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SME Assembly 2016: Thursday November 24


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SME Assembly 2016: Thursday November 24

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  4. 4. #SMEassembly2016 Rastislav Chovanec State Secretary, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Štátny Tajomník, Ministerstevo hospodárstva Slovenskej Republiky
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  6. 6. #SMEassembly2016 El bieta Bieńkowska EU SME Envoy Commissioner for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
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  8. 8. #SMEassembly2016 Viljar Lubi SME Envoy, Estonia
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  10. 10. #SMEassembly2016 Irmfried Schwimann Deputy Director General, DG Growth, EC
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  12. 12. Peter Waarsdorp, Dutch SME Envoy European SME Envoys Network and the European Commission present … ‘Ideas From Europe’
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  15. 15. #SMEassembly2016 International Ecosystems
  16. 16. #SMEassembly2016 Irmfried Schwimann Deputy Director General, DG Growth
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  18. 18. #SMEassembly2016 Jenny Fulton Miss Jenny's Pickles
  19. 19. Jenny Fulton +011 336-978-0041 @PickleLadies Miss Jenny’s Pickles
  20. 20. We grow our own cucumbers in Belews Creek, NC – Forsyth County. Right next door to Maw Maw's. May 2010 through Sept 2011
  21. 21. Partnered with YMCA for a kitchen
  22. 22. Miss Jenny’s Pickles in China 2011
  23. 23. 60 Minutes aired October 28, 2012 7pm right before Super Storm Sandy hit the Northeast Coast
  24. 24. Testified in front of Sub-Committee for Congress February 2013
  25. 25. Hong Kong May 2013
  26. 26. Anuga 2013 Germany/London
  27. 27. April 5, 2013 Introduction of Keynote Speaker Vice President Joe Biden at the Export-Import Bank 2013 Annual Conference
  28. 28. Wolf Blitzer Gayle King Chuck Todd Sergio Garcia
  29. 29. Miss Jenny’s Pickle Flavors • Signature Pickle “Salt & Pepper” MJP was the first pickle company to introduce this flavor to consumers. • MJP’s Traditional Bread & Butter pickles are sweet but not too sweet. • MJP’s Jalapeno Salt & Pepper pickles are made with fresh jalapeno’s. • MJP’s Award Winning Habanero Bread & Butter are sweet at first and then you taste the Heat! Fabulous!!
  30. 30. #SMEassembly2016 Dr Matthias Ummenhofer Mojo Capital
  31. 31. #SMEassembly2016 Viljar Lubi SME Envoy, Estonia
  32. 32. #SMEassembly2016
  33. 33. #SMEassembly2016 Maria Scordialos
  34. 34. 48 What unanswered questions do we have for the speakers? What do we need in Europe to accelerate the building and connecting of ecosystems?
  35. 35. #SMEassembly2016
  36. 36. #SMEassembly2016 Open Space From Start-up to Scale-up
  37. 37. #SMEassembly2016 Kristin Schreiber Director for SME Policy and the COSME Programme DG Growth
  38. 38. #SMEassembly2016 Maria Scordialos Olga Muravjova
  39. 39. #SMEassembly2016 From Start-up to Scale-up 59
  40. 40. 60 How do we implement together the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative so we reach new heights for Europe?
  41. 41. 4 ways to participate • CALL AND HOST A SESSION: − Responsibility: − convene group, − harvest the outcomes of the session, − track time • PARTICIPATE IN A SESSION: − When all sessions have been announced, choose the ones you want to join • CIRCULATE BETWEEN SESSIONS: − You can choose more than one session at the same time − Cross-pollinate ideas • TAKE TIME ON YOUR OWN: − You may never attend a session − A small-talk with one might impact your thinking and affect others in the large group 61
  42. 42. 62 THE LAW of Mobility
  43. 43. Collect the outcomes of your conversations: Fill in the Template provided as follows: 1. Title of the Topic 2. Key points discussed 3. Actions Identified 4. Next Steps to be taken to implement the actions 5. Tick the boxes that relate to your topic 63
  44. 44. Let’s begin! Come to the table 1. Write down your topic on a post-it 2. Announce it 3. Place it on the board – choose time and location 4. Once the agenda is complete, we will have 2 sessions of 45 minutes each 64
  45. 45. 65 How do we implement together the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative so we reach new heights for Europe?
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