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Ahmed Othman Hafez CV (Updated)


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Ahmed Othman Hafez CV (Updated)

  1. 1. Page 1 of 4 C.V Personal Data: Name: Ahmed Osman Hafez Ibrahim Profession: Coiled Tubing Operation Team Leader. (Saudi Arabia) Date of Birth: 10/06/1984 Nationality: Egyptian Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Languages: Arabic: Native Language English: V. Good (Reading, Writing and Conversation) Military Status: Finished Address: 21 Moh, Abdulqader St., Kafr sakr, sharkia, Egypt. Telephone: +2055 319 3056, +2 0122 9559 967, +966550261880. E-mail Address: AHafez5@ Education: Educational Degree: Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from (Al-Azhar University). Graduation Date: May, 2005. Experience: - 1st Jan, 2006 – 1st Jan, 2007: Coiled tubing supervisor trainee (SAPESCO-Egypt). -1st Jan, 2010 to date: Schlumberger Coiled tubing Supervisor. -1st March, 2013: Transfer to Schlumberger Saudi Arabia (Al- khobar).
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4  Field Experience: • Stimulation jobs (Perforation wash, Acid back wash, Emulsion. Breaker, and VDA etc.) • Nitrogen lifting. • Sand Clean out. • Scale Cleaning using Blaster tool. • Milling and Fishing Jobs. • High Pressure Jobs. • Horizontal wells and Open Hole. • Catenary System. • Abrasive jet Operation. • HPHT Operation. • ACTIVE System. • Tractor with coiled tubing and PLT with coiled tubing. Milling and Fishing Jobs. Work Profile: • Report directly to the Operations Superintendent. • Maintenance & Logistic. • Job Execution Reports and job Preparation. • Handle independently all allocated onshore and offshore CT and Stimulation operations. • Communicate with Client’s representative at job location. • Prepare Equipment and Service Report for submittal to client.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 4 • Monitor the maintenance of all equipment applied for Coiled Tubing and Stimulation operations. • Manage all emergency situations during operations. Safety Training courses: A- SIPP (Schlumberger injury prevention program). B- First Aid, Fire Fighting. C- CT well control course (IADC) – Expired at, October 2015. D- Mechanical lifting. E- Chemical handling. F- QHSE level 1 and level 2. G- HEUT Course. H- H2S Safety Training. Fields of work: Onshore fields in Egypt: Khalda, Agiba, South dabaa, Qarun, Petrobel, Sipetrol, nor Petco, Magawish, Mansoura, GUPCO, Scimitar, Agiba and Vegas. Offshore fields in Egypt Jack up rigs, Floater’s rigs Drilling Ship and platforms: Zeitco, GPC, Rash Petco, Petrobel, APACHE, HESS, NOSPCO. Onshore fields in Libya: Srir, Al ghani , a 103, Zoaitina, Al waha. Offshore fields in Saudi Arabia (Aramco, KFJ): Kran, HSBAH, Arabia, Sfanya, Zulf. Career objectives: Work with multinational teams, Stability in work, work smart and hard and gain money.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4 References: Shall be provided upon your request Supplementary: I am interested with working worldwide, to get more experience in new work conditions and deal with new clients and new management systems.