strategies  Chargebacks Procurement in the facility organization  Procurement procedures  Procurement and facility management outsourcing Contracts in the facility organization  Contract Development management and oversight  Contract Administration  Analyzing and interepting financial contract elements  Resolving vendor conflicts ------------Project Management------------- Introduction to Project Management  Facility Management project and project management  The project manager  Project management process and models Define project  Define phase nad project inputs  Define project purpose  Perform programming  Create project charter and project objectives statement Plan projects  Design delievrables or space  Create Project Management Plan  Plan Team and Resources Management Oversee Project  Acquire Team and Resources  Execute and Control Project Close Projects  Accept Delievrables or occupy space  Close contracts and Project and Evaluates Outcomes In house If interested to run this course in-house please contact Marouane Oueslati +966-56-762-4864 or email: