Microsoft PaaS Cloud Windows Azure Platform


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Presentation by César de la Torre from Microsoft on Esri European User Conference 2011.

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Microsoft PaaS Cloud Windows Azure Platform

  1. 1. Microsoft ‘PaaS Cloud’  Windows Azure Platform Wi d A Pl tfCésar de la TorreArchitect Advisorcesardl@microsoft.comcesardl@microsoft comMicrosoft
  2. 2. Why PaaS? (Platform as a S i ) (Pl tf Service) Traditional IT T di i l IaaS I S PaaS P S You manage Applications Applications Applications m Yo manage e Data Data Data DBMS DBMS DBMS ou Runtimes Runtimes Runtimes Manag by the Cloud anage Server- Server-SW Server- Server-SW Server-SW gedYou ma OS OS OS Manage by the Cloud Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization ed Servers HW Servers HW Servers HW Storage Storage Storage Network Network Network
  3. 3. Products/Services (SaaS)Windows Azure Platform (PaaS)
  4. 4. DevelopmentUse familiar Tools and knowledge.
  5. 5. Multiplatform Development p p
  6. 6. PaaS Roles in AzureInternet Internet L L B B Queues Web Site Worker Worker Web Site WebASMX,WCF) ) (ASPX, Site Worker ( ,(ASPX, ASMX,(ASPX ASMX , WCF) Service Service(ASPX, WCF, etc.) Service i Azure Blobs Tables Storage g
  7. 7. Base.VHD
  8. 8. ADO.NET (TDS) Entity 1433 TCP P Port FrameworkYour Apps TDS Endpoint SQL Data SQL Server Services Drivers
  9. 9. Connectivity & Security PlatformService Bus: General purpose Service Bus, in the InternetAccess Control: Authentication Security system based on CLAIMS & RULESDistributed Cache: Cache as a Service, derived from Windows Server AppFabric Cache
  10. 10. • Same dev. environment• Visual Studio productivity• Simple migrations  Few .NET adjustments NET  SQL Server database
  11. 11. Client Tier ’n’ Clients Users Load Balancing L dB l i (*) Server Tier App/Web App App App AppMIGRATION TO AZURE Data Access Data Tier D.B. Database Server (SQL Server, etc.)
  12. 12. Client Tier ’n’ Clients Users Load Balancing (by Azure) Server Tier App/Web A /W b Aplicación Aplicación Aplicación AplicaciónEntornoAZURE Accesos a Datos Data Tier D.B. Database Server
  13. 13. • Deployment A ilit D l t Agility • «Massive scalability» • ‘Cloud-computing’ Elasticity Deployment in minutesClient App Web/RIA Web Services Scalability is planned
  14. 14. Microsoft Datacenters Amsterdam North Japan Dublin, Dublin Europe China america Ireland Asia Hong KongQuincy, Chicago, ILWA Singapur Virginia AfricaIowa San Antonio, TX Lat. Australia America
  15. 15. Chicago Datacenter – Several Containers
  16. 16. Chicago Datacenter
  17. 17. Dublin Datacenter Online July 1, 2009
  18. 18. Dublin Datacenter
  19. 19. • Environmentally t i bl sustainable• Free air cooling air-cooling• 50% less energy use
  20. 20. Next Steps 1 Windows Azure portal: Windows Azure access Development Tools & SDK White papers Sample Apps 2 Cloud-Computing user group in Spain 3 Contacto con Microsoft Ibérica César de la Torre Architect Advisor
  21. 21. César de la TorreArchitect Ad iA hi AdvisorMicrosoft Dev & Platform Division Blog:Email: