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InnoEnergy EDU Portfolio (EADTU-EU Summit 2017)


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InnoEnergy EDU Portfolio by Scarlett Tokunaga (EIT InnoEnergy)

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InnoEnergy EDU Portfolio (EADTU-EU Summit 2017)

  1. 1. InnoEnergy EDU Portfolio Scarlett Tokunaga Leuven, April 25th
  2. 2. What is InnoEnergy? 2
  3. 3. What is InnoEnergy? InnoEnergy is… The European company for innovation, business creation and education in sustainable energy. We are a commercial company with 27 shareholders that include top ranking industries, research centers and universities, all of which are key players in the energy field.
  4. 4. We are committed to reducing costs in the energy value chain, increasing security and reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. … a positive impact on sustainable energy What is InnoEnergy?
  5. 5. How our Educational Proposition looks like?
  6. 6. Master school programs MSc Energy for Smart Cities Innovation Journey Different locations Multiple locations: Grenoble - Leuven – Barcelona - Stockholm
  7. 7. Online learning courses PV GAME MOOCS E-learning courses Webinars Energy Storage Systems
  8. 8. Game-based learning / Gamification Lumen: Demystifying Energy and electricity
  9. 9. What is InnoEnergy PhD School? 9
  10. 10. Complementary education in innovation and entrepreneurship that can be studied as an add-on to ongoing PhD research. Flexible curriculum that can be tailored to the needs of the candidates. Includes courses in entrepreneurship, innovation and business connected to sustainable energy. Mobility stay for between 4-12 months. Funding of mobility stay and courses. What is InnoEnergy PhD School? A programme with advantages
  11. 11. … and opportunities for growth From the Idea to the product From the Lab to the market From the doctoral candidate to the entrepreneur What is InnoEnergy PhD School?
  12. 12. Position doctoral education upstream of innovation strategy  Proposing a challenge-driven doctoral education to learn how to transfer the knowledge and technologies from the lab to the industry: to build a (draft) proposal for an innovation project  Feeding the strategy of innovation with more/more robust innovation projects or business creation, securing financial sustainability Researcher Entrepreneur research Innovation projectInnoEnergy What is InnoEnergy PhD School? … with a value proposition
  13. 13. What does the PhD School programme look like? 13
  14. 14. Mandatory Courses Energy Economics Energy trends, market structures, finances, and investments: putting your research into context Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France Entrepreneurship Summer school Understanding the role of science and research in successful new businesses ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain Innovation Bootcamp Shaping entrepreneurial ideas for sustainable energy, smart cities and intelligent grid projects TU/Eindhoven, The Netherlands What does the PhD school programme look like ? ESTI Economic, Scientific and Technological Intelligence To be confirmed – Possibly in PARIS. Legal Issues for Academic Innovators IP strategies, company structures, patent law and legal concepts help you make an impact Uppsala University, Sweden
  15. 15. ... and elective courses and Annual Conference What does the PhD school programme look like ? Annual Conference ‘Where ideas connect’ - Network - Research projects discussion -Discovering possible collaboration with industry -Innoenergy PhD school Graduation Energy Solutions Design for Eco-District NTREM: New Technologies in Regulated Electricity Markets Communication in Teamwork and Leadership (Introduction) Communication in Teamwork and Leadership: Public Speaking (Advanced) SMART GRIDS _ To be confirmed
  16. 16. 4 to 12 month expenses paid for project at a foreign university or company. Possibility to connect the innovation process between different parts of an international organisation. Can be spent at different facilities of the same organisation or in different organisations across Europe. Financial support: €1500/month, up to € 9000 max. What does the PhD school programme look like ? International Mobility
  17. 17. How can you apply? 17
  18. 18. Application: In three steps ... When can candidates apply? Aplication Open all year, but... 2017 deadlines for submitting admission documents: 19h February 28th May 5th October When are the applications assessed? Three times ayear • 29-30 March 2016 - Leuven • 28-29 June 2016 - Lisbon • 29-30 November 2016 - Barcelona When do students receive finaldecision? Notification of acceptance will be sent six weeks after applicationdead-line. How can you apply?
  19. 19. The doctoral candidate needs tosubmit the following documents in English. • Motivationletter • CV • Recomendation letter* • Letter of support • Transcripts and certificates • Completed applicationform * From an Industry partner interested in your reserach project Apply online. Application documents How can you apply?
  20. 20.  Be enrolled as doctoral candidates at a European University  Have secured financing for the duration of their PhD thesis.  Have an interest in: > Research with an impact in society, improving peoples’welfare. > Helping a company or the whole industry being more competitive. > Founding a company, either independently or within a corporation. Work with a PhD thesis project involving an industrial partner in co- supervision, project definition, internship or financing. • Work with a PhD thesis project involving international collaboration. • Work with the full agreement of the supervisors to follow the training programme. TextExample… Eligible PhD candidates have to… How can you apply?
  21. 21. Who is the PhD School for? 21
  22. 22. Benefits for the researchers Learn how energy businesses are created and run. Stay one step ahead when developing new products and services for the market. Get multi-national perspective thanks to the international mobility across Europe. Access to a Pan-European network in academia and industry with useful contacts for your future career. PhD researcher Wishing to add skills in innovation and entrepreneurship to their ongoing PhD research. Who is the PhD School for?
