Overview of the EIT-ICT Labs Helsinki


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Introduction to EIT ICT Labs - Marko Turpeinen,
Director EIT ICT Labs Helsinki

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Overview of the EIT-ICT Labs Helsinki

  1. 1. Start-Chart
  2. 2. Agenda 9.30 Arrival and coffee/tea 9.40 Introduction to EIT ICT Labs - Marko Turpeinen, Director EIT ICT Labs Helsinki 10.10 Business Development Acceleration at EIT ICT Labs and Aalto University - Antti Aarnio, Head of Business Development at EIT ICT Labs Helsinki 10.30 From student to entrepreneur - the story of start-up Sharetribe - Antti Virolainen, Sharetribe 10.50 Tour at the CLC 11.00 Closing
  3. 3. EIT ICT Labs Marko Turpeinen, Director, EIT ICT Labs Helsinki
  4. 4. Finland = R&D #1Availability of Scientists and Engineers in the world. (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012) 3,92%Of GDP 2nd in Europe / 3rd in the World Total Expenditure 8 Billion € Source: Stat.fi / Eurostat #1IPR Protection in the world. (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012)
  5. 5. Harvard Business Review | March 2009 Harvard Business Review| March 2009 Finland = Innovation Innovation Index report April 2009 #3IN THE WORLD #2 INNOVATION HOT SPOT IN THE WORLD
  6. 6. Bangkok 9 h 45 min Beijing 7 h 40 min Berlin 1 h 55 min Brussels 2 h 40 min Chicago 9 h 35 min Copenhagen 1 h 40 min Frankfurt 2 h 40 min Hong Kong 9 h 50 min London 3 h 10 min Moscow 1 h 45 min Delhi 6 h 45 min New York 8 h 40 min Osaka 9 h 35 min Paris 3 h 05 min Seoul 8 h 45 min Shanghai 8 h 55 min Singapore 11 h 30 min St Petersburg 1 h Stockholm 55 min Tokyo 9 h 40 min Toronto 8 h 50 min Finland is Centrally Located
  7. 7. Europe is facing a significant innovation challenge… Innovation is the key to growth, competitiveness and social well-being Europe needs a change of mind-set and a more innovative and entrepreneurial culture The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and its KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) were established to enhance Europe’s ability to innovate by: ADAPTING QUICKLY PROVIDE SOLUTIONS TO RAPIDLY EMERGING SOCIETAL PROBLEMS MEET THE DEMANDS AND DESIRES OF CONSUMERS …despite an excellent research base, dynamic companies and creative talent…good ideas are too rarely turned into new products or services
  8. 8. EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) was established as a new EU instrument for promoting innovation in Europe EIT funds Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) EIT complements other existing EU initiatives EIT is one of the key initiatives of the Horizon 2020 programme EIT is planning to launch five new KICs in Horizon 2020 The EIT and its KICs KICs KIC InnoEnergy KIC InnoEnergyEIT ICT LabsEIT ICT LabsClimate KICClimate KIC
  9. 9. A European ecosystem reinforcing ICT Hot Spots Berlin Eindhoven Helsinki Paris Stockholm Trento
  10. 10. EIT Helsinki Co-Location Centre is Situated in the Open Innovation House AaltoAalto Helsinki Institute forHelsinki Institute for Information TechnologyInformation Technology NokiaNokia AppCampusAppCampus WWäärtsilrtsilää StartStart--upsups
  11. 11. Education, Research and Business - strong collaboration is needed to speed up ICT innovation in Europe From idea to product, from lab to market and from student to entrepreneur The mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life Bringing ICT Innovations to Life
  12. 12. The EIT ICT Labs’ Investment Model The so-called "catalyst-carrier model" is a key means to realise the innovation cycle The application of a catalyst should create significant added value towards the European innovation agenda and the goals of EIT
  13. 13. Master School A pan-European 2 year Master programme in ICT innovation and Entrepreneurship 19 top-universities to establish a joint innovative programme of seven tracks and an integrated I&E module Doctoral Program in ICT Doctoral School operating in Doctoral Training Centres within the co-location centres Combines doctoral students, industrial needs and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Empowering ICT Top Talents for the Future
  14. 14. To generate knowledge that leads to new innovative products, services, and to the generation of patents by a mobility program to allow researchers and engineers to participate in co-located research activities networking such as the organisation of thematic workshops and meetings access to the state-of-the art test beds and Experience and Living Labs Boosting Entrepreneurial Research
  15. 15. Our Research & Innovation Areas Computing in the Cloud Cyber-Physical Systems Future Networking Solutions Future Urban Life and Mobility Health & Wellbeing Privacy, Security & Trust Smart Energy Systems Smart Spaces
  16. 16. Smart Spaces: Interactive shop displays Extensive Living Lab experiment proved the customer value Description of user behavior won Best Paper Award at CHI 2012 conference Technology has been successfully transferred to Deutsche Telekom and has been in use in multiple Deutsche Telekom retail shops Two related start-ups have been created that will focus on diverse market aspects
  17. 17. Health & Well-being: Stress management Combining innovative non-intrusive, data mining & analysis leading to innovative health & wellbeing applications Developing research prototype to robust certified products Business modeling resulted in start-up ‘Mirror-Mirror’ in Sweden Creation of launching customer Human Capital Care company in the Netherlands
  18. 18. Start-ups @ EIT ICT Labs Helsinki “audience interaction tool” “HW start-up accelerator” “social jewelry” “location tracking for sports, retail and transportation” “next generation mobile health devices” P o l q u “crowdsourcing wellness” “improving patient-doctor dialogue in healthcare” “complete picture mobile health app” “open source Power-over- Ethernet platform”
  19. 19. Business Development Accelerator Funnel with two phases scouting of innovative SMEs and technologies coaching the SMEs to become European growth success stories seventeen companies involved in the program from Finland
  20. 20. Education # eligible applicants for EIT labelled PhD and Masters programs # graduates from EIT labelled PhD and Masters programs # applicants to EIT ICT Labs branded education programs # graduates from EIT ICT Labs branded education programs Business and Entrepreneurship # business model application cases # start-ups created # EIT ICT Labs start-ups or SME’s that expanded their business in new node countries € 3rd party investments to EIT ICT Labs start-ups or SME’s Research-based Innovation # identified and defined innovation opportunities # new products and services launched # knowledge adoptions # knowledge transfers # innovations incubated Co-locations and Ecosystem # people working daily in CLC’s # internode visits to CLCs # funded activities developed at national, regional level # Europe-wide strategic initiatives created by the KIC Performance Indicators
  21. 21. Thank You!