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Broadband services available to SME's in Knocklyon


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Broadband services available to SME's in Knocklyon

  1. 1. Broadband Internet Servicesavailable to SMEs in Ireland 2011 By Zoe Furlong N0080498
  2. 2. What is broadband
  3. 3. Knocklyon broadband serviceBroadband is a high data rate connection to theinternet It can be up to 100 times faster than dial upconnectionBroadband is measured in Megabits per second(MBps)Knocklyon is a largely populated area, preliminaryfigures from the 2011 Census suggest thepopulation of Knocklyon to be above 10,000There are multiple number of broadband optionsavailable to the population of Knocklyon
  4. 4. Glossary of termsCoaxil cable – is an electrical cable with an innerconductor surrounded by a flexible, tubular insulatinglayer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shieldAlways on – allows you to stay connected to theInternet 24 hours a dayInternet Service Provider - is a company that providesaccess to the Internet, ISPs directly connectcustomers to the Internet using copper wires,wireless or fiber-optic connections
  5. 5. Glossary of termsDownload capacity – some broadband companiesrestrict the download speed allowed depending onthe broadband pack chosenDownload speed – how quickly a file can bedownloaded, can affect watching videos, listening tomusic, online conferencesUpload speed – refers to the speed the information istransferred from the internet to your computer
  6. 6. Connection TypesADSLMobileSatelliteWirelessCable
  7. 7. ADSL ADSL broadband is the most commonly used type of broadband It offers, connection, line rental, broadband and local and national landline calls Advantages Disadvantages 1. Split line 1. Downloads faster than uploads 2. Speed and reliability 2. Must have phone line 3. Flat rate charge 3. Accessibility from fixedpoint only
  8. 8. MobileMobile broadband is portable internet provided through adongle to your laptop/desktopThey pick up broadband through the mobile network andtransmit them into your portable device Advantages Disadvantages 1. No landline necessary 1. Cost 2. Accessibility 2. Speed may vary 3. Easy to set up 3. Download and upload restrictions
  9. 9. Satellite Satellite broadband is internet connection provided by satellite rather than dial up, dsl or cable connectivity The internet is beamed from the satellite to the dish on the customers home or business Advantages Disadvantages 1. Grants those restricted 1. Can be expensive access 2. It does not affect phone line 2. Not all phone wires equipped with DSL service 3. High upload and download 3. Connection problemsdue speeds distance travel
  10. 10. WirelessWireless broadband is high-speed internet service providedthrough wireless technology over a wide areaWireless broadband is available through a wireless broadbandmodem Advantages Disadvantages 1. Shared between 1. Wireless traffic multiple devices 2. Extremely mobile 2. Congestion online 3. Very fast 3. It can be easily hacked
  11. 11. CableCable broadband is provided by the local cable TV provider,sharing the same cable connection as the tvCable offers speeds up to 400 Megabits per second downloadspeed Advantages Disadvantages 1. Uses opitical fibres which 1. Cost create fast transmission 2. Bundling options (TV, 2. Slow speed telephone and broadband)
  12. 12. Companies providing broadband in Knocklyon
  13. 13. ADSL Provider – EircomEircom Eircom Next Generation BASIC Package 8Mb of broadband 10Gb usage allowance Price includes line rental Unlimited local and national off peak calls €39.99 a month
  14. 14. Mobile - VodafoneVodafone Vodafone Performance Plus Package and Modem “Get online almost everywhere” 5 hours of internet browsing a day Usage allowance of 10Gb Stick modem is free €24.99 a month for a 12 month contract
  15. 15. Satellite – OnwaveOnwave The Eight Plan Download speed of 8Mb Upload speed of 2Mb Download allowance of 2Mb Once off installation of €99.00 Activation fee of €25.00 €59.95 a month
  16. 16. Wireless - DigiwebDigiweb Business Metro Package 8Mb upload speed 2Mb download speed Traffic Quota of 70Gb 2 phone lines included €49 installation charge Free wireless router €49.95 a month
  17. 17. Cable provider - UPCUPC Fibre Power broadband 25Mb Free wireless modem Digital Value TV with Digital+ Home phone with Freetime world €60.00 a month
  18. 18. What would I chooseAs a SME I would choose UPCI feel that I am getting the most for my money withthis packageI receive landline, TV and broadbandIt is a fair price for what is being providedIt has a high upload and download speedAlthough UPC are not renowned for their customerservice I am willing to be optimistic and go with them
  19. 19. ReflectionFrom doing this project I have learnt many differentthingsIreland is still adapting and growing in the broadbandindustryMost broadband companies now offer bundles of TV,landline and broadbandSatellite broadband is still very expensiveMobile broadband has a lot of limitations
  20. 20. Websites Used