  23. 23. Benefits for the supervisors The PhD candidates entrepreneurial spirit will catalyse your lab’s power of innovation. The PhD candidates will also act as a catalyst for additional funding, collaborative research and international collaboration, especially regarding mobility. The candidates work in turning research results into products and services can generate revenue. KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects that even extend beyond the end of the collaboration. Supervisor in labs Wishing to boost their innovation capacity by having a PhD candidate committed to innovation in their universities or research institutes labs. Who is the PhD School for?
  24. 24. Companies in energy industry Wishing to recruit highly-skilled energy engineers to increase their innovation capacity and thus their competitive advantage. Benefits for companies In company PhD training for a lower cost than normal thanks to mobility between facilities in different countries It will be easier for your company to recruit top talent combining a high level of expertise with an interest in the industrial market. Competitive advantage in bringing new products and services to the market thanks to entrepreneurially-minded research staff. Who is the PhD School for?
  25. 25. What is KID Innoenergy Innovative Doctorate?
  26. 26.  A joint doctoral training project involving InnoEnergy, a company, a university or RTO, etc.) and, optionally, a local institution promoting the Industrial Doctorate.  The PhD candidate is employed by the company.  PhD dissertation addressing one of the InnoEnergy Energy Challenges  The PhD candidate is enrolled in the InnoEnergy PhD School Programme:  InnoEnergy funds up to 20 k€ / year Upon completion of the InnoEnergy Innovative Doctorate and the PhD dissertation, the PhD candidate will have acquired all the skills and knowledge required to steer the project partners to constitute the relevant consortium in order to submit an Innovation Project to InnoEnergy KID Innoenergy Innovative Doctorate
  27. 27. PhD candidate staffing costs:  InnoEnergy will co-fund staffing costs for the PhD candidate.  Salary + associated payroll costs (social security contributions) Indirect costs may also be eligible, up to an amount equal to 25% of the staffing costs.  InnoEnergy co-funding is €20K/year over the duration of the project (four years maximum).  The PhD candidate must be hired by the company for the project to be eligible for financing; financing cover start dates from November 2017 (earliest) to June 2018 (latest). PhD candidate training: In addition InnoEnergy will fund the training and networking activities offered under the InnoEnergy PhD School Programme:  Tuition and fees, travel, accommodation, and meals for PhD School training sessions  Travel, accommodation, and meals for a European mobility placement of at least four months What Innoenergy co-funding covers?
  28. 28.  The company must recruit the PhD candidate within one year maximum after being selected. InnoEnergy must be involved in the recruitment process.  A project agreement must be signed between InnoEnergy and the company.  A collaboration agreement must be signed between the company and the academic participant.  The PhD candidate must enrol in the InnoEnergy PhD School Programme.  If a local, regional, or national institution is co-funding the project ANRT/CIFRE, the company and the academic partners must make sure that they also meet any eligibility criteria that may apply.  At the end of the project, under the PhD candidate’s lead, the company must submit a proposal for an InnoEnergy Innovation Project. If selected, the Innovation Project will be funded by InnoEnergy. Requirements
  29. 29. Project proposals from a two-member team: • a company • an academic participant (university, research organization, etc.) addressing a topic among the InnoEnergy Energy Challenges. Both the company and the academic participant must already be (or committed to become) either an InnoEnergy formal, associate, or project partner. Elegibility
  30. 30.  The project topic must align with the KIC IE innovation strategy (eliminatory, see Energy Challenges).  Quality of the PhD research preparing innovation project: o Clear description of the research plan paving the route towards innovation and technology transfer o Time allocated to PhD research work in the project  Quality of the innovation project that will benefit from the PhD project: o Scientific or technological issue to overcome o Need to satisfy, market, competitors o Roadmap from the lab to the market  Soundness of the collaboration: o Respective inputs o Co-supervision o IP agreement  Project management: research, technological and market risks Selection Criteria
  31. 31. The application process is quick and easy. The application form should not exceed five pages.  Download and fill out the Application Form.  Download and sign the Statement of Understanding. Send both as PDF files to by the deadline Process and deadlines 2017 Application Period Open Q&A session with the PhD school Deadline for submitting proposals Proposals reviewed by selection committee Selected submissions announced 24 March 24 April 11 May 12-30 May 2 June
  32. 32. For universities, research organizations, and PhD dissertation supervisors  A PhD candidate assigned to an innovation- and entrepreneurship-focused project.  Access to our pan-European network for more international research partnerships  From your Innovative Doctorate Project a well prepared Innovation Project to answer the InnoEnergy Investment Rounds For companies  Increase your innovation capacity and competitive advantage.  Recruit top talents combining a high level of expertise with deep market knowledge.  From your Innovative Doctorate Project a well prepared Innovation Project to answer the InnoEnergy Investment Rounds For PhD candidates  Develop an innovation- and entrepreneurship-driven mind set, Learn how energy businesses are started and run.  Acquire hands-on innovation experience at all stages from lab to manufacturing plant.  Get a multinational perspective through European mobility support.  Build a pan-European professional network spanning academia and industry. Benefits of Innovative Doctorate Projects
  33. 33. “PhD School has changed my point of view” Henrique Pombeiro Read more about the research of our students at: “A new perspective on engineering” Mauricio GutierrezSalas “A huge step towards reducing CO2 emissions” Khadija Benis “See the bigger impact of your research” Gourav Sen
  34. 34. Join us! Apply for PhD school programme by latest May 28th For Innovation Doctorate programme, Apply before May 11th Contact us: PhD Officers Benelux: Johan Driesen: Scarlett Tokunaga: Be a game changer. #engineerglobalchange