Broadband Services in Ranelagh 2011


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Broadband Services in Ranelagh 2011

  1. 1. Researching BroadbandInternet Services availableto SMEs in Ireland 2011 Dylan Newe N00082656
  2. 2. Ranelagh/Dublin 6 Broadband Service
  3. 3. What is Broadband? Broadband: A service or connection allowing high speed data transmission. Broadband is typically an always on service and is generally defined as bandwidth between greater than 512Kbit/s, sometimes 2 Mbit/s. This group of technologies is often referred to as: DSL or xDSL, capable of transforming ordinary phone lines into high-speed digital lines, capable of supporting fast Internet access. ADSL, HDSL (High speed data rate Digital Subscriber Line) and VDSL (Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line) are all variants of xDSL. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line): A technology that transforms a normal telephone line into a high-speed digital line that enables access to telephony services and the Internet at the same time.
  4. 4. Key Factors for SMEs in Choosing a Broadband Provider Contention Ratio: Contention ratio refers to the bandwidth sharing between a number of other users. To enable affordable broadband, your broadband connection is actually shared with a number of other users. The number of other users you share bandwidth, with, is what is called your "contention ratio". Typical contention ratios for ADSL are around 50:1, meaning the lower contention ratio the better! Download and Upload Speed: The faster your Internet connection speed, the faster your uploading and downloading capability, therefore if you are a user who uploads large files or other information over the Internet, you should look for faster upload speeds. Both speeds are measured in kb/s, which refers to kilobytes per second.
  5. 5. Companies providing Broadband access to Ranelagh
  6. 6. Company Type of Medium of Telecommunications CommunicationUPC Broadband/Phone/TV Fibre Optic CableDigiweb Broadband/Phone ADSL3 Mobile Mobile Broadband Dongle/USBMeteor Mobile Broadband Dongle/USBSmart Telecom Broadband/Phone/TV ADSLEircom/EMobile Broadband/Phone/ ADSL/USB MobileVodafone Broadband/Phone/ ADSL/USB MobileQSAT Broadband/Phone/TV Satellite
  7. 7. Company Type of Medium of Telecommunications TelecommunicationsMagnet Broadband/Phone Fibre Optic CableStrencom Broadband ADSLUTV Internet Broadband/Phone ADSLHome Vision Broadband/Phone/TV ADSLImagine Wimax Broadband/Phone Wireless02 Mobile Broadband Dongle/USBOnwave Broadband SatelliteAirspeed Broadband Wireless
  8. 8. Six Technological Options for my SME UPC: “provides Irelands fastest broadband, the TV you love and Home Phone. We also offer the lowest everyday price.” QSAT: “provide satellite broadband, phone and TV or any combination of to anywhere in Ireland by means of a low cost high speed satellite system.” Eircom: “Fast, reliable broadband and phone and broadband bundles” UTV: “Irelands number one providers of cheap broadband and telephone for business and residential customers.” Imagine: “better than other internet service providers by delivering easy high speed internet and digital voice service.” Digiweb: “leading broadband, hosting and phone provider”
  9. 9.  Premium Business Broadband PackagePrice €69 per monthInstallation Fee €80Download Speed 30MbpsUpload Speed 3MbpsContention Ratio 5:1Usage Capacity None
  10. 10. • Gold Business Broadband PackagePrice €99.95 per monthInstallation Fee NoneDownload Speed 8MbpsUpload Speed 2MbpsContention Ratio N/AUsage Capacity 20GB per month
  11. 11. • Value Business Plan 3Mb BundlePrice €45 per monthInstallation Fee FreeDownload Speed 3MbpsUpload Speed 384KbpsContention Ratio 48:1Usage Capacity 30GB
  12. 12. • NGB 24MB Option 1Price €29.99Installation Fee FreeDownload Speed 24MbpsUpload Speed 768KbpsContention Ratio UncongestedUsage Capacity None
  13. 13. • 3Mb Wimax Broadband PlanPrice €30 per monthInstallation Fee €100Download Speed 3MbpsUpload Speed 256KbpsContention Ratio 48:1Usage Capacity Unlimited
  14. 14. • Metro Advance PlanPrice €49.95Installation Fee €49Download Speed 8MbpsUpload Speed 2MbpsContention Ratio 18:1Usage Capacity 70GB
  15. 15.  I spoke to Jen Dunbar, Production Co-Ordinator at New Decade, a new Film Production Company & SME located on my street. New Decade has a staff of less than 10, however as a small & emerging company dealing with multimedia on a day-to- day basis are reliant on a strong Broadband service. New Decade use UTV as their main Broadband providers but also use eMobile as a separate Mobile Business connection with all three of the production co-ordinators using USB dongles and sometimes working from home.
  16. 16.  Jen told me: “The most important aspects of our broadband requirements are for fast download/uploading speed as we tend to send a lot of video files to clients via FTP sites. Tech spec versus cost is definitely a concern however we are relatively happy with the connection and haven’t really looked into other options in the last few years.” When I asked about negative or restrictive issues surrounding the service she replied “As far as restrictive issues concerning the location of the building, the only problem we would occasionally have is that one of the computer rooms seems to be either too far away from the wireless eircom* transmitter to receive a steady and strong signal, or the walls between are disturbing the signal.” * UTV system allows them to become the default provider of services on another Eircom line through reprogramming of the Eircom exchange
  17. 17. The Option that Suits my Businessbest is…. The UTV Internet NGB 24MB Option 1costs €35 a month, features free connection & wireless router as well as an uncongested contention ratio and unlimited usage. I would choose this as contention ratio is an increasingly important component in the competitive Broadband market and having an uncongested line means quicker speeds of both uploading & downloading. Also, it is relatively cheap compared to the other market competitors and allows unlimited usage which is also key.
  18. 18. Bibliography faqs/contention-ratio.htm asp Internet-Speeds-Explained.htm nd/metro/